Equidiet (UK)

Equidiet (UK)
About: Equidiet developed and produces EquidGel and Lamigel – revolutionary new hydration and nutrition systems for horses. EquidGel is unique in that it is taken in the form of a highly nutritious palatable drink which appeals to the horses very strong natural instinct to forage and therefore making it the only complete feed that nourishes and hydrates at the same time. EquidGel is specifically designed as a complete fibre based daily ration, however it is also an excellent form of nutrition for the ulcer prone or horses prone to Laminitis. LamiGel is a natural 90% fibre based equine feed system delivering hydration and nutrition on demand, however it has been especially formulated with a lower sugar (less than 3%) and protein (less than 12%) content, which is particularly beneficial to horses that are prone to Laminitis. Video.

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