Equine High Performance Sports Group (Netherlands)

The Equine High-Performance Sports Group is a community for innovative education and research in sport horse care, focusing on learning and improving the health and performance of athletes. We are an initiator, a platform, and a connector for enhancing the knowledge and best practices supporting the equine athlete in their full career.

In order to ensure the success of this process, a central pillar of our approach will be to engage stakeholders from diverse backgrounds to aid in the identification of knowledge gaps and areas of need. Elite level sport requires a multi-disciplinary approach to managing equine athletes and the EHPSG is seeking enthusiastic individuals from the broad spectrum of industry professionals to contribute their ideas and support to this initiative. Having different professions operating in separate silos has slowed advancement in our sport, and we must collaborate and unite in order to affect change.

We are a team of passionate equestrians, equine veterinarians, and researchers with a shared goal to facilitate and promote the development of equine and human athlete-centered projects as well as the next generation of best-practice guidelines, supported by science, in order to have a positive impact on the health, wellbeing, and longevity of performance horses.

Our Equine High-Performance Sports Group Membership Programs aim to move forward together with all industry stakeholders. Therefore they are open to everyone who is involved and is intrinsically motivated to engage, share, learn, teach, discover and evolve.

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Equine High Performance Sports Group (Netherlands)