Stridez (UK)

Stridez (UK)
About: StrideZ produce the KanFix Equine bandage range. The company is led by Dr Nick Allen who has nearly 20 years’ experience working in elite sports medicine and holds post-graduate degrees in Sports Medicine and Epidemiology. StrideZ aims to be a pioneer of cross fertilization between human and veterinary medicine. Combining experience in elite sport medicine, innovation, research and veterinary medicine. The company works closely with veterinary practitioners and animal owners to design new products to create positive and effective change and ultimately enhance the health, performance and well-being of animals.  KANfix Bandages from surgery through to discharge. The KANfix Bandage Range is a series of bespoke animal bandages designed to adhere to the contours of the animal. They are lightweight and easy to apply. Providing a means to reduce infection and safely apply the therapeutic benefits of low level compression aiding in the full recovery of the animal.  Video.

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