Blackdog Equestrian Biomechanics App (UK)

The Blackdog Equestrian Biomechanics App is all about helping horse and rider reach their peak performance. Using a mix of biomechanics and training, the app is there in your pocket, ready when you are.

Our unique live-tracking biomechanics system lets you capture a rider’s position instantly using just your phone – no need for any markers, special clothing or any hassle. Simply open the app and start recording. The app captures key metrics about a rider, which you can track over time so you can show evidence of progression and improvement.

So that a rider isn’t left “hanging” with no idea of how they can improve their performance, the app also gives suggestions for exercises and stretches based on their biomechanics assessment.

You can also run a gait analysis on your horse using the app. It’s a great tool for keeping track of your horse’s natural biomechanics, so you can see if anything starts to change before any problems get too far along.

Additionally, the app comes with a library of schooling exercises, so you’ll never be stuck for training inspiration again!