TurfTrax (UK)

TurfTrax (UK)
About: TurfTrax unique products and cloud-based data services enable the sports and leisure industries to collect and present value-added data.

A firm foundation in horseracing has earned TurfTrax a world-wide reputation for gathering, processing, analysing, and disseminating data and graphics covering a wide range of uses. This information informs decision making, protects welfare, adds value to broadcast and enriches spectator and customer experience in almost any environment where climate or surface condition are an influencing factor.

TurfTrax services provide the processes that identify, harvest, collate, commercialise and distribute this unique data for leisure and sports applications in Association Football, Thoroughbred Horseracing and greyhound racing, alongside global media rights rights companies.

EquiTrax is a natural evolution of British horseracing’s first sectional timing system pioneered by TurfTrax, and capable of tracking the speed and position of every horse in a race.

Its applications include any environment where performance data adds value to equine welfare, post-event analysis in training or racing situations or fan engagement and presents obvious commercial opportunities.