Lockdown 2020

On Monday 1 June 2020 with the world in a medical, social and economic lockdown (over what we were being told was caused by a virus outbreak that came from someone eating an infected wild animal they bought in a Chinese wet market) there was probably never a better opportunity to look to how we can use technology to advance the public understanding of the invaluable role of the horse in modern society and help share news of the pioneering technology being developed within the dynamic Sport Horse industry to produce the world’s highest standards of animal health & welfare. Thanks to the following generous sponsors for their help as we continue to envision a future of medicine that’s prevention and healthspan focused:

horsetech sponsors 9

“Using Data to Buy a Racehorse Masterclass” Jeff Seder, EQB.com

“Racing’s Delayed Data Revolution” Pat Cummings, Exec Director, Thoroughbred idea Foundation

“Lessons from the COVID19 Lockdown” Dawn Goodfellow, Chief Executive, Racing Welfare

COVID19: Out of quarantine and into the fire?” Cynthia McFarlane, Equine Mediator & Barrister

“A review of the ‘new normal’ COVID-19 Protocols” Dolores Cahill PhD, Molecular Biologist/Immunologist

“Creating the Next Generation of  State Laws Supportive of Horse Use & Ownership” Prof Elaine Ramesh PhD JD, Licensed Patent Attorney, Pet Patents & Policy

“How Tech is helping introduce new audiences to Racing” Annise Montplaisir, coFounder, Amplify Horse Racing

“Why Horse Racing makes the perfect ‘Canary in the Mine’ for International travel” Richard Butterworth, Equine Salt Therapy Pty Ltd

“The connected horse: An introduction to Nightwatch Smart Halter™” Jeffrey R Schab, Founder  & CEO, ProtequusNIGHTWATCH Smart Holter

Equine MediRecord: building a better future through tech & cooperation” Pierce Dargan, CEO, Equine MediRecord

“A new Video Analytics Platform for the Equine Industry” Bazil Cromer, DragonFlick

Liza Hendriks & Jack Carlino, coFounders, Wannamaker’s

“Digitalising the identity of horses & the opportunities that it is creating” Philip Carberry, Mustang Chain

“How technology is advancing our understanding of horses & their temperament” Dr Isabel Jimenez Acquarone, CEO, AREFactor.com

“An introduction to Cryotherapy for horses” Barbara Salamon, Horse Cryotherapy Specialist, BCE Life

“An introduction to Herd dynamic Evaluations” Kerry M Thomas, THT Bloodstock

“Water is the most important nutrient you feed to your horses and it’s now enhanced. An introduction to Water3.0” Laurent Papunat, Waterdiam

Ting Point Therapy masterclass” Gary DesRoches, Developer, Equi-Stim Leg Saver

“Nutritional Hydration Therapy” Sandra Murphy, Director, Equidiet

“Implementing telemedicine into Veterinary practice & how at-home laser therapy can bridge the pet care and revenue gap” J Mark Strong, Medical Director, Multi Radiance Medical

“Pill Pack: the future of Medicinal packaging” Graham Howieson, Director, eLucid mHealth

A huge thank you to our generous sponsors:

Thank you to the generous sponsors for making this livestream meeting possible. They include the following world leading HorseTech pioneers and we encourage you to check out their websites and do some business with them:

T.A. Sciences (creator of the leading research-based, clinically tested wellness products that help address telomere shortening through the science of Telomerase Activation).

Waterdiam (developers of Water3.0 an electrolysed water used by world leading racehorse trainers and breeders that is capable of eliminating aging cells, neutralizing Inflammation & Oxidation and enhancing Cellular Health).

Multi Radiance Medical (Multi Radiance Medical’s Veterinary Laser Therapy devices provide a drug-free, unique and powerful way to apply Super Pulsed Laser light to accelerate pain relief, healing and stimulate cell regeneration in high performance equine athletes).

Equine Salt Therapy (unique treatment for high performance equine athletes. Give your horse the best drug-free therapy available for optimum health and performance).

Equi-Stim Leg Saver (Leg Saver uses Ting Point Electro Therapy, a holistic, multi-frequency method to treat the area of injury by utilizing the body’s own electrical pathways).

DragonFlick (developers of a new video analytics platform for the equine industry that will be launched at the conference).

Elucid mHealth (developers of Pill Connect the Smart Dosing System that supports adherence with medication schedules and enables remote real-time monitoring of medications).

Equilux Performance Lighting (inventors of the world’s first fully automated intelligent performance lighting system that is proven to maximise health, growth and performance in horses).

NightWatch (The Smart Halter™ is an equine distress & wellness monitor that might just save your horse’s life).