White Medical & Beauty Srl (Italy)

White Medical & Beauty Srl  (Italy)

Diathermy uses high-frequency electromagnetic fields applied to the body’s tissues, with the aim of increasing the body’s internal temperature and consequently inducing various therapeutic effects. Our dVinci, dVet and dVinae equipment generates an alternating current with frequencies ranging from 0.8 MHz to 1.2 MHz. Through the pair of electrodes supplied, the energy is fed into the patient’s body, who thus becomes part of the electrical circuit. For our bodies to be healthy, cells must maintain their electrical balance and molecules their physiological movement.  When a tissue is compromised by a pathological event, the molecules and cells lose that physiological capacity; to restore it, energy must be applied. The condenser effect generated by our devices alternately attracts or repelselectrical charges in the tissues using capacitive and resistive electrodes, which allow biological tissue to be used as an electrolytic conductor. The oscillation generated by the displacement currents exerts its beneficial effects on all the altered components of the tissue, causing the cells to regain their physiological capacity. The patient will experience this effect as a pleasant internal warmth.

dVet 1000 is our dedicated product for large animals such as Horses. It consists of a programmable and adjustable high-frequency current generator, suitable for creating personalised and highly effective work protocols to achieve rapid and long lasting results. dVet 1000 has a limited weight and dimensions, 120W of delivered power and is equipped with the possibility to select the working frequency, timer, absorption reader, capacitive and resistive electrodes, two electrodes and a bipolar plate to work in maximum safety, without the need to cut the hair and without using gels or creams.

The benefits of veterinary Tecartherapy are high anti-inflammatory, analgesic and oedema and swelling reduction effects, allowing a significant reduction in the use of drugs.

  • MODIFICIES the dynamics of the microcirculation in a positive way with a consequent improvement in oxygenation and elimination of toxins.
  • FACILITATES the development of anti-inflammatory processes in the osteoarticular apparatus.
  • PRODUCES a relaxing effects on the muscles.
  • ACTS rapidly on pain, in both chronic and acute pain.
  • FACILITATES osteogenesis by accelerating the reconstruction process in the presence of bone fractures.
  • HELPS prevent various diseases by rebalancing the immune, endocrine and neurovegetative system.
  • STIMULATES internal regenerative processes by rebalancing ion exchanges.