Cheltenham 2022

Unpredictable travel restrictions made 2021 a very challenging year to organise our annual International HorseTech Conference but we’re back in 2022 with a conference that will be held in the morning of the opening days (Tuesday 15th/Wednesday 16th March 2021) of the Cheltenham Festival – ‘The Greatest Show on Turf’ (tickets are included).

For 2021 we’re moving away from the conference room lecture style of talk format and instead talks will take place in stables with elite sport horses where delegates will get to meet the world’s most talented Equestrians who care for them and see how they’re using advanced technologies to transform their health & welfare. Although this means delegate numbers will have to be strictly limited (and offered on a first come first served basis) all the talks and discussions will be live-streamed and video recordings will be uploaded and shared freely after the event.

Keynote talk/demos include:

Water Masterclass: experience the transformational benefits of structurally optimised augmented waters & discover how and why Thoroughbred Stallions make for the ultimate judge in the search to discover & develop the world’s best waters. Anthony Ginter, Founder & CEO, WEO (formerly Waterdiam)

Pain Directed Healing: using pain to accelerate natural self healing capabilities. Richard Cumber, Pain Genie

Creating the optimal acoustic environment for your Horses. Sharon Quigley, Founder, Pythagoras Institute of Sound & Vibrational Healing

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and the technological opportunities, Dr Art O’Malley

Equine Telomeres Masterclass. David Heather, T A Sciences (Watch a video introducing Telomere science)

GENEXio Nikola Tesla Oxy Water – a revolution in stable hygiene. Joel Glass, Tesla Electrochem

Nightwatch® Equine Distress & Wellness Monitor. Jeffrey Schab, Founder and CEO, Protequus (SmartHolter)

Get to experience the world’s most advanced performance lighting system. Sam Murphy, Inventor & Founder, Equilux

An introduction to the Equine Semaphone Code (the language that horses use to communicate). Meljay Turner, Author

Environmental Toxins & the action you can take to manage them. Tony Hughes, Natural Medicine Clinic.

An introduction to the ‘Omnia Radiation Balancer’. Tim Sanders, Founder, Omnia

Inspiring the Next Generation to want careers in the high tech Equestrian industry. David Doherty, HorseTech Consultant.

Workshop discussing unpublished new HorseTech Market Report Chapters. David Doherty, HorseTech Consultant.

Tickets for the HorseTech Conference cost just £1,000 each and include access to Cheltenham Races for day 1 and day 2 of the Festival, meals & refreshments.

If you are working outside the Equine industry this event will be invaluable as you’ll get to experience how tech is being used to improve the health and welfare of some of the most expensive horses in the world.

For your information: The following Races are held on Day 1 and Day 2 of the Cheltenham Festival.