Apple (USA)

World’s largest company and the most successful producer of adverts. An early iPhone advert featured HorseTech (the made for mobile Alivecor ECG being used by an Equine Veterinarian) and this had viral impact x5 the award winning ad Apple produced with top fashion brand Burberry. The convergence of tech to mobile makes the latest iPhone the device that equestrians seeking to understand HorseTech should invest in. The unthinkable is becoming reality. Soon an app developer will launch an app that can weigh a horse accurately. With the new Measure augmented reality and depth of field measuring tech that Apple is launching with it’s latest update for the iPhone (iOS12) this is going to become a really exciting area as it’s going to make it possible to do some unimaginable things eg. accurately weigh a horse with nothing more than an app on an iPhone, etc. Video

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