Horse Industry Social Media Diploma

This programme enables those working in or seeking to work in the Horse industry to learn about the tools and skills involved in the successful use of social media. It builds an in-depth understanding of the complex practice of making, sharing and managing the feedback you’ll get when you promote the equestrian lifestyle and business online.

The Diploma will be available soon (get in touch if you’d like to pre-register) and the course can be completed from anywhere and at anytime and the exam is online via video. Currently it’s only available in English.

Course Content Modules

Why use Social Media
From enaging with Fan bases to attracting investors
1hr online video

Getting started
Beginners guide to what, where and how
1hr online video

Business Models
Ways to fund your social media presence & develop it
1hr online video

Producing Photos/Video
Equipment, Dos and Don’t’s, Top tips
1 hr online video

What can go wrong
You will make mistakes, here’s how you will learn to avoid making them again.


Things you need to be aware of.

Selling Horses
1hr online video

Engaging with Clients
Keeping clients updated
1hr vid

20 min facetime video call

After passing the examination you will be awarded your certificate.

To encourage best practice those with Diplomas can have their names and social media pages shared here: