DataTrack International (USA)

DataTrack International (USA)
About: DataTrack are utilizing advanced technologies to refine the age-old art of hand-measuring horses in order to improve the consistancy of those techniques. The multiple physical measurements of racing prospects and bloodstock that we acquire are associated and analyzed through multiple computer programs to project a horse’s potential racing and/or breeding capabilities using universally accepted growth curves. The results are logical projections about a Thoroughbred’s form and likely function on the racetrack or in the breeding shed.

Biomechanical analysis for racing purposes is available for yearlings, 2-year-olds and older horses in training. Breeding analysis for broodmare or stallion potential is available for yearlings, 2-year-olds and older horses in training, and recently retired racehorses.

The DataTrack International team includes widely published pedigree and biomechanical experts
who have also bred, raced and/or purchased racing or breeding prospects for clients using our biomechanical, cardio and digital tools, and are shareholders in the company.

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