ShockBox (USA)

ShockBox (USA)
About: i1 Biometrics is a privately held wearable tech company focused on developing protective and performance products and systems for the sports and military markets. Originally developed by Danny Crossman and Scott Clark, The Shockbox represents a simple, compatible, and affordable solution for the sports market. Originally designed to be an LED only indication device, Shockbox quickly evolved into a full long range wireless sensor connected to a smartphone and able to pair over 100 sensors to a single handset. The dream of developing smart sensors has led at an incredible pace and leads to a world of helmets so smart, that they will even tell you where you’ve been, where you’re going and what you did.  As the level of competition in equestrian sports increases, riders, trainers and coaches must seek more innovative ways of protecting riders from injury. Falls are frequently part of competitive or . Shockbox sensors connect easily to most helmets and the app is available for iPhone & Andorid Smartphones. The app also features a mini SCAT (Sports Concussion Assessment Tool) to aid parents, coaches and Athletic Trainers in recording rider symptoms and notes after an impact alert.