Introducing Richard Butterworth, founder of Equine Salt Therapy

Equine-Salt-Therapy-Green Logo“Salt civilisations battled for it. Royalty measured their wealth by it and Alexander the Great fought battles on a horse that got treated by it! SALT!”

As founder of Equine Salt Therapy, Richard Butterworth is excited with the opportunity to present on the pioneering work he is doing on the installation of both permanent and mobile salt therapy chambers for the world’s leading racehorse trainers and owners at the inaugural Horse Tech Conference being held at the Royal Veterinary College London on the 18th October 2017.

He will be discussing how his globally deployed salt chambers have seen horses perform better, recover better and live better.  Starting in the stables of Black Cavier some 6 years ago Equine Salt Therapy has gone on to become a sought after natural treatment solution for horses.  Even the Ruler of Dubai is using them!  

Richard will reveal how his treatments help with skin and respiratory issues simultaneously using the dry aerosol salt that is distributed within the salt chambers.   He will touch on the results he has seen from skin rash clearance to mucus and coughs being cleared within days and how Salt Therapy also helps reduce Travel Sickness and disease spread within stables. 

Richard will discuss the importance of using this original, patented system and how the fit-out of his chambers create the perfect microclimate for optimal treatment and absorption.

Equine Salt Therapy can help reduce the reliance on antibiotics and other often harmful medications by providing a 100% natural solution to day to day lung and skin issues.  Further benefits of Equine Salt Therapy continue to emerge as the research and development continues.  

Richard has made some headway into research efforts and has liaised with vets and leading Universities in efforts to get work published. He is seeking independent support of his clinical initiatives of which a one page double blind placebo trial has been drafted.

Biography: Richard Butterworth pioneered Equine Salt Therapy some 6 years ago in the stables of Black Caviar to assist with high performance, rapid recovery and the ultimate wellbeing of thoroughbreds. Now his system, that is patent protected, is widely deployed throughout the world as trainers and owners seek to have their horses perform at their peak at the highest level. 

Richard’s background in animal husbandry together with his passion for elite sports brought alive a notion that horses could benefit from a dry aerosol salt delivery system that was effective, natural and non-invasive.  Now with 6 years of R&D under his belt he is ready to introduce it to the broader animal kingdom.

Make sure you don’t miss Richard’s presentation by registering here for the free livestream on the 18th October 2017.

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