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Please support the sponsors who have so generously supported the Conferences and our mission to inspire and share tech innovations that are advancing the welfare, breeding and training of horses and improving the lives and safety of equestrians. To date sponsors have included the Slater Stockwood Nicholson Partnership, WeatherbysRoyal Equestrian Resort DubaiHorseware IrelandPlusvital, Kurtsystem (Kingswood Stud)Equilux Performance Lighting, Equine Salt Therapy, Nightwatch Smart Halter, Steed Equine Monitoring Solutions GmbHTA Sciences, Botanica,  Multiradiance Laser Therapy, Arioneo, DataTrack International, Accuplex Diagnostics, Eickemeyer, Equine Semaphore Code, HeightLight, WEO (formerly Waterdiam), Pain Genie, Pythagoras Institute of Sound & Vibrational Healing, Omnia, Red Dot Rescue and the Medical Express Clinic Harley Street.

Ireland 2022


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