The International HorseTech Conferences provide immersive opportunities to learn from and network with the principle leaders from the global Sport Horse industry who are utilising technology to advance the welfare, breeding and training of Champions.

Previous Conferences were held in London (hosted by the Royal Veterinary College), Dubai (as part of the Dubai International Horse Fair), Dublin (Ireland) and online in 2020 (due to the COVID19 lockdown). With the Conference’s live-streamed free you can watch, playback and share HD Video Recordings of the keynote presentations free of charge. Conferences are also complimented with bespoke VIP HorseTech tours enabling international visitors to meet with local entrepreneurs and get an opportunity to experience HorseTech innovations in being used for themselves.

HorseTech Market Report

Feedback from speakers, delegates and the global audiences who have joined the Conferences have revealed that the rapidly emerging HorseTech industry would benefit from a detailed Global Market Report so we’ve collaborated with the world’s most knowledgeable subject matter experts to produce this as an additional completely free resource. The report is supplemented with analysis of over 100 of the world’s most innovative HorseTech companies.

At the last HorseTech Conference in Ireland we launched the Second Edition of the report and you can click here to download the latest  copy of this completely free in-depth 200+ page market report.

We would like to thank sponsors who have so generously supported the Conferences and our mission to inspire and share tech innovations that are advancing the welfare, breeding and training of horses and improving the lives and safety of equestrians. Sponsors have included the Slater Stockwood Nicholson Partnership, WeatherbysRoyal Equestrian Resort DubaiHorseware IrelandPlusvital, Kurtsystem (Kingswood Stud)Equilux Performance Lighting, Equine Salt Therapy, Steed Equine Monitoring Solutions GmbHTA Sciences, Botanica,  Multiradiance Laser Therapy, Arioneo, DataTrack International, Accuplex Diagnostics, Eickemeyer, HeightLight, Waterdiam, and the Medical Express Clinic Harley Street.

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