Ancient HorseTech Workshop

On Sunday 9th October (Harvest Full Moon) we’ll be hosting an Ancient HorseTech workshop in Kildare (the ‘Thoroughbred’ County) Ireland. So many of the most exciting HorseTech opportunities lie in rediscovering things that our equestrian ancestors simply knew & understood so we’re hosting a full day workshop to discuss and engage audiences with the key opportunities and possibilities.

Topics/Speakers will include:

Some important things you may need to unlearn (former NASA Scientist)

Moon Cycles & your Horses (Equine Astrologist)

Equine Music Therapy (Sharon Quigley, Pythagoras Institute of Sound & Vibrational Healing)

An overview of Electromagnetics, (IMVGDY, BioField Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Technology)

How would Colonel William Hall-Walker/Lord Wavertree be using modern technology (David Doherty, HorseTech Conference).

Tour of a racing yard with demos of the HorseTech being used (Champion Racehorse Trainer)

How we plan to foal an ‘Eclipse’ on the 2nd August 2027 (Racehorse Breeder)

The event is being organised as an ideation workshop for prospective clients of a transformational new technological product that David Doherty (Producer of the HorseTech Conference) is bringing to market with select racehorse trainers and breeders that will help them to utilise understandings of lunar cycles to optimise the health and welfare of their horses.

In contrast to all our other Conferences there won’t be a livestream and video recordings shared of all the talks but we’ll produce a highlight video and share it after the event.

There are limited tickets available and they cost just €1,000 each and include transportation and a “Weo, The Bottle” (as we want you to begin to experience the benefits of the water technology that is being used to optimise the health of the legendary champion racehorse that you’ll meet with as part of the workshop).

If you would like to attend or share ideas at the workshop please get in touch with David Doherty.