Hylofit (Netherlands)

Hylofit.com (Netherlands)
About: Hylofit is a wearable device for horse and rider that delivers accurate, real-time feedback so training adjustments can be made from the saddle. Hylofit tracks performance and provides insights to improve training results and promote the overall health and wellbeing of the horse. Hyl0fit uses an App and Web Platform, a SmartWatch (for rider) and a Girth Attachment with Transmitter (for horse) to capture data showing how a horse has trained over time and enables this data to create customized training plans. Workout analytics provide a full recap of a training session on your mobile that features a proprietary intensity score, full ride analytics and graphical displays of performance. Resting heart rate monitoring can provide early detection of illness or injury. Video can be merged with heart rate sensor data to make a clear visual record of a ride and workout intensity and help to better understand what could be affecting your training sessions. Launched Spring 2018 available to order now for €595.