Hydrasure (Ireland)

Hydrasure (Ireland)
About: Connect with your Equine Drinking Data. With HydraSure, you can now keep track of equine water consumption using existing automated drinkers. As you may already know, automatic drinkers offer many time and labour-saving benefits over buckets, but they typically do not allow users to remotely review whether their horse has been drinking or not, how much they have been drinking and how frequently. Our unique range of products and services will keep you informed no matter where you are. We can store historic data to help you ascertain what your horse’s normal water consumption is at the drinker and provides graphical output to highlight any drinking abnormalities. Adequate water intake is essential for equine health and performance, but as daily intake varies depending on seasonal climatic conditions, diet, reproductive status and workload, for example, it requires ongoing monitoring to gain better insight into equine drinking behaviour. If you’re a horse owner, stable manager, trainer or veterinarian get peace of mind by connecting with your data.