O’Cool (Ireland)

O’Cool (Ireland)

Meet new top quality O’Cool therapy boots Say goodbye to hours of standing with a hose in your hand or hard ice bags melting in 10 minutes. Cool down affected areas gently and efficiently. Eliminate the risk of tissue damages from extreme cold. Use O´Cool therapy boots over and over again by simply soaking them in cold water. Why to choose our therapy boots? Save your time and energy: quick and effortless preparation within a few minutes, easy application, long lasting cooling effect,  simple cleaning, multiple-use,,   always on hand to store or carry in a special accessory bag,   practical drying when attached to an unfolded accessory bag.

Soak O´Cool therapy boots in a bucket of cold water
therapy boots unfolded
Soak O´Cool therapy boots in a bucket of cold water



Treat your horse with the best

  • non-toxic inner and outer materials – harmless to health, 
  • holds water without leakage,
  • no cover or sock needed,
  • advanced design for full and undisturbed movement of the horse, 
  • available in 3 sizes for tight and perfect fit
  • suitable for front and hind legs.