Smart Foal (Australia)

Smart Foal (Australia)

Smart Foal is a real time monitor and alarm system that allows you to stay in touch with your mares while you get on with life.

About: In 2014 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. 18 months of surgeries, chemotherapy and long trips to specialists took it’s toll. Getting out of bed was not only difficult, but painful. Constant exhaustion and nausea meant that the normal foal watch procedure of getting up and checking the mares through the night was simply out of the question. On top of that, spending days in hospital and travelling took mum away from the farm for extended periods.  Smart Foal was born to meet these new challenges and bring peace of mind, during a time of complete chaos and trauma.

Smart Foal was designed by breeders for breeders. It has been developed with the user as a priority to ensure that, not only are we solving a real problem, we are providing an improvement to the breeders life. Ultimately we believe that if breeders have confidence in Smart Foal they will get more rest and be alert when the mare actually goes into labour. A well rested attendant at the birth will, hopefully, make better decisions and lead to better outcomes for both the mare and the foal.

By using the latest technologies and approaches to design, we have been able to design a product that is reliable, easy to use and importantly, amongst the most affordable in the market.

Smart Foal is proudly designed and manufactured in Queanbeyan, Australia and has been tested at various studs in Australia and the USA. It is now being used in Australia, NZ, Canada, Norway, Denmark, France, UK, South Korea and Indonesia.