ClockItEQ (USA)

ClockItEQ (USA)
About: ClockItEQ records accurate heart rate, speed and GPS data for every training gallop performed by every horse, using an smartphone carried by the jockey. If jockey and trainer subscribe to the system, then data is transmitted live to the trainer trackside, or at any location in the world, and is uploaded to a secure server for later analysis. All data is encrypted for total security. Trainers can create reports on individual horses and choose to share these with the horse’s connections. ClockItEQ has been custom designed to use the GPS features of the smart phone, integrated with the latest bluetooth connected heart rate technology and a unique set of interpretative tools. The system is preset for a number of training centres, and is customisable to any track in the world. The interpretative tools allow trainers to assess a horse’s current level of fitness, identify fitness trends, and identify over-training and health issues more quickly than traditional methods.

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