Advanced Myographic Technologies (USA)

Advanced Myographic Technologies mission is to provide both humans and animals with a state-of-the-art innovative non-invasive safe medical device to precisely understand and treat how muscles and suspensory systems can stay healthy with longevity. The CURO Mk II is now a totally wireless, completely revolutionary, portable diagnostic technology that uses very sensitive acoustic myography sensors to measure the pressure waves that all skeletal muscles generate when they are active for the inventor and manufacturer CURO Diagnostics, ApS, Copenhagen Denmark.

The CURO Mk II is a very delicate scientific piece of equipment which enables the user to select and follow a human or animal muscles whilst physically active. The CURO Mk II software shows you how to prepare the sensor sites, attach the sensors and start your recordings. Together with a CURO Mk II unit you will be able to identify muscle imbalance, precisely locate muscle injuries and follow and direct the training of a horse, dog and human modalities.

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