Contribute to the HorseTech Market Report

Feedback from delegates who attended the inaugural HorseTech Conference at the Royal Veterinary College in London made it very clear that there is a major urgent need for a comprehensive market report on the global HorseTech industry.

Major consulting firms produce expensive analytic reports for the human healthtech market and they are a very useful resource for the sharing of best practice and make an invaluable contribution by driving awareness of and investment into innovative practices. Unfortunately the HorseTech market is much smaller (it’s actually dwarfed by even the human healthtech conference industry!) and few who work in it would be prepared to pay for a copy (as we’ve all always got horses that we want to spend our money on!) so we thought why not collaborate to produce a comprehensive free report that could be shared freely.

We’d like to encourage you to participate to help us make the HorseTech Market Report a document that:

> Demonstrates the opportunity to scale collaborative efforts, educate and inspire those in the tech industry to work with and invest in the HorseTech market.

> Shares global best practice and helps increase awareness of the opportunities for HorseTech to enhance the welfare and enjoyment of horses.

> Widens interest in horse welfare, highlights the value that horses make to society and contributes to ensure a relationship with horses remains relevant to the next generation.

> Key topics that will feature in the report will include market analysis of Wearables, Microbiome, Genomics, Big Data, Apps, Sensors, Therapies, Regenerative Medicine, Nutrition, etc.

If you would like to contribute or have suggestions for the report please get in touch via email ( You can also use the following form if you would like to review a particular HorseTech device/app/service (these reviews will feature in the appendix of the report and will be a useful resource for readers):


The HorseTech Market Report is currently being finalised and will be launched at the next HorseTech Conference in Dublin (Ireland) which still leaves time to get in touch if you’d like to be a contributor.

We cannot pay contributors but credit to all contributors will be provided in the market report that will be made available free of charge. If you’re a student or work in the voluntary sector and would like financial assistance to buy/borrow tech for a review please let us know as we will consider these opportunities for assistance.

DRAFT Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Industry Highlights and Market Overview

3. An Introduction to the HorseTech Market

4. Global Markets (sizes and projections)

5. The opportunity for HorseFirst innovation & Translation to human markets

6. Major challenges and opportunities facing the HorseTech market

7. HorseTech market briefings:

> Equipment
> Apps
> Nutrition
> Pharmacy
> Breeding
> Sleep
> Wearables
> GutHealth
> Biosensors
> Cardiology
> Neurology
> Supplements
> Therapies
> Genomics
> Hoof care
> Websites & Social Media
> The stable environment
> Education & Training
> Big data & Machine Learning
> 3D Printing
> Regulation
> Surgical
> Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine
> Longevity & Anti-Ageing
> New market entrants

8. Conclusions

9. HorseTech Product/Service reviews:

HorseTech Market Report Company Profile Graphic.png

> 4DDI
> Accuplex Diagnostics
> Akhal
> AlivecorVet ECG
> AllTech Equine
> Apple
> ArcEquine
> ARE Factor
> Arioneo (Orscana)
> Avansce Ltd
> bActivate
> Caballis
> Cainthus
> Centaur Biomechanics
> Charles Owen
> ClockItEQ
> Crestview Genetics
> eHorses
> Ekico
> Ekily
> EQMedic
> EQStable app by Zoetis
> Equla Vert
> Equigerminal
> Equilume
> Equilux Performance Lighting
> Equimotion Technologies
> Equine MediRecord
> Equine MicroBiome Project by Platinum Health
> Equine Muscle Maintenance
> Equine Salt Therapy
> Equine United App
> Equinosis Q with Lameness Locator
> Equiotic
> Equisense
> Equisoft Horse Management Systems
> EquiApps
> Equilab
> EquiMark
> Equinity
> EquiTrack app
> EquiGerminal
> Tracker
> E-Trakka System
> Fecpak
> Flexineb Equine Nebuliser (by Nortev)
> FourCast by Pellesus
> Fullpower Inc
> GMax Ltd
> Godolphin Flying Start
> Horsecom
> HorseDialog app by Zoetis
> Horsepal app by Horseware Ireland
> Horse Rider SOS
> Horse Side Vet Guide
> HorsePower Technologies
> HQ Inc (CorTemp)
> Hydrasure
> Kitman Labs
> KurtSystem
> Leroy Biotech
> Lipogems Equine
> MG Biologics
> NightWatch smart holter
> Optomed
> Performance Genetics
> Piavita
> Pixio Auto-Follow Camera
> PlusVital
> Pocket Stable Game
> Polar Equine Training Systems
> PolyTrack by Martin Collins
> Qualisys
> RebelBio
> Rejuvenate Bio
> Ridesum
> Saferider
> Samsung
> Satir Thermal Imaging
Seaver Girth
> SeeHorse Wearable
> Seventh Sense Biosystems
> SiMi Reality Motion Systems
> SpaceLabs Lifecard
> StableLab
> Stable Secretary
> SteedWatch
> Strided Solutions
> Stridez
> Succeed Equine
> Tekscan pressure monitor
> Tensor Flow
> Tharos
> Thoroughbred Idea Foundation
> Total Performance Data
> Turfcord (by ContiTech)
> Trackener
> UDada Horse Management App
> ValueFeet
> Very Important Pad (The V.I.P.
> Veterinary Advances
> Vet Wound Library
> vHIVE (The Veterinary Health Innovation Engine)
> Wetod
> WhipChip by ESIT
> World Horse Welfare
> ZadelWing
> Zoetis


10. Glossary of HorseTech Terms