The HorseTech Conference provides immersive opportunities to learn from and network with leaders from the global Sport Horse industry who are utilising technology to breed and train Champions. The inaugural meeting was hosted by The Royal Veterinary College on Wednesday the 18th October 2017 in Central London and the next will be held during the Dubai International Horse Fair on the 15th March 2018.


The event was live streamed and you can now watch and share HD video recordings of all the talks. The slides and transcripts of talks are also available (making the lectures accessible to non-English speaking audiences).  You can register to access these recordings here.

We would like to thank the Slater Stockwood Nicholson Partnership, Horseware IrelandPlusvital, Kurtsystem (Kingswood Stud)Equilux Performance Lighting, Equine Salt Therapy, Accuplex Diagnostics, Eickemeyer, HeightLight and the Medical Express Clinic Harley Street for their generous sponsorship of the inaugural conference and videos.

HorseTech Conference Sponsors

The Irish Field (Ireland’s leading Racing and Equestrian Newspaper) and The Webinar Vet (the veterinary education webinar service that educates vets from the comfort of their own home via webinars) are official media partners.

HorseTech Conference MediaPartners

On Thursday 19th October the event closed with delegates getting to experience horse tech in action with exclusive early access to the world’s most technologically advanced racehorse training facility at the Kingwood Stud in Lambourn.

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Watch videos of the keynote presentations

The inaugural HorseTech Conference profiled the latest and greatest tech innovations that are making an impact on the breeding, training and racing of horses.

The Conference featured a free livestream that was watched by audiences from around the world, and you can now watch video recordings of all the presentations by simply scrolling down on this page (if you would like to register these lectures as part of your CPD accreditation requirements please get in touch with us here and we can arrange that).

HorseTech Conference Agenda

Chair Phoebe Bright, Horse Technologist (Ireland) opens the inaugural HorseTech Conference:

Opening keynote: Cardiovascular Analysis by Jeff Seder, Founder, (USA):

Gait Analysis by Jay Kilgore, Director of Operations, DataTrack International (USA):

Biomechanics by Robert Fierro, Managing Director, DataTrack International (USA):

Big Data, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence by Philippe Kahn, CEO & Founder,

The Future of Fitness Monitoring in Racehorse Training by  Robert Curtis, Consultant, Kurtsystems UK (Australia).

Wearables by Thilo Pfau, Senior Lecturer in Bio-Engineering, Royal Veterinary College (UK)

Awaiting video to be uploaded

Breeding by Dr Mandi de Mestre BVSc PhD MRCVS,
Senior Lecturer in Reproductive Immunology, Royal Veterinary College (UK)

“How tech can make life easier for Horse & Rider” by Tom MacGuinness, Founder & CEO, Horseware Ireland (Ireland) fired everyone up for the lunch networking break:

Better Breathing by Dr David Marlin, Scientific & Equine Consultant (UK):

Stable-side Diagnostics by Kieran Walshe, Founder, Accuplex Diagnostics (Ireland):

Optimising the Stable Environment by Sam Murphy, Founder, Equilux Performance Lighting (Ireland):

Genomics: shaping the future from the past by Prof Emmeline Hill, CSO, Plusvital (Ireland):

Equine Salt Therapy by Richard Butterworth, Founder, Equine Salt Therapy (Australia):

Regenerative Medicine by Andy Fiske-Jackson BVSc MVetMed FHEA Dipl.ECVS MRCVS, Senior Lecturer in Equine Surgery, Royal Veterinary College (UK):

Equinosis Q with Lameness Detector by Christina Frigast, , Manager, Eickemeyer (Denmark):

The key to successful innovation: Optimising you by Prof Sam Lingam MD, Consultant Paediatrician, Medical Express Clinic Harley Street (UK):

Closing message from the RVC by Tas Gohir, Head of Knowledge Transfer & Impact, Royal Veterinary College (UK):

Please show your appreciation of these incredibly generous presenters for sharing their expertise and experiences by reaching out to them following them on social media, buying the incredible tech that they sell and investing/partnering in their ventures.

Contribute to the HorseTech Market Report

Feedback from delegates who attended the HorseTech Conference (both at the RVC in London and via the free livestream) has made it very clear that there is a major urgent need for a comprehensive HorseTech Market Report.

Major consulting firms produce expensive analytic reports for the human healthtech market and they are a very useful resource for the sharing of best practice and make an invaluable contribution that drives awareness of and investment into innovative new practices. Unfortunately the HorseTech market is much smaller (it’s dwarfed by even the human healthtech conference industry!) and few who work in it would be prepared to pay for a copy (we’ve all always got horses to spend our money on!) so we thought why not collaborate to produce a comprehensive free report that could be shared widely.

We’d like to encourage you to participate to help us make the HorseTech Market Report a document that:

> Demonstrates the opportunity to scale collaborative efforts and inspire those in the tech industry to work with and invest in the Equine industry.

> Shares global best practice and helps everyone become more aware of the opportunities to use tech to enhance the welfare and enjoyment of horses.

> Widens interest in horse welfare, highlights the value that horses make to society and contributes to ensure a relationship with horses remains relevant to the next generation.

> Key topics that will feature in the report will include market analysis of Wearables, Microbiome, Genomics, Big Data, Apps, Sensors, Therapies, Regenerative Medicine, Nutrition, etc.

If you would like to contribute or have suggestions for the report please get in touch via email ( You can also use the following form if you would like to review a particular HorseTech device/app/service (these reviews will feature in the appendix of the report and will be a useful resource for readers):


Although we will be launching the HorseTech Market Report at the Dubai International Horse Fair on the 15th March 2018 there is no absolute deadline for reviews as the appendix containing the reviews will be available for download and we will be able to add reviews as and when they are completed (it would be great if we had them submitted by then for inclusion but it won’t be a big issue if this part of the report isn’t comprehensive/complete and remains ‘a work in progress’).

Applicants will be sent a review template to complete on the tech that they have been selected to review. This will help ensure the reviews are consistent and enable readers to search key words/topics/areas of specific interest etc.

To get a wide range of tech reviewed and to avoid multiple repeat reviews of the more popular tech we’ll use the submitted forms to select reviewers. You are very welcome to apply to provide more than one review and multiple authors can also submit reviews.

If you are the developer of the tech you can also apply to review it but it’ll probably read better if it’s a review written by one of your customers so perhaps encourage them to submit a review?

We cannot pay contributors but credit to all contributors will be provided in the market report that will be made available free of charge. If you’re a student or work in the voluntary sector and would like financial assistance to buy/borrow tech for a review please let us know as we will consider these opportunities for assistance.

DRAFT Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Industry Highlights and Market Overview

3. An Introduction to the HorseTech Market

4. Global Markets (sizes and projections)

5. The opportunity for HorseFirst innovation & Translation to human markets

6. Major challenges and opportunities facing the HorseTech market

7. HorseTech market briefings:

> Equipment
> Apps
> Nutrition
> Pharmacy
> Breeding
> Sleep
> Wearables
> GutHealth
> Biosensors
> Cardiology
> Neurology
> Supplements
> Therapies
> Genomics
> Hoof care
> Websites & Social Media
> The stable environment
> Education & Training
> Big data & Machine Learning
> Regulation
> Surgical
> Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine
> Longevity & Anti-Ageing
> New market entrants

8. Conclusions

9. HorseTech Product/Service reviews:

> EquiTrack app
> HorseDialog app by Zoetis
> ClockItEQ
> Equinosis Q with Lameness Locator
> Equisoft Horse Management Systems
> Veterinary Advances
> iPulse connected girth by Arioneo
> Horse Rider SOS
> Tracker
> Stable Mate App
> Horsepal app
> EQStable app by Zoetis
> Track My Hack
> Accuplex Diagnostics
> Equine Salt Therapy
> bActivate
> Pocket Stable
> Equilux Performance Lighting
> EquiTempo
> PlusVital Equinome Genomics
> Centaur Biomechanics
> Saferider
> KurtSystem
> AlivecorVet ECG
> eHorse

10. Glossary of HorseTech Terms

Get in touch

The inaugural HorseTech Conference was held on the 18th October 2017. Hosted by the Royal Veterinary College in London the event was also accessed (via the free livestream) by audiences from around the world. You can now play back the HD recorded videos of the keynote talks and we’ll soon be uploading videos of Q&As with the speakers.

If you have any questions you’d like us to put to the speakers, if you would like to be involved in the next conference or be first to hear about our plans for future events please complete the following form (or email us at