USA 2021

It is with great disappointment that due to the uncertain situation with the different government COVID travel restrictions and California’s limits on access to Horses we won’t be holding our 5th Annual Conference in the USA in 2021. The event had been scheduled to be held during Breeders Cup Week where the Turf meets the Surf in Del Mar San Diego but has unfortunately had to be postponed.

We’re very keen to get something rescheduled in the USA as it’s clearly the land of opportunity for HorseTech innovation (with 9.2 million horses and more than 5 million Equestrians) and we’re seeing innovation blossom as lockdowns have renewed interest in rural living & the equestrian life so be quick to get in touch via our contact page if you would like to be involved as a speaker, delegate, media partner or sponsor.


Please visit the sponsor websites:

Waterdiam (watch a video introducing Waterdiam Water)

T A Sciences (Watch a video introducing Telomere science)

Equine Salt Therapy (a unique drug free therapy natural treatment for optimising the health & performance of equine athletes).

Nightwatch (Equine Distress & Wellness Monitor)

Pain Genie (the future of Pain Management – using pain to accelerate natural self healing abilities).

Equilux (the world’s first performance lighting system for Horses)

Pythagoras Institute of Sound & Vibrational Healing (creating the optimal acoustic environment for your horses)

GENEXio by Tesla Electrochem (Nikola Tesla Oxy Water – a revolution in stable hygiene)

The Equine Semaphone Code (Revolutionary book that explains the language that horses use to communicate)