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This comprehensive A-Z directory of innovative HorseTech Product/Services is created to compliment the HorseTech Market Report and provide inspired readers with suggestions for tech options.

If you’ve seen something we haven’t please get in touch via the contact us page with your suggestions and we’ll add them:

4DDI/Logimagine (USA)
About: 4DDI develop the world’s most advanced robotically-driven imagers for diagnosis, preoperative evaluation –Planning- and post-op evaluation. The novel tech is improving Equine Diagnostics and intervention outcomes with unparalleled accuracy and safety. Equimagine is an imaging workstation that performs multiple imaging tasks on the standing horse and combines them into a single, comprehensive, and accurate fused model of the specific region of interest. Watch Video

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 Accuplex Diagnostics (Ireland)
About: Accuplex Diagnostics is developing new solutions for the global veterinarian market. EquiChekTM-SAA is their rapid horse-side diagnostic test that can detect or confirm inflammation and infection in horses. In just three simple steps, you can tell if the horse has an active inflammatory condition and you get results in less than 10 minutes. 

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Advanced Myographic Technologies (USA)

Advanced Myographic Technologies mission is to provide both humans and animals with a state-of-the-art innovative non-invasive safe medical device to precisely understand and treat how muscles and suspensory systems can stay healthy with longevity. The CURO Mk II is now a totally wireless, completely revolutionary, portable diagnostic technology that uses very sensitive acoustic myography sensors to measure the pressure waves that all skeletal muscles generate when they are active for the inventor and manufacturer CURO Diagnostics, ApS, Copenhagen Denmark.

The CURO Mk II is a very delicate scientific piece of equipment which enables the user to select and follow a human or animal muscles whilst physically active. The CURO Mk II software shows you how to prepare the sensor sites, attach the sensors and start your recordings. Together with a CURO Mk II unit you will be able to identify muscle imbalance, precisely locate muscle injuries and follow and direct the training of a horse, dog and human modalities.

Akhal (France)
About: Akhal have developed ‘Capsular’ a new generation of Stable Boots that when put on a horse legs after a training session act directly to limit the tendinous risks. The low closure brings a support of the tendinous device. The refill placed inside Capsular is soaked with active ingredients which are once released in touch with the leg of the horse. The active formulation has been developed in partnership with Loën Laboratories and is 100 % natural and non doping certified by the Horse Races Laboratory.

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Alerte Equine Science (Australia)
About: Alerte Equine Science has been established to improve equine health and welfare.  Applying advanced artificial intelligence technology, Equine Science has developed early warning health and injury risk prediction systems specifically for the equine industry and can be applied across all equine sports through to personal applications.  Equine Science is an independent company which evolved out of the Alerte Group of companies, a leader in artificial intelligence and data management systems.  Our artificial intelligence technologies provide the potential to measure and analyse complex physiological and biochemical markers through watches, smart bands, and other wearable sensors at scale.  The opportunity in the equine sector allows Equine Science is to take this knowledge, experience and infrastructure to build an application for the equine industry not seen before.

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AlivecorVet ECG/Alivetec (USA/Australia)
About: The AliveCor KardiaMobile ECG is a single-channel cardiac event recorder. It consists of a device and app that enables you to record and review electrocardiograms (ECG’s) anywhere, anytime. The device attaches to the back of most iOS and Android devices, and communicates wirelessly with the free Kardia app, providing powerful display, analysis and communication capabilities. Designed for health professionals and consumers.

The Alive Bluetooth Heart and Activity Monitor is a wireless health monitoring system for screening, diagnosis and management of chronic diseases, and for consumer health and fitness. Applications include the management of atrial fibrillation and heart failure, cardiac rehabilitation and fitness monitoring.

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AllTech Equine (USA)
About: AllTech Equine develop and sell nutritional technologies that address equine challenges from body condition to fertility to help support healthy, happy horses. Specialities include Feed efficiency, Food enrichment, Mycotoxin management, Gut health management, Protein management and Mineral management.

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Amtote (USA)
About: AmTote is the leading technology & services provider to the North American pari-mutuel wagering market, possessing the broadest worldwide hosts integration for commingled pari-mutuel & fixed odds wagering systems.  AmTote has aggressively evolved from its longstanding position as the preeminent totalisator company to a full racing & gaming technology, software house, product innovation, and professional services firm. In doing so, AmTote remains dedicated to facilitating the growth and success of the global racing industry for decades to come, through improving technology and developing increasingly innovative products geared toward the modern marketplace.

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Analytic Solutions Ireland (Ireland)

Helping you get the most from your data. Analytic Solutions Ireland provides cutting edge services to companies in the areas of Data Analytics and Data Science from the seed of an idea to the final product.

Click here to watch the “HorseTech AI Opportunities: Insights into how Artificial Intelligence developments could be integrated into the Equine World” presentation by Stephen Ryan, PhD Researcher & Data Scientist, Analytic Solutions Ireland at the 2022 HorseTech Conference in Cheltenham.

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Anuland (Ireland)
Anuland is an Irish AgTech business based in Co. Limerick that provides farmer-centric technology solutions. We are focused on empowering farmers adapt to changes in agriculture through applying technology. We’re sustainability innovators – we leverage our expertise in the application of technology to help farming life be more economically, environmentally and socially sustainable. What is Anuland FieldSense? Grass measurement and fertiliser management is critical but takes time. Anuland FieldSense provides daily growth rates, estimates and tracks fertiliser usage, so you don’t have to walk the farm to do this. The information to make better decisions is now available at your fingertips 365 days a year – helping save time and labour, reduce costs and increase fertiliser effectiveness.

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Apple (USA)
About: World’s largest company and the most successful producer of adverts. An easy iPhone advert featured HorseTech (the made for mobile Alivecor ECG being used by an Equine Veterinarian) and this had viral impact x5 the award winning ad Apple produced with top fashion brand Burberry. The convergence of tech to mobile makes the latest iPhone the device that equestrians seeking to understand HorseTech should invest in. The unthinkable is becoming reality. Soon an app developer will launch an app that can weigh a horse accurately. With the new Measure augmented reality and depth of field measuring tech that Apple is launching with it’s latest update for the iPhone (iOS12) this is going to become a really exciting area as it’s going to make it possible to do some unimaginable things eg. accurately weigh a horse with nothing more than an app on an iPhone, etc. Video

ArcEquine (UK)
About: ArcEquine is a wearable, completely drug free, non-invasive pain management and tissue repair system that mimics the body’s electrical biocurrents in order to boost the production of ATP within the body’s cells. Injury, disease or tissue damage disrupts the normal electrical currents within the cells and decreases the rate of ATP production. Microcurrent stimulation increases ATP production by up to 500% kick starting and accelerating the body’s own recovery, allowing for the reduction of pain and inflammation, and for healing to start earlier. Increase ATP Increase Protein Synthesis Reduce Inflammation.

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AREFactor (Spain)
About: ARE factor Ltd, provides the TQ® Consultancy Service that uses a powerful diagnostic tool to assess, compare and tailor training, developmental programmes, interventions, treatments and manage performance through accurate temperament profiling. The technology captures a biological marker thus providing numerical values for Adaptability, Reactivity and Equanimity. Such numerical values encompass an individual’s temperament quotient known as their TQ®. Although each individual’s TQ® is unique to the individual, they are comparable between individuals, across teams, groups or populations. Through assigning temperament numerical values based on a biological measurement, the TQ® assessment, the TQ® values ensure an assessment independent of biases or misinterpretation permitting both cross cultural and cross species comparison.

Arioneo (Orscana) (France)
About: Arioneo has launched ‘Equimetre’ a connected sensor that analyses in real time both the physical and psychological aspects of the daily activity of a horse in training. It has been designed to be an integral part of training for racing professionals. Clear insight is given to heart rate, speed, strength, distance, rhythm and track tilt.

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AskelHealthcare (Finland)
About: Askel Healthcare is on a mission to provide a truly regenerative treatment for cartilage lesions. The COPLA® Scaffold was developed based on a decade of scientific research and is now offered to veterinary surgeons to provide healing not just treatment for dog and horse cartilage lesions. Founded by experienced scientists from the fields of tissue engineering, material science, cell biology, and orthopedics the research team had one goal: to provide a solution for the unmet medical need of cartilage regeneration. The technology of the COPLA® Scaffold is well suited to treat many species including human beings. Making our solutions available for human medicine is a long-term project that we want to achieve in the most ethical way. One of the goals of Askel Healthcare is to explore the possibility to expedite human market access by utilizing the clinical results from veterinary use, and thus create a true interspecies partnership.

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Avansce Ltd (UK)
About: Avansce is a Neue Schule Group company that has its roots in the advancement of technology for bits and bitting. The company was founded by Dr. Graham Cross who is the lead innovator for the Neue Schule range of bits and who developed the core curriculum for the Neue Schule Academy. It was through the research for the Academy that Graham recognised the huge potential for applying advanced signal processing algorithms to rein tension data. Unlike basic collection and display of the rein tension data, more advanced signal processing tools can extract from the data the hidden quality of interaction between the horse and rider. Engineers are familiar with the so-called signal-to-noise ratio and this parameter lies at the core of the approach. A patent application has been filed.

bActivate (Denmark)
About: The two Danish researchers who founded bActivate discovered that dormant streptococcal bacteria may be the likely cause of the 10% of all mares that struggle to get in foal. By re-activating the infection, instillation of bActivate, a bacterial growth medium, facilitate diagnostics and treatment eventually enabling barren mares to get in foal. bActivate has been tested by the therio group at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, the world’s largest equine hospital in Kentucky who basically normalized mare fertility by including bActivate into the normal repro work-up.

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Big Data Derby 2022 by Kaggle (the world’s largest community of data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts that was acquired by Google/Alphabet in 2017) (USA)

The goal of this competition is to analyze horse racing tactics, drafting strategies, and path efficiency. You will develop a model using never-before-released coordinate data along with basic race information. Your work will help racing horse owners, trainers, and veterinarians better understand how equine performance and welfare fit together. With better data analysis, equine welfare could significantly improve.

Context: Injury prevention is a critical component in modern athletics. Sports that involve animals, such as horse racing, are no different than human sport. Typically, efficiency in movement correlates to both improvements in performance and injury prevention. A wealth of data is now collected, including measures for heart rate, EKG, longitudinal movement, dorsal/ventral movement, medial/lateral deviation, total power and total landing vibration. Your data science skills and analysis are needed to decipher what makes the most positive impact. In this competition, you will create a model to interpret one aspect of this new data. You’ll be among the first to access X/Y coordinate mapping of horses during races. Using the data, you might analyze jockey decision making, compare race surfaces, or measure the relative importance of drafting. With considerable data, contestants can flex their creativity problem solving skills. The New York Racing Association (NYRA) and the New York Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association (NYTHA) conduct world class thoroughbred racing at Aqueduct Racetrack, Belmont Park and Saratoga Race Course. With your help, NYRA and NYTHA will better understand their vast data set, which could lead to new ways of racing and training in a highly traditional industry. With improved use of horse tracking data, you could help improve equine welfare, performance and rider decision making.

Our sport is currently investing significant money in collecting far more precise tracking data in the hopes of improving equine welfare. Along with stride data, we can now collect measures for heart rate, EKG, longitudinal movement, dorsal/ventral movement, medial/lateral deviation, total power and total landing vibration. However, we do not have analysts with the appropriate expertise to help decipher these data sets.

We hope this competition allows us to interact with data scientists to help find solutions to equine safety issues as well as develop a roster of academics and motivated hobbyists who lead us in analyzing the coming generations of data.


Your challenge is to generate actionable, practical, and novel insights from horse tracking data that devises innovative and data-driven approaches to analyzing racing tactics, drafting strategies and path efficiency. There are several potential topics for participants to analyze.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Create a horse rating measuring expected finish position versus actual finish position. How does a horse’s expected finish position change through the running of a race? Does this metric rely solely on a horse’s own position or is it influenced by the position of competitors?
  • What are optimal racing strategies? Considering different venues, surfaces and race distances. Create a jockey rating based upon path efficiency?
  • Create a surface measure model which would rate the fairness of different paths on a racecourse that may be beneficial or harmful to finish position based. This may be a result of unknown barometric, weather or maintenance factors.
  • Create a model measuring the existence (or not) and relevance of a drafting benefit.
  • Create a model reveal optimal gait patterns. Does the model differ for such factors as age, distance, race section or surface?

Contestants should not feel limited to these suggestions.

The above list is not comprehensive, nor is it meant to be a guide for participants to cover.

Submissions that examine one idea more thoroughly are preferred versus those that examine several ideas somewhat thoroughly.


An entry to the competition consists of a Notebook submission that is evaluated on the following five components, where 0 is the low score and 100 is the high score. Submissions will be judged based on how well they address:

Innovation (25 Points Total)

  • Is this a novel way of looking at tracking data? (10 Pts)
  • Are the statistical/machine learning approaches using the most up-to-date standards? (5 Pts)
  • Will the conclusions challenge the status quo of horse racing methods? (10 Pts)

Relevance (30 Points Total)

  • Can the conclusions influence equine welfare, equine performance or rider decision making? (10 Points)
  • Can the conclusions be the basis of future research on future (larger, more granular) data sets? (10 Points)
  • Are the conclusions something that horse racing participants (e.g. owners, trainers, veterinarians) can understand, digest and debate? (10 Points)

Competence (25 Points Total)

  • Given the data, are the statistical models appropriate? (5 Points)
  • Are the conclusions supported by the data? (10 Points)
  • Is the analysis accurate? (10 Points)

Presentation (20 Points Total)

  • Is the writing clear and free of nomenclature? (5 Points)
  • Are the charts and tables provided interesting, visually appealing, and accurate? (5 Points)
  • Can the analysis thread be followed throughout the presentation? (10 Points)

Notebook requirements

All notebooks submitted must be made public on or before the submission deadline to be eligible. If submitting as a team, all team members must be listed as collaborators on all notebooks submitted.

  • August 11, 2022 – Start Date.
  • November 10, 2022 – Final Submission Deadline.

All deadlines are at 11:59 PM UTC on the corresponding day unless otherwise noted. The competition organizers reserve the right to update the contest timeline if they deem it necessary.


  • 1st Place – $20,000
  • 2nd Place – $10,000
  • 3rd Place – $10,000
  • 4th Place – $10,000

Submission Instructions

You can make as many submissions as you like, but we will only consider your latest submission before the deadline of November 10th.

If you are submitting as a team, you do NOT need to merge within the Kaggle platform (it’s actually disabled), but all team members must be listed as collaborators on the submitted Notebook, and all team members must accept the competition rules before the submission deadline.

A valid submission will include a Notebook Analysis. All notebooks submitted must be made public on or before the submission deadline to be eligible. If submitting as a team, all team members must be listed as collaborators on all notebooks submitted.

Putting together this competition was a major undertaking, and we are very thankful to the many co-sponsors who helped to collect the data and funded the prize for this competition. Specifically, we would like to thank: The New York Racing Association (NYRA), The New York Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association (NYTHA)Equibase, The Jockey Club, The Breeders Cup, Kentucky Thoroughbred Association (KTA) and the Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association (TOBA).

The $41BN market for data, analytics and machine learning (ML) platforms is being disrupted. Deep neural networks make ML more capable, cloud computing makes it affordable to train more computationally intensive models and store more data, and there’s a move from proprietary platforms (SAS and Matlab) to open-source platforms (like Python, R and TensorFlow). While the race to win the next gen data, analytics and machine learning market is crowded, Kaggle and Google are best placed to win. Kaggle is the world’s largest community of data scientists and machine learners and can differentiate by using its community to build a defensible ecosystem. Google is the world’s best machine learning company: with better tools, talent and experience with machine learning than any other company. Kaggle and Google make an unstoppable combination.

Biodivide (UK)
About: Biodivide is a world leader in stem cell and regenerative medicines, tools, technologies and services. The Company combines extensive, applied, in-depth knowledge and expertise of the therapeutic and biotechnology applications of stem cells. BioDivide was founded by Dr Erik Miljan to harness the biological power of stem cells. Dr Miljan has been directly involved with 7 human clinical trials involving stem cells ranging from early Phase I to late-stage Phase III trials. He has over 15 years’ experience in the development of stem cells for therapeutic and non-therapeutic (research and drug discovery) applications and is the named inventor on numerous patents. Dr Miljan has published over 30 peer-reviewed scientific journals, including Science magazine, which have been cited over 1,500 times.

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Boeckmann (Germany)

Böckmann has been manufacturing utility trailers, horse trailers, cattle transporter and horse trucks since 1956. As a market leader for horse trailers and a leading manufacturer for car trailers throughout Europe, the family business has sold more than 750000 trailers over the years.By practitioners for practitioners” is the motto of Böckmann and its 300 employees, because its development of trailers and transporters is underpinned by many years of experience in the horse riding and transport industry.

Botanica (N Ireland)
About: Botanica International Ltd was established in 2005 to cater for the growing awareness of natural products and to utilize the wonders of Nature’s Healing Energy. We have a natural herbal range developed to treat common skin conditions. The Herbal range contains a combination of natural ingredients, all of which have proven beneficial properties. Botanica’s Herbal system works to promote healthy cell growth and complete recovery without scarring. Traditionally we would look for a cream to form a barrier on a cut, but in fact a heavy thick cream can slow down the healing process on two levels. It can hold dirt around the affected area and it can prevent infection from getting out! Botanica’s wash cleanses the area and helps to remove any dirt or scabbing which may have formed. This part of the process is vital as it keeps the affected area open and draining, to allow any infection that may be present to drain. The wash is followed by Botanica’s Herbal Cream which is readily absorbed into the skin. It activates the healthy cells and the powerful combination of the herbal and the soothing properties of the natural oils get to work on a swift, complete recovery. Daily washings and cream application will reduce the affected area while continuing to liberate any infection.

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Butterfly Network (USA)

Founded by Dr. Jonathan Rothberg in 2011 and recently listed on the NYSE through a merger with Longview Acquisition Corp (NYSE: BFLY), Butterfly Network is the creator of the world’s most advanced handheld, single-probe, whole-body veterinary ultrasound system, Butterfly iQ+ Vet. Butterfly’s mission is to enable universal access to superior medical imaging, and part of that mission is to enable the scanning of every animal at each veterinary visit. Through its proprietary Ultrasound-on-Chip™technology, Butterfly is paving the way for earlier detection and remote management of health conditions around the world. The Butterfly iQ+ Vet can be purchased online by veterinary practitioners in approved countries at the store or by contacting sales.

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Cainthus (Ireland)
About: Cainthus is a machine vision company based in Dublin, Ottawa, and San Francisco. Using our unique expertise, we turn visual information into actionable data. While our technology has a wide variety of potential applications, our focus is currently on agriculture, where we can have the greatest impact on global sustainability issues. By providing data driven solutions we can reduce inefficiencies in food production and facilitate the more effective, environmentally sustainable use of land.

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Cambox (France)

The Time Has Come For You To Change Your Vision… Cambox gives its users the keys to capture the present moment and invites the World to embrace this adventure. From the cameras to the applications and accessories, everything we do aimed to help you capture the instant moment, to share your experiences and above all to transmit what inspire you.

Cambox was founded in 2013 by Jean-Marc Piednoir, horse rider and motorsports lover looking for the best way to film in order to share his emotions. These numerous prototypes have been realized.

As of today Cambox has sold more than 10 000 cameras worldwide in more than 20 countries. But this is above all, thousands of customers in the World who made this history possible.

Centaur Biomechanics (UK)
About: Founded in 2006 Centaur Biomechanics specialises in horse and rider performance analysis using the latest software and techniques available to help improve performance and maintain soundness of both the horse and rider. The company is an Equinalysis Business Partner and uses the Equinalysis system.

Charles Owen (UK)
About: Charles Owen is committed to safety and saving lives. They have the largest range of helmets independently certified to up to four international equestrian safety standards, offering a wider range of protection in a riding accident. All of their safety helmets are subject to random and independent batch testing to ensure the highest level of protection is consistently met. The companies design engineers currently represent Great Britain on the European Standards of Safety and are leading members of the ASTM International (American Society of the Testing of Materials), the major equestrian safety standards body in the United States.

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ClockItEQ (USA)
About: ClockItEQ records accurate heart rate, speed and GPS data for every training gallop performed by every horse, using an smartphone carried by the jockey. If jockey and trainer subscribe to the system, then data is transmitted live to the trainer trackside, or at any location in the world, and is uploaded to a secure server for later analysis. All data is encrypted for total security. Trainers can create reports on individual horses and choose to share these with the horse’s connections. ClockItEQ has been custom designed to use the GPS features of the smart phone, integrated with the latest bluetooth connected heart rate technology and a unique set of interpretative tools. The system is preset for a number of training centres, and is customisable to any track in the world. The interpretative tools allow trainers to assess a horse’s current level of fitness, identify fitness trends, and identify over-training and health issues more quickly than traditional methods.

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ColiCheck (Germany)

ColiCheck is a monitoring sensor for the early detection of nocturnal colics. The smartphone app notifies you.

Connollys Red Mills (Ireland)

About: As trusted global experts in horse feed manufacturing, we utilise the most advanced cooking and nutritional excellence solutions. For over 100 years, Connolly’s RED MILLS has been marrying science, passion and experience to manufacture quality horse feed made from fresh natural ingredients sourced from our farms for performance horses worldwide. Throughout the generations, our ambition and ethos is to provide the most advanced equine nutrition on a global scale. We focus on rigorous best practices for testing methods and innovation at our state-of-the-art Research and Development centre. This is also evident in our dedication to perfecting the innovation and traceability of our precision nutrition techniques by utilising the latest technologies at our manufacturing facility every day. We aim to continue striving for excellence in equine nutrition for centuries to come.

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Crestview Genetics (USA)
About: Crestview Genetics perpetuates the finest in equine genetics through proven, state-of-the-art biotechnological reproduction processes that create exact genetic duplicates, breathing new life into the legacy of legendary horses.

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CRIO Online (USA)

About: Equine Farm Software. Modern online equine and barn management sofware. Forget papers, notes and Excel. Now you can manage your entire equine business with CRIO Online. Your data safe and accessible when you need it is easy and fast.

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CSIRO (Australia)
About: The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) collaborated with veterinarians to create the first 3D printed horseshoe to put an end to chronic foot disease. We used a 3D scanner to take an accurate picture of a horse’s Laminitis-affected hoof and then customised a 3D printed shoe that would support the hoof and allow it to heal. These new shoes redistribute weight away from the painful areas of the laminitic foot to give horses a better chance to recover. The result is a new biomedical application that could help eliminate Laminitis thanks to the ability to tailor the shoe’s design to the individual horse. The titanium shoes are formed from an affordable titanium powder and have the properties of a continuous mill product.

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Dandy Products (USA)

Dandy Products manufactures the highest quality  barn padding on the market. From wall padding, to door pads and everything in between, Dandy Products can provide your barn with a custom solution to meet your need.  Dandy Products manufactures the highest quality barn flooring solutions on the market. From PaveSafe flooring to rubber mats, Dandy Products can provide your barn with a custom solution to fit your need. Trusted by 100’s of barns nationwide.

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DataTrack International (USA)
About: DataTrack are utilizing advanced technologies to refine the age-old art of hand-measuring horses in order to improve the consistancy of those techniques. The multiple physical measurements of racing prospects and bloodstock that we acquire are associated and analyzed through multiple computer programs to project a horse’s potential racing and/or breeding capabilities using universally accepted growth curves. The results are logical projections about a Thoroughbred’s form and likely function on the racetrack or in the breeding shed.

Biomechanical analysis for racing purposes is available for yearlings, 2-year-olds and older horses in training. Breeding analysis for broodmare or stallion potential is available for yearlings, 2-year-olds and older horses in training, and recently retired racehorses.

The DataTrack International team includes widely published pedigree and biomechanical experts
who have also bred, raced and/or purchased racing or breeding prospects for clients using our biomechanical, cardio and digital tools, and are shareholders in the company.

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Ekico (France)
About: Ekico have developed a non-invasive wireless device that is able to accurately detect changes in load applied on the forelimb to provide an objective tool for lameness monitoring. Quick and easy to use the data can be captured directly onto your PC, smartphone or tablet.

Ekily (France)
About: Ekily are developing an app that takes data from a heart rate sensor to monitor your horses. Available on Android and IOS smartphones.

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Ekuore (Spain)

About: eKuore Vet II Veterinary stethoscope perfect for animal use. eKuore Vet II is an electronic veterinary stethoscope able to transmit the auscultation to smartphones, tablets, speakers and headphones. Listen, increase the auscultation volume, alone or in groups and save the audio to share.

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ElectronicVet (USA)
About: In 2014, Barbara Blasko, MD realized that paper documents containing equine medical records are most commonly produced for the purpose of competition entry, as well as general equine management. This problem leaves owners, trainers, riders and competitions vulnerable to losing the paper documents and/or the potential for falsification of any document. Thus, Electronic Vet, LLC (“eVet”) was born. We want to do everything in our power to protect the health of our horses and the horses in our care. We also firmly believe in open communication between all the people involved in the health and management of our horses. Our eVet Certificate product is the first comprehensive online equine vaccination record and provides the solution to problems arising from paper records.

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Enalees (France)

Enalees offers you a simple and innovative PCR type system allowing the diagnosis of numerous canine, feline, and equine infectious diseases in 40 minutes. These molecular diagnostic tests are quick, simple and reliable. They can be used directly in the veterinary clinic during consultations thanks to a small reader.

Epipole (UK)
About: The EpiCam Family: Three groundbreaking hand-held fundus cameras. epiCam M is the original epiCam. Its monochrome amber light is optimised for viewing vasculature – ideal for diseases such as diabetic retinopathy. epiCam C is a new colour camera, also delivering superb resolution. With a white light and brand new sensor and optical coatings, it’s an excellent general purpose retinal video camera. epiCam V is a brand new camera for veterinary use, tuned to give a range of illumination levels ideal for dogs, cats and horses.

About: By successfully developing progressive new frontiers in Thoroughbred performance evaluation and analysis, EQB has become one of the racing industry’s most potent competitive advantages, offering an unrivaled array of proprietary advanced gait analysis, patented ultra-sound heart-scan and equine cardio analysis, as well as pedigree and conformation services for finding top talent at worldwide auctions.  EQB’s advanced non-invasive, Thoroughbred heart scan technique, using unique huge data bases (over 50,000 racehorses) is patented. We also invented the first equine accurate heart rate meter for training in 1981 and the first aerodynamic jockey silks in 1979. Major owners, trainers, and stables — household names in the sport — turn to EQB’s singular union of traditional horsemanship and cutting-edge innovation to identify exceptional Thoroughbred talent at major auctions. Our ability to find overlooked, undervalued contenders empowers EQB clients to purchase top talent for less and ultimately train more breakout champions from fewer horses. For consultation Thoroughbred evaluation and buying services at auction register with EQB today…

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Eqoft (Equestrians of Tomorrow) (Netherlands)
About: Equestrians of Tomorrow’ is an interactive platform & invitation based community for progressive, openminded & innovation driven equine professionals & riders. EQofT exists to analyze and illuminate the growing number of ways technology is evolving sports and there are four areas of focus: Equine tech, Innovation, Entrepreneurship & business and Millennial mindset. The aims are to improve equestrianism in the field of performance (to become the best rider one can be), welfare & health (to have a better life for horses), sustainability (to have less impact on the environment) and professionalism (to help equine companies being successful) to help change equine sports & business for the better!

EQStable App by Zoetis (USA)
About: EQSTABLETM App by Zoetis (the world’s biggest Veterinary Pharmaceutical brand) is a discontinued app for equestrians that was designed to make horse owners’ lives easier and more fun by putting all their equine needs and notifications in the palm of their hand. It provides one place to manage their horse’s health needs, share rides with friends and stay up to date on industry issues.  My Stable prompts horse owners for information about their horse or herd to create individual horse profiles and manage all aspects of their lives, from vaccination and exercise to shoeing and deworming, by setting reminder alerts for upcoming events or appointments. Track My Ride gives riders the opportunity to track and save their rides with a ride history log. Riders can name each route and specify the horse they rode and share their ride with friends on Facebook®. Calendar stores dates of upcoming competitions, appointments and events. News lists the latest equine industry stories that users can read with one easy click. Horse Health features tips on deworming, vaccination, dentistry and shoeing for a horse or herd. Products lists photos and general information about each Zoetis product. Settings lets horse owners tailor their social media share settings and which alerts they want to receive for appointments, events and outbreak notifications. Notifications allows horse owners to receive important information, updates and promotions. Global Veterinarian Link, supplies access to important health documents such as EIA certificates, GoPass® six-month passports and health certificates (eCVIs).  Website has been DISCONTINUED

Equicore (USA)
About: Founded in 2015 out of Oklahoma, Equicore is the industry leader in international equine data and positive horse identification with a mission to be the catalyst for integration of technology in the equine industry for positive impact. Based on the idea that innovation empowers passion, we are committed to supporting every facet of the equine industry through advanced technology solutions. With team members in the United States, Ireland, and India, Equicore is uniquely positioned to provide the most complete global perspective on equine data. From identification to breeding and competition results, microchipping, medical data and more, we believe there are no boundaries to data tracking. Inspiration is our driving force and the possibilities are endless.

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Equidiet (UK)
About: Equidiet developed and produces EquidGel and Lamigel – revolutionary new hydration and nutrition systems for horses. EquidGel is unique in that it is taken in the form of a highly nutritious palatable drink which appeals to the horses very strong natural instinct to forage and therefore making it the only complete feed that nourishes and hydrates at the same time. EquidGel is specifically designed as a complete fibre based daily ration, however it is also an excellent form of nutrition for the ulcer prone or horses prone to Laminitis. LamiGel is a natural 90% fibre based equine feed system delivering hydration and nutrition on demand, however it has been especially formulated with a lower sugar (less than 3%) and protein (less than 12%) content, which is particularly beneficial to horses that are prone to Laminitis. Video.

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About: The Equine Facial Action Coding System (EquiFACS) is an observational tool for identifying and recording facial movements in horses. The system is based on the facial anatomy of horses and has been adapted from the original FACS system, which was developed to record human facial movements. EquiFACS provides a comprehensive list of all the facial movements that horses can produce, which can be used to document facial expressions across a wide range of contexts. The EquiFACS manual details how to use the system and code the facial movements of horses objectively and reliably. This has recently been published in the peer reviewed journal, PLOS One, and is freely available to all.

Equigait (UK)

Off-the-shelf and customization: At EQUIGAIT we are proud to offer advanced inertial sensor based systems which are proven in terms of accuracy and precision and all the while are easy to use.We offer a range of off-the-shelf system but can also customised systems in terms of number of sensors for specific applications. Please do contact us about your specific needs.

Lameness, poor performance and monitoring of gait: We are a small UK based company providing equine gait analysis systems for customers world wide. Use of the systmes is geared towards use by Veterinarians for lameness and poor performance examinations but is not limited to this. Our systems can equally well be used for monitoring of gait asymmetry as a function of training or exercise regimens in horses competing in all equestrian disciplines.

Proven technology at affordable prices: The sensors used in our systems have been used in many research projects and the flexibility of our system setup is one of the strengths of our systems.  Our entry level system QDOT consists of a flexible solution with sensors communicating with an iOS or Android phone (phone not provided), followed by data download + analysis onto a tablet computer (e.g. Surface Go2 or any Windows (64bit) computer of your choice) where our software will readily create PDF outputs.  Complete hardware and software packages are available for our state-of-the-art systems. 

EquiGerminal (Portugal)
About: Equigerminal is an equine biotech company with an ISO-9001 certified and ISO 17025 accredited laboratory that provides more than 60 diagnostic services for horses. Dedicated to the research, development and innovation of better diagnostics and therapies for horses EquiGerminal is using state of the art biotechnology solutions to improve the welfare, health and performance of horse and is developing innovative pharma to protect health, investigate, prevent and treat the diseases of horses.

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Equilab (Sweden)
About: The Equilab app lets equestrians capture their ride and track their training ‘Like an imaginary friend keeping an eye on your gait, beat, stride, distance… Capture your ride Track your progress Compare actions with results! Find patterns in your training that inspired success for you and your horse’.  Connect to your team Let your co-riders, coach and veterinarian connect to you. Get notified about what happens even when you are not around. Connect to your team screenshot Organize your riding Plan and organize your riding together with your team! Check out what’s happening at the stable and adapt!

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Equilume (Ireland)
About: Equilume Performance Lighting is a unique system that comprises fully automated, smart Stable Lights and mobile Light Masks designed to maximize health, performance and breeding efficiency. Developed by our R&D department, led by Dr Barbara Murphy, Head of Equine Science at University College Dublin, this revolutionary system harnesses all the benefits of natural daylight for the stabled horse and permits continued exposure to optimum lighting when travelling or when at pasture.

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Equilux Performance Lighting (Ireland)
About: The Equilux performance lighting system is a fully automated intelligent lighting system specifically designed to maximise health, growth and performance in horses. The Equilux System: Improves growth and development in young stock, Increases muscle response to exercise, Improves daytime alertness, Permits undisturbed night time rest, ‘Astro’ timer automatically reflects seasonal changes in day length, ‘Astro’ function extends season of peak performance, Advances season of optimum fertility, Reduces microbial concentrations in stables, and minimises electricity costs.

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EquiMark (S. Africa)
About: EquiMark have developed an easy to use app to replace paper forms used by Equestrians.

Equimetrics (Ireland)

Equimetrics has developed a wearable monitoring device for horses that measures key biometric health and behavioural data and transmits that data to the horse owner or vet and alerts them to any abnormal behaviour or breaches in pre-determined thresholds. CEO is Annemarie-O’Brien.

Equimotion Technologies (S Africa)
About: Equimotion Technologies is made up of a collaborative of Horseracing experts and high end technologists and provides continuous position tracking from the starting gate to the finish line using affordable high precision advanced GPS receivers.

Equimoves (Netherlands)

EquiMoves is a tool that equine vets, trainers and breeders can use for lameness exams, pre-purchase tests and sport horse monitoring. Lameness is the main reason for equine veterinary consultation worldwide and surveys show that many of the “owner sound” horses might suffer from some degree of it. Traditionally, vets have been able to evaluate the movement of horses visually. But the human eye is only capable of capturing images with a frequency of 20Hz (20 images per second). This makes the human capacity for assessment insufficient in order to arrive at a consistent and objective evaluation of the functioning of the horse’s loco-motor system, especially when diagnosing lameness – much less when predicting a horse’s performance. The EquiMoves technology is based on wireless inertial sensors placed at the head, withers, sacrum and cannon bones of the horse which can offer objective and unbiased information. EquiMoves has been used for research purposes by Utrecht University and several other universities around the world. EquiMoves has now expanded this technology to the clinical setting bringing objective and lameness assessment to a completely new level.

EquineEcoGreen (USA)
About: Equine Eco Green® is a disruptor in equine waste management and a positive solution for the environment. Our technology is setting a new standard in renewable resources for wood and straw bedding. Our patented systems and processes reclaim and renew stall waste into quality products, save horsemen money, and protect waterways for all living creatures. When stables partner with Equine Eco Green® for waste removal and bedding, all removal costs are reduced and bedding is a price that no competitor can beat. We are the future for equine waste management.

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Equine.GG (Singapore)

Equine is a NFT-based Horse Racing, Breeding and Trading Game that is enriched with imaginatively fun content, yet grounded in reality. RACE: Get your horses and jockeys to participate in live races for a chance to win great prizes. BREED: Breed your horse with another to produce a brand new horse offspring. TRADE: Trade, buy, and sell Equine horses, jockeys, and skins in our Marketplace. 

The Website is owned and operated by Noble Steed Games Pte Ltd, a corporation incorporated in Singapore. Click to access the Equine Whitepaper.

The Equine High-Performance Sports Group is a community for innovative education and research in sport horse care, focusing on learning and improving the health and performance of athletes. We are an initiator, a platform, and a connector for enhancing the knowledge and best practices supporting the equine athlete in their full career.

In order to ensure the success of this process, a central pillar of our approach will be to engage stakeholders from diverse backgrounds to aid in the identification of knowledge gaps and areas of need. Elite level sport requires a multi-disciplinary approach to managing equine athletes and the EHPSG is seeking enthusiastic individuals from the broad spectrum of industry professionals to contribute their ideas and support to this initiative. Having different professions operating in separate silos has slowed advancement in our sport, and we must collaborate and unite in order to affect change.

We are a team of passionate equestrians, equine veterinarians, and researchers with a shared goal to facilitate and promote the development of equine and human athlete-centered projects as well as the next generation of best-practice guidelines, supported by science, in order to have a positive impact on the health, wellbeing, and longevity of performance horses.

Our Equine High-Performance Sports Group Membership Programs aim to move forward together with all industry stakeholders. Therefore they are open to everyone who is involved and is intrinsically motivated to engage, share, learn, teach, discover and evolve.

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Equine MediRecord (Ireland)
About: Equine MediRecord has launched a digital platform, consisting of a mobile app, website and database to be approved as compliant by the British Horseracing Authority and the Irish Turf Club as an acceptable alternative to a number of regulatory documents, including the paper medicines register. We are a trainer led initiative with the need for the system coming from the increasing complex regulation that is putting stress on trainers who can lose their license if the information is filled out incorrectly.  Our system makes it a lot easier to record the medications given to horses which is mandated under the current regulation. Globally this information has to be recorded in a paper medicines register. In the UK and Ireland in can now be recorded on our digital system. We also have an AI system which sends out automatic reminders for when vaccinations are due based on the type of vaccination you enter into the system. This ensures your horses vaccinations are always in date which promotes animal welfare while also ensuring they are able to race. We are in constant communication with regulators ensuring that trainers will not need to worry about new regulation. Equine MediRecord has a number of public endorsements including from the Chief Executive Irish Trainers Association, Micheal Grassick, Head of Veterinary Ireland’s Equine Group, Hugh Dillon and Classic-Winning trainer John Oxx.

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Equine Micobiome Project by PlatinumHealth (USA)
About: The Equine Microbiome Project by Platinum Health is impacting Horse Health through Crowdsourced Research. Participation is Complimentary for a Limited Time to support the understanding of the gut microbiome and its role in equine health. We are looking for a diverse group of healthy horses as well as horses with challenging health conditions. For a limited time, we are accepting horses at no cost to help us grow the library of sequenced horses. Equine veterinarians and horse owners are participating in the Microbiome Project by Platinum Health® to help us better understand the effect the equine gut microbiome has on various aspects of horse health. We are collecting a small, pea-sized fecal sample from horses across North America, and sequencing the DNA of those microbes to discover how they interact with their environment in the horse’s gut, potentially leading to more specific areas of study. If you’d like to participate in this project, please join us!

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Equine Muscle Maintenance (USA)
About: Steve Bourmas, or “LaserMan” is considered the leading expert on Equine Photobiostimulation Sports therapy in American Thoroughbred and Standardbred racing. As a therapist, Steve has worked simultaneously on human and equine clients, preparing horses for Graded Stakes Races and football players for the NFL playoffs. This has enabled him to establish and adapt protocols that have benefited both the human and equine athletes. Through his experience working with racehorses of all classes, Steve has developed techniques beyond the typical protocols for hocks, knees, back, and joints. His protocols for rehabilitation, pre-performance conditioning, maintenance, and post- performance therapy are designed to get results and protect the racehorses. These protocols have led to multiple major and graded stakes wins, track records, a world record, a Breeders Crown win, and a Breeders Cup win.  Website:

Equine Salt Therapy (Australia)
About: UltisaltTM is the patented dry salt aerosol delivery system that assists with high performance, rapid recovery and wellbeing by creating favourable conditions for achieving success in equine athletes. The fine evenly distributed mist of treatment salt microclimate is created using a halo-generator that is similar to what you might experience on a surf beach or beside a waterfall. The treatment takes fifteen minutes and it is recommended to be performed over three consecutive days. It is natural, non-invasive and provides a dual solution to common day to day horse complaints.

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Equinity Technology (USA)
About: EquinITy is a leading-edge web-based horse welfare, training and yard management tool. With GPS, Stride and Heart Rate Monitoring technologies integrated into a light weight girth sleeve. Developed ‘in the yard’ in response to trainers’ desire to assess and monitor their horses welfare and fitness the device comes in a simple, fully automated, single button operation in a purpose built ruggedised enclosure.  Key measures such as distance, split times, strides per furlong, stride length, speed, location and altitude are combined with Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring to give equestrians the heart rate max, average and recovery time. Collectively the data can give an early indication of improving fitness and potential health deterioration.  Real-time Streaming to any web enabled device. Secure and confidential website is used to store the downloaded data. Multi platform App for live viewing, with video or still capture, of the horses as they work and powerful Playback mode for post-work review. Intelligent analysis of the data in graphical performance reports.    Video:

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EquinosisQ with Lameness Locator (USA)
About: The Equinosis® Q with Lameness Locator® is a real-time, handheld, field-based system that enables a licensed veterinarian to objectively measure lameness in horses with non-invasive inertial sensors. Evolving from the development of motion analysis algorithms at the University of Missouri using a high-speed camera and treadmill-based system, it is the gold standard for field-based measurement of lameness. The algorithms were developed in a collaborative effort between practicing equine veterinarians, led by Professor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery Dr. Kevin Keegan, and engineers, led by Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer Dr. Frank Pai, for the specific purpose of lameness evaluation in horses. Dr. Pai’s research interest and expertise in “structural damage detection” were instrumental in the development of the algorithms used in the Q.  The motion variables most likely to detect and quantify lameness were first found using sophisticated data mining search techniques and then tested and validated with robust neural network classification schemes. Later collaboration between the University of Missouri and Dr. Yoshiharu Yanezawa, Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Hiroshima Institute of Technology in Japan adopted this analysis approach to a system of wirelessly-transmitted, body-mounted inertial sensors, ideal for field use. Dr. Yonezawa’s research interest and expertise in “Bio-instrumentation systems” were instrumental in the development of the hardware utilized in the Q.

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Equiotic (USA)
About: EquiOticTM delivers billions of live CFU’s (Colony Forming Units) of equine derived Lactobacillus reuteri. Our protective vacuum packaging guarantees that the bacteria will still be alive when administered. Read the research. EquiOticTM is the obvious choice for gastrointestinal health whether used as a treatment or a daily preventative to maintain a balanced hind gut. Direct fed via paste or powder. EquiOticTM is perfect for health maintenance or to reestablish depleted micro flora population.  EquiOticTM as an immuno-probiotic joins the horseman’s arsenal of preventative measures… don’t just treat, prevent the problem! Guaranteed number of CFU’s. Highest in the market! Billions! Not just millions. Superb ability to stabilize the hindgut during times of upset, stress, travel, etc.  The EquiOticTM line of immunoprobiotics is the result of vast amounts of research, much of it independent from BlueGrass Equine Products.  Video:–4sRGglW0M

Equi-Resp (USA)

Equi-Resp is a full service Equine Respiratory Company. We provide a range of equine nebulizers to fit any need. When your horse develops a respiratory issue, the best and quickest way to deal with it is by nebulizing. We have spent years researching products and feel we have by far the best on the market.

Our SilvaPlex is 100% natural and has used by many top vets, trainers, competitors, even Olympians. It is the only Chelated Silver manufactured in an FDA inspected lab and has no surfactants. It is NOT a Colloidal silver.  Colloidal have been banned by the FDA and can be toxic. Please check out our website for more information and many articles in our library on respiratory issues.

Nebulizers are a way of life in the human world and for the most part economical. We designed the Equi-Resp system for horses to be economical and easy to use. SOFT CLEAR PLASTIC: Makes it less intimidating for the horse. And the soft gasket ensures a snug fit. ONE PIECE DESIGN FOR EASY CLEANING. No parts to take apart and try to put back together. ADJUSTABLE, DETACHABLE HEADSTALL Also has a quick release for emergencies. OPTIONS! Whether you are a full time trainer or a recreational rider, we have a system for you!

Whether you are addressing breathing issues to include: coughing, bleeding, heaves, RAO, flapper issues, guttural pouch Infections in horses, respiratory infections in horses, lung fungus, scar tissue, viral infections in respiratory or lungs of horses or equine, and an alternative to using Lasix in horses. Respiratory treatments with Equi-Resp nebulizer is your solution for respiratory health and healing.

In addition to equine respiratory treatment solutions,  we also offer silver wound gel  and silver wound spray for horses and animals.

Equiseq (USA)
About: Launched in Feb 2015 EquiSeq Inc is a research based company whose main focus is to share their research and help equestrians learn as much as possible about their horses. EquiSeq will improve breeding through genetic tests and continuous scientific discoveries.  Their first tests are for genetic variants that predispose a horse to Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy type 2 (PSSM2) or Myofibrillar Myopathy (MFM), a subtype of PSSM2. These tests identify horses at risk for developing PSSM2/MFM before they show any symptoms which can help you purchase a Horse with more Confidence, make a more accurate diagnosis (eg. if your horse is showing symptoms of exercise intolerance) and help you breed with more confidence (by testing both stallion and mare before).

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Equisense (France)
About: Equisense Motion is a bluetooth enabled 9 axis motion sensor with Smartphone (iPhone and Android) developed App. Key indicators are tracked and analysed with additional graphs to help track progression/compare to sessions over time. These include (more are being added):  Number of transitions, Number of jumps,  Time spent on each lead (left/right rein), Time spent at each gait and total session time,   Symmetry reading (calculated on trot in a straight line), Stride frequency (cadence – strides/minute), Stride regularity (rhythm and consistency of cadence), Elevation of each pace (measured in cm), Overall session workload.  Video.

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Equisoft Horse Management System (Ireland)
About: Equisoft was formed in 1991 by Robbie Byrne to concentrate on the development of software systems for the bloodstock market. Our professional staff have a unique mix of software systems and equine expertise and we take pride in our association with the leaders of all sectors of the horse industry worldwide. We currently have 200 client sites in over 16 countries and have built a reputation for quality and service. Our Horse Management System has formed the cornerstone of our software portfolio since start-up. It has become the industry leader in horse and bloodstock management and is trusted by the biggest names in the industry.

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Equisure (France)
About: Maximum safety for the Rider and for the Horse One device on the rider’s helmet to instantly inform of the seriousness of the accident and trigger the appropriate rescue. One device on the horse to notify the emergency services, trace it and retrieve it as soon as possible. Everywhere in safety for GreaterFreedom Thanks to its permanent Bluetooth connection and the GSM network, you are safe at all times wherever you are. By the seaside, in the countryside as in the forest, you gain in freedom and you can enjoy the wide spaces without the fear of being caught on an obstacle.

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Equitots (S Africa)
About: Equitots offers Equine Assisted Intervention & Facilitator Training to a variety of population groups. We provide a safe space for the whole family, where children can play and be themselves Mums can de-stress and if need be, unload We take good care and we laugh – A LOT. In This Good Space We Do a Lot of Different Things Together… We Care for Ponies. We Spend Time With Them. We Ride Them While Doing This… We build life skills We are curious and explore We communicate We touch and balance We learn school stuff We are friends. We Allow Room for People to Figure Things Out, No Matter Their… Age Ability or disability Social status Race Religion Gender. In This Safe Space, Our Dedicated Facilitators Stand By To… Guide Support Cheer Laugh…a lot. How Do We Do It? We look at our clients holistically We treat each person as an individual We see everyone as perfect in this moment in time We allow for space and productive struggle We step into the realm of faith We love and nurture.

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EquiTrack App (USA)
About: Equitrack is an app designed to help you get your equine in tip top shape by making it easy and fun to record your rides and customize training for each horse in your stable. Keep your pleasure rides all in one app with EquiTrack. It’s easy to record and see how far and fast you’ve ridden. Post it – email it! Show off your training or pleasure rides on Facebook, or email to a client to show how you and your equine partner are doing.    Website:

EqulaVert (USA)
About: Vert is a multi-purpose sensor and display that attaches to the headpiece of your bridle at the poll, and helps you ride with consistency and precision every day. Choose Angle, and get feedback on your horse’s head angle in relation to the vertical. Choose Pace to get feedback on how fast you are riding.

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EQU StreamZ (USA)

EQU StreamZ ® revolutionary addition to the ever-growing magnetic therapy industry creates a variety of benefits over more traditional magnetism. EQU StreamZ magnetism does not pulse, it spins! This unique process prevents an increase in temperatureallowing the bands to be worn by the horse immediately after exercise and for long periods of time, including through turnout and 24×7. StreamZ horse bands are suitable for use both pre and post exercise and are easy to manage and maintain. They are ideal as a complementary treatment for both immediate support when reacting to a horses injury or as a preventative measure to help reduce the risk of injury to your horse. Magnetic therapy has been used for decades to support horses with equine joint issues, tendon and ligament strains, laminitis, navicular, windgalls, splint injuries, ringbone and much more. EQU StreamZ provide an advancement in traditional approaches and create results which speak for themselves. The neoprene design fits snuggly around the horses fetlocks (front) or hocks (back) providing full body benefits and are recommended to be worn for a minimum of 8hrs per day, but, the longer the better.  Each pack of equine bands contain a pair of adjustable bands to suit all horses, one size fits all. (up to 35cm circumference). Now supplied in eco-friendly biodegradable packaging and using the latest hook-and-loop fastening material for durable outside-use. (Sleeves updated in July 2022)  By joining the ‘StreamZ Family’ your horse will be joining an illustrious team of riders including World and Olympic Champions, influencers, international teams, leading charities and thousands of other customers across the world.

Equus Genetics (USA)

Equus Genetics Testing helps you get better results with your racehorses. Genetic testing can improve your horse’s training regimen by helping you decide when to start training and what distances to train for. Microbiome testing gives you insight into better nutrition and treatment options to optimize your horse’s health and performance. Pick the best race distance, buy and sell for the right price, and take your knowledge beyond the pedigree to know your horse’s elite performance potential.

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Equusir Best Box (Germany)

The EQUUSIR BEST-BOX combines modern high-end technology and the latest findings in quantum physics with the holistic concept of body energies. The aim of the application is to meet the requirements of modern performance management: Maintain physical health in the long term and continuously improve the sporting performance.

EStride Tracker (UK)
About: The EstrideTM tracker is a multi-functional fitness tracker that measures everything you need to improve your riding and insure the health of your horse. Ideal for hacking, training, competition and/or any other activity in the equestrian field. It can measure Training Time, Stride Count, Gait Pattern, Session Regularity, Horse Stability, Calorie Burn for you as well as your horse. It can even be used to help you rehabilitate your horse post injury, with early indications of stride change.

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E-Trakka System (Australia)
About: E-TRAKKA® was inspired by the needs of thoroughbred racehorse trainers to assess, monitor and remarkably predict the performance of their elite and developing racehorse. Several leading racehorse trainers use and advocate for the tech including Danny Morton (ScenicBlast). Video.

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Event Log Equine (UK)
About: The EventLog team has already established an enviable position in the field of off-the-shelf and bespoke software and technical solutions for the animal welfare industry. Since 2015, we have formed a close working relationship with the team at the British Horseracing Authority, based in Holborn, London.  The first initiative worked upon was the development of a mobile app designed to allow the reading of horse microchip and barcode information. Since then, EventLog has developed an all encompassing app based technical solution to help BHA to be smarter, more dynamic and to take a more strategic view of their constantly evolving Anti-Doping Programme.

Fecpak (UK)
About: FECPAKG2 is a complete remote-location parasite assessment tool that generates results quickly and easily for the farmer, manager, vet or adviser so they can make informed parasite management decisions without delays. With a simple Faecal Egg Count (FEC) test device the processing can be done on the farm and requires no specialist skills/knowledge/training or equipment (eg. microscope). Results are sent promptly via email and customers get online access to all their historic FEC information.

Flexineb Equine Nebuliser (by Nortev) (Ireland)
About: The Flexineb E2 is a revolutionary equine nebuliser that enables delivery of nebulised drugs and natural therapies directly to the airways of the horse. It operates from a rechargeable battery and has a unique blue flexible mask interface with a clear aerosol chamber and medication cup. Flexineb E2 is simple to use, silent & completely portable equine inhalation device making it the ideal solution for those that are experiencing depleted performance from their animals. Nebulisation & inhalation therapy is the most effective way of treating your horses’ chronic issues such as COPD, RAO (heaves) & EIPH (bleeding). The Flexineb E2 is not only for treating chronic issues, it also is a vital piece of kit for a horse who gets more acute problems, like a recurrent cough or snotty nose from being stabled in winter but is fine in spring and summer, acute sinusitis, or even pneumonia or equine flu in foals and adult horses.  Video:

Fluxergy (USA)

In places without healthcare infrastructure, patient follow-up is infrequent so the initial consult and having the correct information for a healthcare provider to make a decision is critical. Further, a majority of illnesses and diseases have treatment algorithms that require not only a PCR result, but potentially a measurement of the host response and general health of the patient. This is why multiomics and multimodal testing is a key driver in the platform solution that Fluxergy is developing.

Our goal is to provide as much diagnostic health information as possible per test that can be leveraged during the initial consult to expedite diagnosis and treatment. By decentralizing data collection via deployable platforms in community-based settings, we can aggregate more data at the population level to drive clinical decision making.

Fluxergy was created 10 years ago by Ryan Revilla and Tej Patel developing a working prototype analyzer and microfluidic cartridge system for HIV-1 testing out of their garage and apartment. Since Fluxergy has started, we have grown from a team of three in a garage to 100+ collaborating employees at Fluxergy’s technology and manufacturing campus totaling 70,000 sq. ft, cGMP-compliant and ISO/MDSAP certified and European offices. Fluxergy is expanding its technology to anywhere that lab testing can be better served including animal health, food safety, and forensics industries. The platform technology we’ve developed enables us to understand our world and our health in ways which were never possible before.

FoalApp (Australia)

This alarm includes a live video stream from the phone on your mare, so you can see what she is doing and hear her as well. This eliminates the need to physically check on your mare in case of “false alarms” (if your mare lays down when she is not in labour). Foal App also allows you on-demand access to the video streaming from the mare’s phone at anytime. Multiple mares can be monitored on your phone, and multiple people can receive alerts from a mare.

About us:We are a family of horse lovers living in West Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. We have always been involved in horses, particularly in show jumping and dressage. We run a horse agistment business, as well as compete and breed our own performance horses.

The idea of Foal App came to us after foaling down some of our own mares, using the common foaling alarms that are available for hire. We found the technology to be dated and difficult to use… so we took on the challenge to provide horse breeders, all over the world, with an innovative alternative!

A smart phone seemed like a simple solution to some of the issues we had found with conventional foaling alarms. This was because it already contained the same technology – accelerometer – as a traditional foaling alarm. Smart phones also include additional features of a readymade connection to the mobile network or Wi-Fi, as well as camera and audio which can be utilised to further monitor mares from a remote phone at any time.

We are very proud of what we have achieved in the development of this foaling alarm, and we hope that horse breeders the world over find it beneficial during their foaling seasons.

Formax (Iceland)

Formax is a small engineering and equipment manufacturing company in Iceland specialized in horse equipment and fish processing technology. Our solid base of knowledge in the food industry and the know-how in production now also gives us the opportunity to manufacture state of the art horse equipment. We build our horse equipment l with same requirements as our food processing machinery to minimizes dirt traps and infection. Horse products include the:

Aqua Icelander water trainer is the most unique and effective system on the market today and therefore a perfect choice for maximum results in the training program of every horse. All materials in Aqua Icelander are proven high quality to meet the highest standards of ergonomic and safety design. The Aqua Icelander has safety glass windows on both sides and doors on both ends to monitor the movement of the horse and to make the entry and exit easy for the horse and operator. A light beam sensor is pointing over the cabinet and if the horse goes out of the beam the belt stops immediately. Flexible chest bar with easy open latch and easy release emergency handle. The purpose of the flexible chest bar is to give the horse more freedom to move in harmony and relaxed position and can be unfastened to the sides while training. Aqua Icelander is easy to clean. We build this equipment like our food processing machinery. All design minimizes dirt traps and difficult to clean spaces. EFFECTIVE UPHILL TRAINING: The training belt can be set from 0-10% for uphill training. This function increases the work on the forward moving muscles up to 27%, plus the top line is under positive training through the exercise, strengthening both back and neck muscles.

Aqua Dryer is equipped with two blowers, one on each side. Warm air is guided to both sides of the horse with 150 special air nozzles. The gentle breeze is constantly moving up and down during the process therefore the legs, hooves, sides and chest gets evenly air driedInfrared Lamps: Over the horse back and neck are a Unique Ceramic lamps that generates IR heat  to the whole back and lower neck of the horse. Same ceramic IR lamps are used in thousands of Infrared sauna cabins worldwide.

Aqua Wave vibrafloor technique is well known on the market. We offer vibrafloor horizontal and tilting option UME –  Unique Muscle Equalizer.  This system equalize the weight of the horse´s legs by rolling the plate  to both sides twice per minute. This technique guaranties that the whole body of the horse  absorbs the vibrating treatment

FourCast by Pellesus (Israel)
About: Pellesus is a startup developing a continually worn sensor for equine wellness monitoring and performance prediction called ‘Fourcast’.

Fullpower Inc/SleepTracker (USA)
About: Fullpower delivers a complete platform for rapidly developing and operating hybrid Edge/Cloud AI, algorithms, big data, predictive analytics, cognitive behavioral sciences, and IoT solutions together with end-to-end engineering services. The company has developed the patented tech that runs many of the leading wearable devices and they produce SleepTracker – the world’s most effective and accur/Sate sleep analysis service.

Fusion Sport (Australia)
About: Fusion Sport has developed one of the world’s most customisable Athlete Management Systems (AMS) for developing, monitoring and managing human performance. Their Sport Science platform called “Smartabase” is used by 1500 organisations around the world to help with Talent Identification, Performance Optimisation and Injury Prevention. The Australian Institute of Sport has used the power of “Smartabase” to build their extensive AMS, which services a range of sports and thousands of elite athletes. They have reported a 30-40% reduction in injuries from their data driven decisions. The Sport Science Platform is now available for use with equine athletes, particularly in Stables interested in training load and wellness monitoring. Wearable technologies such as GPS systems and daily wellness data can be centralised within “Smartabase” allowing extensive analyses and visual presentations using customisable dashboards for trainers and coaches. The integration of data from wearables can provide Trainers/Coaches with greater insights into the effective management of their equine athletes. By integrating the data from these products into one centralised platform such as “Smartabase” valuable and powerful insights can be gained, which can be combined with elite horsemanship to produce better outcomes for horses.

GMax Ltd (UK)
About: Gmax Technology develop products and services to enable the maximum competitive performance and welfare for your horse. Precise measurement of factors such as heart rate, split times and stride length unlock the potential of recent advances in sports science. Products include systems for performing heart rate and ECG checks on your horse, continuously monitoring exercise on the track and on treadmills.

Godolphin Flying Start (Ireland)
About: Godolphin Flying Start is a two year full-time international management and leadership training programme for the thoroughbred industry. Founded in 2003 it is the brainchild of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum of Dubai. 12 candidates are selected annually to receive the scholarship which includes course fees, accommodation, transport, health insurance and a monthly allowance.

Hallmarq (Germany)
About: Hallmarq produce the world’s #1 Standing MRI offering a unique insight into equine lameness, identifying the specific cause in over 90% of cases. With a clear diagnosis, the client can be offered informed advice not only with regard to treatment but also to prognosis and the length of time any recovery is likely to take.  The most common approach to equine lameness is to conduct a thorough examination, including observation of the response to local anaesthetic ‘nerve blocks’, x-ray and ultrasound examinations. Based on the case history, these observations, and other knowledge and skills available the responsible veterinarian will recommend rest or treatment. In about 70% of cases, such treatment will not result in a satisfactory outcome, and the patient will return for a further examination. Without MRI, further diagnosis and treatment efforts are still only successful about 30% of the time. Cases frequently cycle around the loop of attempted diagnosis and treatment many times. Repeated failures frustrate client and vet alike, increase the client’s costs, and potentially exacerbate the condition. While any one loop around the cycle might appear to be the low-cost option, the total cost may well exceed the cost of a definitive MRI diagnosis. Don’t consider MRI as a last resort, get the answers that you need sooner rather than later. Early – MRI can be undertaken as soon as nerve blocks confirm the location of lameness. Safe – The Hallmarq equine MRI system offers the choice of standing MRI, giving you the quality images that you need with the horse under light sedation avoiding the risks of general anaesthesia. Accurate – Each scan generates between 300-500 images per foot, offering a 90% likelihood of conclusive diagnosis, helping to target treatment and obtain a more satisfactory outcome.

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Hawkcell (France)

The HawkCell Tech, A unique MRI solution for better prediction, for animals and humans. A plug-and-play solution turning human MRI into the first animal-dedicated imaging enhanced with AI algorithms. We’re on a mission to transform the healthcare industry for the sake of animals and humans.

Haygain (UK)
About: Haygain hay steamers help your horse maintain a healthy respiratory and digestive system throughout the year, which can be difficult during the colder months when horses typically are kept inside for long periods of time. Increased exposure to dust from forage, bedding, feed and a lack of stable ventilation can all have a negative effect on your horse’s health. This is why professional trainers, riders and vets around the world over use Haygain.

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Haysteamers (UK)

Four years ago the Sanderson Brothers decided to create a new hay steamer, one that is energy efficient and easy to use. The ultimate solution for dust free hygienic hay. They needed the perfect product designers to bring this to life and found 3fD, a very clever team of innovators. And so began an intensive new product development programme, one that 3fD typically undertakes for pioneering medical products. Every aspect of the new Sanderson™ hay steamer has been meticulously thought through. Bespoke patent pending technology and quality engineering make sure steaming hay can now be easy, reliable, fast and efficient.

HFL Laboratories (Netherlands)

Full focus on dermatological care for pets without antibiotics or hormones. Endorsed by veterinary dermatologist M.W. Vroom. Patented and published research product for Malassezia, unique product for hotspots, woundcare and sweet itch. Remedy+ is a great distribution opportunity, and private label is a possibility with the right partners.

Hofmeir Magnetics Ltd (UK)

Using short, high intensity pulsed magnetic waves, PEMF is known to assist with injured tissues and stimulate natural self-healing mechanisms at a cellular level. Research has shown that PEMF improves blood flow and muscle oxygenation, helps prevent injury and speeds up recovery, leading to an all-important optimisation in performance.

HoofSearch (USA)
About: HoofSearch is the new one-stop service from Hoofcare Publishing that collects all the new research for you and sends you ONE email a month. You simply click the link in the email; it opens a private indexed document in your browser. The document will become your compass; it contains citations and links to the peer-reviewed papers and patents published on the horse’s foot during the preceding month.  Read previews of articles you’ll see in the journals you receive, monitor articles in the journals you don’t receive–and learn about journals and web resources you probably haven’t even discovered yet. The links deliver you to journal articles, conference proceedings and academic theses collected from six continents. Foreign-language paper details are even translated to English for you.

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HoovesApp (Sweden)
About: Hooves app helps you plan and log all activities around your horse, and keeps your entire team up to date at all times. Get organized with Hooves, so you can focus on what’s important.

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HorseAnalytics (Germany)
About: Horse Analytics helps you capture your rides on different horses with the PacerApp. So you have all the activities always and everywhere in view and can share them with your trainer or your riding participation, for example.

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Horsecom (France)
About: Horsecom have developed a bluetooth connected audio headset that can help improve the concentration and well-being of your horse with music and your voice. The tech enables you to develop a musical and vocal connection with your horse. Benefits can include enhanced abilities to relax and focus your horse.                    Video:

HorseDialog App (by Zoetis) (USA)
About: HorseDialog is an app produced by Zoetis (the world’s biggest Veterinary Pharmaceutical company) to help owners manage their horse’s health care routine. Horse owners can manage the care schedule of multiple horses and receive reminders and notifications for important events. The app has multiple features that help horse owners easily track events and record details of their horse all in one place. If your Vet is working with Zoetis you can connect to your vet through the app. For Equine Vets the service is offered as part of a business package to retain customer loyalty.

HorsemanU (USA)

Horsemen U is a collaboration of the national Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association and the California Thoroughbred Trainers. The platform was launched in May to assist trainers and assistant trainers in complying with continuing education requirements, which have been adopted in California, Delaware, Maryland, New York, Virginia and West Virginia. (Click the state to get regulation for that jurisdiction.) The website currently offers 16 CE seminars, covering topics from “Diagnostic Imaging” and “Biosecurity” to the “Musculoskeletal System of the Racehorse” and “Equine Welfare, Horseracing, and the Social License to Operate,” and also hosts live webinars.

HorsePal app (Ireland)
About: Developed by Horseware Horsepal is a sensor designed to fit into Horseware Blankets to allow owners to monitor their horse’s temperature and humidity from their mobile phone or desktop. Horsepal offers a revolution in horse management by enabling owners to offers real time alerts and historic data relating to their horse’s well-being. Simply attach the sensor provided to your horse’s blanket, by one of the methods shown in the instructional video. This sensor will monitor your horse’s temperature and the humidity inside of the blanket, and collect data for you to download and review. The sensor connects to your mobile via bluetooth with a range of 30 feet. of the sensor. The sensor is waterproof anf robust and batteries in each sensor are universal coin cells that will run for 1-2 years.

HorsePower Technologies (USA)
About: In the 2018 Summer HorsePower Technologies plan to launch FastTrackTM – as the world’s first rehabilitative orthotic for horses. Made of aircraft grade aluminum and high-strength stainless-steel, and based on novel structural and material-science innovations found in human orthotics over the past several years, FastTrackTM enables early mobilization and out-of-the-stall load-bearing exercise for horses that have sustained flexor apparatus injuries. Based on years of innovation and extensive research, FastTrackTM has been scientifically shown to limit over-extension of the horse’s fetlock joint, thereby significantly reducing strain on the injured flexor tendons and ligaments and reducing the risk of re-injury. As a result, horses can more safely and quickly resume exercise without exacerbating the injury.

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Horse Rider SOS (UK)
About: The Horse Rider SOS app is a rescue service built by Apptivity Ltd to provide peace of mind and riding freedom and is available for iPhone and Android smartphones. Simply install the app and press ‘go’ as you set off. If you stop moving the app will send an alert to your designated contact with your exact location.

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HorseShape (Germany)
About: HORSESHAPE is the first mobile 3D-scanner for the horse‘s back worldwide: Never before has measuring the horse‘s back been so easy, fast and precise. Custom-made templates are the perfect basis for saddle fitting, saddle choosing and saddle reflocking. A perfect fitted saddle is very important for the horses’ health. Use the Horseshape System for ultimate transparency and long-term health of horses.

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HorseSide Vet Guide (USA)
About: Horse Side Vet Guide® was originally created as a mobile application. We thought pretty hard about how to provide you with helpful information “horse side” – literally while you are standing next to your horse or out riding in the arena, on the trail, or at an event. Once downloaded to a mobile device, most of the content in HSVG is available to you without cell service or an Internet connection. Search for answers in Horse Side Vet Guide®, a constantly growing knowledge-base of equine health information. Created by a life-long horseman and equine veterinarian with 20+ years of experience, HSVG helps you partner with your veterinarian to optimize your horse’s health.

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Horseware Ireland (Ireland)
About: Horseware started with a small team, in Dundalk, Ireland in 1985. After months of research and hand-stitching the prototype of the now iconic Rambo Original was born, setting the standard for modern rug design. Since then we have grown to become the world’s most trusted producer of horse rugs. Founded by Tom and Carol MacGuinness, their determination to produce a rug that didn’t leak, didn’t make the horse sweat and didn’t slip led to the creation of the first fully waterproof and breathable turnout that really worked. Today, our Rambo range is still made in the same town in Ireland under Tom’s watchful eye and with the same attention to detail and high quality material that we prided ourselves on in 1985. We are constantly striving to produce the best we can and have grown into a leading manufacturer of clothing for horses and riders. We never stop evolving; we’re always seeking out untrodden paths, pushing boundaries and finding new challenges. We believe that because we create, we innovate. And through innovation we aim to make a difference to the lives of you and your horses.

HorseWeigh (Wales, UK)
About: Horse Weigh® are the suppliers of all Horse Weighing Platforms to the Olympics & Paralympics Games and supply the ultimate in Horse Weighbridges, Horse Weighing Platforms and Horse Weighing Scales to 36 countries. Developed in 1992, the Horse Weigh machine is a lightweight platform (also known as a horse weighbridge or equine scales), that is both user and horse friendly. Nine of the models are completely mobile and all are fabricated from high quality aluminium, thus keeping all products of a strong construction but light for easy mobility. The structural aluminium frame is high quality welded with bolts/nuts of stainless steel – making all models rust proof and long lasting. All platforms are covered with a high quality “non-slip” rubber flooring, to give a quiet weighing environment for all equine. All platforms are walk on/walk off, and the Olympic and Curragh have removable filled in sides.

Horse Weigh is easily transported around the stable yard (Mobility). Alternatively it can easily be taken to events/race meetings or other yards, and erected in minutes. Horse Weigh can be used on any solid surface and on a gradient of up to a 10cm fall from front to the back of the platform. It may be left outside at all times.

Horse Weigh uses state of the art electronic weighing technology (EziWeigh) from New Zealand, and is very easy to use. Powered by an internal mains rechargeable battery, it guarantees +/-1% accuracy or 2 resolutions (whichever is greater). The horse weight stabilises out a few seconds after the horse walks onto the platform, despite any subsequent sudden horse movements. When fully charged the battery life provides at least 8 hours continual weighing (approximately 500 horse weighings). It will automatically turn itself off after 15 minutes of inactivity. No Calibration is ever required and the load cells are not affected by changes in temperature. The EziWeigh technology is so advanced that it automatically zeros out any straw/shavings/manure on the platform between horse weighings.

PC and Bluetooth compatibility is also available within our technology range for all 13 models. For more information click – Mobility

Horse Weigh will accurately weigh the smallest to the largest of horses. Horse Weigh has a maximum capacity of 1500kg (overload capacity 3000kg i.e. if a horse rears etc.). During the engineering development stage, static load tests were carried out to confirm the structural design calculations, which were based on British Standards, and to check the adequacy of the principal welds. All models are field trialled for a minimum of a year, in clients’ yards, prior to market launch.

HQInc (CorTemp) (USA)
About: The CorTemp® Ingestible Core Body Temperature Sensor wirelessly transmits core body temperature as it travels through the digestive tract. The sensor’s signal passes harmlessly through the body to the CorTemp Data Recorder worn on the outside of the body. 262 kHz or 300 kHz. This tech provides the opportunity to measure core body temperature, track changes and evaluate the effects of variations in diet, environment, etc, on the body.

HTVET (Israel)

HT Vista by HTVET is the first non-invasive medical device that allows clinicians to rule out cancer through the power of Heat Diffusion Imaging. HTVET empowers clinicians to obtain on-the-spot cloud analysis with immediate results, increasing the number of  diagnosed masses – quickly, affordably, and in the clinical setting.

Huufe App (UK)
The Huufe app is designed to improve equestrian safety. SafeRide on the Huufe App lets your nominated contacts and loved ones know if you have had an accident, via text message. The message shows your exact location offering your loved ones peace of mind and you as a rider the confidence to know that help is close by should you have a tumble.

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Hydrasure (Ireland)
About: Connect with your Equine Drinking Data. With HydraSure, you can now keep track of equine water consumption using existing automated drinkers. As you may already know, automatic drinkers offer many time and labour-saving benefits over buckets, but they typically do not allow users to remotely review whether their horse has been drinking or not, how much they have been drinking and how frequently. Our unique range of products and services will keep you informed no matter where you are. We can store historic data to help you ascertain what your horse’s normal water consumption is at the drinker and provides graphical output to highlight any drinking abnormalities. Adequate water intake is essential for equine health and performance, but as daily intake varies depending on seasonal climatic conditions, diet, reproductive status and workload, for example, it requires ongoing monitoring to gain better insight into equine drinking behaviour. If you’re a horse owner, stable manager, trainer or veterinarian get peace of mind by connecting with your data. (Netherlands)
About: Hylofit is a wearable device for horse and rider that delivers accurate, real-time feedback so training adjustments can be made from the saddle. Hylofit tracks performance and provides insights to improve training results and promote the overall health and wellbeing of the horse. Hyl0fit uses an App and Web Platform, a SmartWatch (for rider) and a Girth Attachment with Transmitter (for horse) to capture data showing how a horse has trained over time and enables this data to create customized training plans. Workout analytics provide a full recap of a training session on your mobile that features a proprietary intensity score, full ride analytics and graphical displays of performance. Resting heart rate monitoring can provide early detection of illness or injury. Video can be merged with heart rate sensor data to make a clear visual record of a ride and workout intensity and help to better understand what could be affecting your training sessions. Launched Spring 2018 available to order now for €595.

IMV Imaging (France)
About: IMV imaging have been pioneers in veterinary imaging for over 35 years. We were the first to develop water resistant, wearable ultrasound scanners for cows that allowed the users to view the image on a head mounted display. Established in Scotland (BCF) and France (ECM and IMV) we have additional offices in Ireland, France, North America, India, South Africa, China and The Netherlands. We also work with over 50 distributors across the world.  IMV have developed their own imaging academy and have an equine learning library containing a large number of clinical resources that you can read now or download for later. You can also participate in our free veterinary courses online.

Indiba (Spain)

INDIBA® specializes in manufacturing radiofrequency devices that provide high-effective treatments based on the benefits of the 448 kHz frequency. The effects provided by this frequency are supported by the extensive scientific research done during the past 40 years. INDIBA® Animal Health is a technology based on a specific Monopolar Radiofrequency Capacitive/Resistive at a fixed frequency of 448 kHz, which benefits the health and recovery of patients using two main effects:

The first is its ability to increase the heat of body tissues, a process called diathermy.

The second is that INDIBA®’s technology generates unique and clinically proven effects on cell structure, stimulating and accelerating tissue repair mechanisms.

It is this dual-action system that makes INDIBA® so versatile and effective in treating a broad range of indications.

INDIBA® radiofrequency technology: * Creates thermal and sub-thermal effects. * Unlimited treatment depth thanks to a closed-circuit system. * Can be used as frequently as desired on large body areas. * Is compatible with other rehabilitation techniques and therapies.

IPOS Technology (Netherlands)
About: Research has shown that more advanced riders ride lighter and that their horses move better. Just like humans, horses are naturally crooked. The goal is to come into balance together. With our rein sensors you receive immediate feedback from the app direct to your earphones. If you are naturally dealing too quickly with your horse, or, your horse is not communicating well with you, IPOS Rein Sensor will help you with direct feedback. You will know what is going wrong in less than a minute!  Lightness: Research has shown that riders at higher competition levels are able to perform with lighter contact and their horses show better movements. Lightness of contact is a goal we all aim to achieve. By using our sensors and app you will be able to steer your horse with the lightest possible touch. Straightness: Just like us, horses appear to be left or right handed. The idea is to create a better balance, because the more symmetrical you & your horse become, the better you will perform together. The IPOS app shows your symmetry in real time.  Rhythm: The sensors detect the gait that you are in. Each gait has an optimal rhythm. An irregular rhythm is a sign of an injury, which we can detect, enabling you to address any underlying causes at a very early stage. Training Schedule: IPOS monitors how long you are riding your horse each day and how intense your training session was compared to previous days. In this way, you can tailor your training sessions to build up muscles or stamina in the most effect effective way. Use the calendar to make sure you take enough rest in between training sessions and to keep track of your progress.

IVF Bioscience (UK)

IVF Bioscience is a world-leading manufacturer of animal IVF culture media. Based in the United Kingdom, we supply media to IVF practitioners through direct sales and a network of international distributors. At IVF Bioscience we take a partnership approach to our business. We believe that the best way for us to be successful is to make our customers successful. Rather than simply taking orders from our customers, we find out what they are trying to achieve and then work with them to achieve it. This often involves not just advising on the use of our media, but on all aspects of In Vitro Fertilisation. The IVF Bioscience team combines scientific pedigree with an extensive knowledge of the IVF sector, helping to transform success rates for in vitro embryo production. At the core of our philosophy is a drive for excellence in everything we do. Whether manufacturing, quality control, training and customer support, or order processing, we strive to be the best. Our experienced team is here to help; when and how you need it. We can provide answers to your technical and protocol queries, offer customised advice and thorough troubleshooting assistance.

Kephyre (France)
Képhyre was founded in 2017 to develop the Kavale, a connected device that detects falls, warns relatives in the event of an accident and geolocates the horse. Designed for all riders to make their passion a moment of pure pleasure and not a moment of worry for them and their loved ones. The Kavale adventure began in 2017 and since then we have been supporting many riders in their safety.

Kheiron Biotech (Argentina)
Kheiron Biotech offers the most advanced cloning technology: Performance has limits; Our aim is to go beyond them with you. The winning formula for every great equestrian is to have even greater horses. At Kheiron, we understand horsemen and the value of sports. For this reason, we create solutions for breeding programs that give the power to improve performance by preserving and replicating the most valuable equine athletes. We provide our customers with the most precise reproductive technologies to drive performance limits further that ever imagined. Cloning technology is a reproductive process that provides a means of producing foals that are a genetic match to top-performing equine athletes. It is the most precise reproductive process ever developed. Among others, cloning will give you the possibility to: > Narrow the nature versus nurture equation by already knowing the exact genetic make-up of the resulting foal. > Speed up the embryo production of your top broodmares by cloning your selected best mares. > Produce a stallion that is a genetic twin to an exceptional gelding who otherwise never would have passed along his superior genetic. Stem Cells treatment is a cutting edge technology, which is becoming available for certain conditions in horses. Adult stem cell therapy is used to treat chronic conditions such as arthritis in horses as well as tendon and ligament injuries and fractures with have not responded to conventional therapies. Adult stem cell therapy has the ability to drastically change the quality of your horse’s life for the better. Fractures heal more quickly when treated with adult stem cells. Animals with chronic arthritic changes in the joints have experienced dramatic improvement with adult stem cell therapy and those with tendon and ligament injuries have improved as well. Gene Banking: by gene banking your bloodline stock, you protect your option to utilize the same genetics in the future. Insure your investment in your horses in the case of injury, disease or death by gene banking them today. Simply call Kheiron and we will send our vets to your farm or stables. These cells are cryogenically frozen and can be stored indefinitely to be used for cloning, gene mapping and stem cell therapies.

Kitman Labs (Ireland)
About: KitmanLabs have developed an athlete optimization system that brings all of a teams individual athlete data together in one place to be processed and analysed. The system helps interpret all data on a per-athlete basis in real-time using intelligent alerts so that a manager can make smarter decisions that are backed by science.

KurtSystems (UK & Turkey)
About: Kurtsystems is a pre-training system designed to prepare young horses for training by strengthening their musculoskeletal system. Kurtsystems, at Kingwood Stud in Lambourn, is a revolutionary new process designed to aid the pre-training of young racehorses before they enter a traditional race-training regime. It introduces young horses to a pre-training programme without the threat of human error, in a closely monitored and controlled environment; a process that directly contrasts with the experience that many young racehorses face in their early period of training.

Leroy Biotech (France)
About: LEROY Biotech is the world leader in high-voltage generators for the treatment of tumors with electrochemotherapy. Sarcoids, squamous cell carcinomas, fibrosarcomas and many other tumors are cured every day with ELECTROvet.    Video:

Levade (France)
About: Levade is an app made to help accelerate the learning process, to help grow and streamline equestrian training businesses, and to help all equestrians reach their potential.

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LipChip LLC (USA)

Lip Chip was built by horsemen, for horsemen, to bring integrity and transparency back to the industry. The Chip Link System offers a way to move past just an identification and make each microchip a secure key for horses and their handlers. It is time for technology to stop being the enemy of the horseman and instead become his saddle partner. It is time to let the innovations of today help the issues that have plagued our industry for generations. The future of equine microchipping is here, and the future is Lip Chip. Current equine microchips are placed in the nuchal ligament in the middle third of the neck. Due to the nature of the ligament, these microchips often migrate by up to 30% and can cause difficulty when scanning. Lip Chip offers a new, more effective method of microchipping, and has partnered with veterinarians and technology experts to ensure our technology is both humane and practical. This method of implantation, which allows for less than 1% migration, is less painful for the horse when compared to chips in the nuchal ligament. By implanting the chip nasally, the scanner has unobstructed access to the site. Lip Chip’s superior placement offers an additional benefit when using thermal microchips. Thermal microchips are used as a guide to check each horse’s baseline temperature, and daily scans can often catch a health concern that would warrant a trip to the vet. Lip Chip testing has revealed a truer temperature in the nasal position versus the nuchal ligament by up to 2 degrees when compared to a traditional thermometer. Lip Chip LLC offers a new way to identify horses and solve issues that have been plaguing the equine industry for decades. The company’s Chip Link System uses microchipping and a state-of-the-art handheld reader to go beyond just your average identification. Most microchipping technology simply reads the chip’s 15-digit identifier, and nothing more. The Chip Link System uses a Bluetooth reader to send that unique identifier to a smart phone, tablet or PC, which unlocks secure data linked to each horse as their microchip is scanned. The user can identify each horse within seconds and view current Coggins, owner information, emergency contact numbers, and even recent photos of each horse. Instead of relying on hard copy paperwork, horsemen can identify horses and view their data from a secure location — no more forged documents or similar horses being swapped. Microchipping unlocks a new level of security.

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Lipogems Equine (UK)
About: The Lipogems® system is a sterile single use medical device intended for the closed-loop processing and transferring of autologous adipose tissue in a single surgical step. Lipogems® is a non-expanded and micro-fragmented adipose tissue graft that is injected into damaged areas of the body in order to provide a cushion and structural support while promoting a healing environment. The Lipogems® process preserves the natural healing properties of adipose tissue by maintaining the fat’s Vascular Stromal Niches.  The micro-fragmentation of the tissue is key to the treatment process as it triggers the body’s own damage response mechanism.  Lipogems has been directly translated from human application to veterinary application and requires no lab culturing, no cell isolations and provides a complete tissue structure graft.  There are no other comparative treatments that trigger the body’s own damage response mechanism in a single step non-enzymatic, no-centrifuge procedure that is completed on-site, under an hour either in surgery for small animals or under standing sedation for equines.   Video: Lead Equine Veterinary Surgeon Dr Tim Watson

MGBiologics (USA)
About: We are a manufacturer of equine plasma, and antibodies for use in equine and other companion animals. We are focused however on the benefits we believe to be possible with hyper-immunized products. Our research program is focused on the overall goal of accomplishing very high titers and then investigating the efficacy in the animal of that response. Our hypothesis is that specific passive antibodies are always beneficial in reducing the duration of a disease, reducing the severity of a disease or in arresting the disease entirely. It is to this goal that we devote ourselves.  Of the principles that we hold most dear, besides quality, value and innovation, we consider customer service to be especially satisfying. Our day is not complete until we have satisfied the needs of the customer. Even to say it more clearly; sometimes when things don’t go right (because sometimes they don’t) we make an extra effort (nothing is spared) to see that the customer is taken care of. No excuse is acceptable if the client is not cared for. We are fanatical, intense, wound-tight, and high-strung on this point. I believe we have this high standard of service to our customers and most importantly, I think they agree.   Video.

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Micron Agritech (Ireland)

Micron Agritech, an Irish start-up, have developed a rapid testing technology which is revolutionising the world of real-time animal health diagnostics. The fully portable Micron Kit, allows vets and farmers to test animals for parasites on-site and receive accurate results within just 30 minutes on the user’s Micron mobile app.


Identification of early-stage heart disease using serum biomarkers and AI modelling. Available now for disease detection and screening of predisposed patients:

    • Sensitivity – 84%
    • Specificity – 76%
    • Results include heart disease categorisation
    • Enables risk stratification, screening and monitoring of cases, even in pre-symptomatic patients
    • Standalone test for diagnosis
    • AI modelling enables clear interpretation

Submiting samples is easy with our bespoke web-app. Submit a sample to auto generate a packing slip, track progress and get real time results from within the app.

Mobile Equine Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (USA)
About: Mobile Equine Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, LLC (MEHOT) is the country’s premier provider of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) for horses. MEHOT’s mobile treatment center utilizes a state-of-the-art air-pressurized unit that offers all the benefits of HBOT while assuring unequaled safety, comfort and results. MEHOT is the sole HBOT provider utilizing this type of chamber. MEHOT’s highly trained staff are available to evaluate injuries and other equine conditions that may benefit from HBOT, and provide hands-on support to the animals for the duration of their treatments. Our first center at located at San Luis Rey Equine Hospital’s Hyperbaric Program.    Video:

Molecular Matings (USA)

A thoroughbred matings service using mitochondrial DNA haplotypes and performance data to develop a machine learning model to predict mating outcomes. If you are interested in Beta Testing the Molecular Matings web site, please visit the Molecular Matings website and fill out the form. Follow Molecular Matings on Twitter.

Multiradiance Laser Therapy (USA)
About: Multi Radiance Medical’s Super pulsed Laser Technology is in the safest classification of lasers and its efficacy has been validated in vitro, in vivo, in controlled laboratory experiments and in clinical practice. A Scientific Monograph, written in conjunction with Laser Therapy University entitled The Pillars Paper, has been recently published and confirms this to be not only statistically significant, but clinically significant technology. It also raises the bar in the industry from evidence-based research to translational research. Multi Radiance Medical is also currently involved with over 30 Clinical Studies Worldwide. it is our mission to investigate, validate and educate our practitioners with the knowledge and clinical skills necessary to achieve the best possible outcomes. Join hundreds of professionals each month and thousands per year who choose Multi Radiance because our Super Pulsed Lasers are safe for both customer and clients and cost thousands less than Class IV Lasers (surgical and rebranded “therapeutic”). Powerful, safe, and easy-to-use, the ACTIVet PRO Equine Combo provides the ultimate convenience and improved healing outcomes by solving treatment inconsistency for rehabilitation.  With 50 W of Super Pulsed Laser power, 300% more total power than its predecessor, and 900% more blue light, the ACTIVet PRO provides more power and faster treatment times without raising skin temperature, making it the safest high powered laser on the market. Let your clients take part in the healing process with ACTIVet rentals. The easy-to-use ACTIVet features 25 W and the same super pulsed laser, infrared, and red radiances found in the ACTIVet PRO, making it perfect for clients to provide fast pain relief at home and safe for use pre- and post-events. Both lasers feature blue LED light to accelerate wound repair and reduce bacteria in wounds, providing your clients’ horses with a safe, fast and drug-free recovery.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 21.06.05

Mustang Chain (Netherlands)
About: Through state-of-the art Blockchain and IoT technologies, MustangChain plans to revolutionize the equine industry by providing reliable equine identity verification, fast access to high-integrity equine data, and a global equine community platform where stakeholders can interact, trade, and exchange.

MyoDynamik/CURO Diagnostics (Denmark)
About: MyoDynamik provides a service for Veterinarians and Horse owners who have an interest in muscle training status, coordination and muscular health. This knowledge can help better train or retrain a horse knowing exactly when it will fatigue – thus preventing unnecessary muscle injury. You can also use this knowledge to follow how individual muscle groups respond to the training program you have adopted. We analyse muscles with a new non-invasive and pain-free technique that is called Acoustic MyoGraphy (AMG). The AMG equipment comprises a CURO (Lat: I Care) together with smart sensors which provide veterinarians with a comprehensive and reliable muscle assessment, which is both quick and easy to use. AMG measurements cannot affect the horse, they are pain-free, non-invasive and allow you to train the horse without restrictions or hindrances. Muscle activity can be followed directly on an iPad in real-time during a training session, and afterwards be transformed into a detailed analysis report. The company name is currently being changed from MyoDynamik to CURO Diagnostics.   Video:

MyRaceHorse (USA)
About: MyRaceHorse is a racehorse crowdfunding service where fans of racing can discover the thrill of high level racehorse ownership by buying affordable micro shares in select horses.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 20.59.04

MyStride App (Minnesota, USA)
About: Create the ultimate connected barn experience. If they could, your clients would love to spend every waking moment at your barn. mystride provides solutions to keep clients connected to their horse and barn life while helping you stay organized delivering boarder services… Connect boarders with their horses, anywhere & anytime, the mystride BarnBoard is integrated with BarnView™ – a live video stream of each horse accessible on the mystride app. Keep tabs on the safety, security and health of horses in your barn. Give your boarders peace of mind. Customizable access to each horses video stream.

Screenshot 2021-02-08 at 23.40.15

Niagara Equissage (Wales, UK)

Niagara Equissage Pulse® Digital, the latest in equine therapy, has been designed to help enhance your horse’s performance, improve its general health and well-being and making your horse feel better. Research has shown that Niagara Equissage Pulse® Digital Increases the range of motion by a statistically significant level in the following areas compared to a horse not treated with Equissage. 30 horses randomly selected, 20 measured before and after using Niagara Equissage Pulse Digital compared to 10 measured before and after Placebo treatment.

Champion trainer Willie Mullins has been using Niagara Equissage for a number of years along with two time Cheltenham Gold Cup winner Al Boum Photo. Willie Mullins is the most successful trainer in the history of the Cheltenham festival and in order to have reached this Incredible feat, whilst also continuing to build upon it, requires only the very best in solutions to help his horses recover post workout and for any unfortunate Injuries. Safe, versatile, non-invasive and easy to use, the system is suitable for every horse, in every discipline. From leisure horses to top competition horses, Niagara Equissage Pulse® Digital has the ability to improve the lives of many horses and ponies worldwide. Excellent for ‘warming up’ and ‘cooling down’ before and after exercise, Equissage Pulse Digital also reduces the risk of performance related injuries.

Nightwatch SmartHolter (USA)
About: NightWatch® is the World’s first smart halterTM designed to alert you via text, phone call, and email at the early signs of danger/distress in your horse, such as colic, being cast, and foaling. This revolutionary, patent-protected device monitors real-time data on your horse’s vital signs and behaviors, works across 3G/cellular and WiFi networks, offers GPS tracking, and leverages artificial intelligence/machine learning to adapt to your horse over time for maximum precision and benefit.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 20.59.44

Nivo Performance (USA)
About: “NIVO BRINGS RIDING INTO THE 21ST CENTURY”. Many other elite sports use technology for training, injury prevention, communication, etc., and our stated goal is to bring equestrian sport to the same level. We have two key areas, injury prevention and training, common for both is to be a tool for the rider to optimize training. By using the latest sensor technology, we can give riders, trainers and veterinarians an unprecedented insight into the performance and well-being of horses.

Screenshot 2021-02-08 at 23.23.50

O’Cool (Ireland)

Meet new top quality O’Cool therapy boots Say goodbye to hours of standing with a hose in your hand or hard ice bags melting in 10 minutes. Cool down affected areas gently and efficiently. Eliminate the risk of tissue damages from extreme cold. Use O´Cool therapy boots over and over again by simply soaking them in cold water. Why to choose our therapy boots? Save your time and energy: quick and effortless preparation within a few minutes, easy applicationlong lasting cooling effect,  simple cleaning, multiple-use,,   always on hand to store or carry in a special accessory bag,   practical drying when attached to an unfolded accessory bag.

Treat your horse with the best

  • non-toxic inner and outer materialsharmless to health,
  • holds water without leakage,
  • no cover or sock needed,
  • advanced design for full and undisturbed movement of the horse,
  • available in 3 sizes for tight and perfect fit,
  • suitable for front and hind legs.

OnkoDisruptor by BioPulse (Italy)

Biopulse is an Italian company mainly engaged in the medical transnational research sector. The founders of the company, Dr. Enrico Pierluigi Spugnini and Dr. Alfonso Baldi, are internationally considered to be among the leading experts in veterinary electrochemotherapy ECT  and electrogenetherapy EGT, and have widely published in international medical and veterinarian journals.

Biopulse operates in the Biotechnology sector, and his main mission is the invention, the design, the manufacture and the marketing of innovative electromedical and electrotherapeutic instruments. Biopulse has now fully completed the phase of design, construction and industrialization of an electroporation device for veterinary use: Onkodisruptor ®. The device is entirely designed and manufactured in Italy with the highest quality standards.

Openstable (USA)

The mission of OpenStable is to attract and engage the next generation of thoroughbred racing fans through innovative modern technologies, such as digital collectibles and blockchains. Allowing new fans digital access to leading horses, trainers, jockeys, and owners helps circumvent barriers that have traditionally slowed fan development.

Screenshot 2022-04-25 at 08.43.06

Ossicles Technologies (Canada)
About: Ossicles Technologies Inc. develops innovative products and solutions for performance horses with the primary goal of enhancing their health and safety. The eQuiet is a digital earplug that controls the sound environment, records and displays biometric and geospatial data on your iPhone and PC. This data is analyzed through ML/AI to predict potential health issues that the horse may experience.

Screenshot 2021-02-08 at 23.17.16

Optomed (France)
About: Founded in 2001 Optomed are pioneers in the field of Veterinary endoscopy and in 2009 launched the DRS® system that enables examination of the respiratory tract of the horse during high speed treadmill exercise. The company now has a range of products with radiology, ultrasound and surgical equipment such as Laser, Coblation and tissue fusion.

Performance Genetics (USA)
About: Using the latest in data modeling and machine techniques, Performance Genetics is the only company that utilizes DNA markers, cardiovascular and biomechanical measurements in a single prediction model to make selection of champion racehorses as accurate as possible. While this is a scientific endeavor that is driven by the data we collect, we also place an emphasis on using our horsemanship and experience in the thoroughbred industry to achieve a balance between the science and practical horse knowledge and horsemanship.

PhotoFinishLive (USA)

PhotonUVC (UK)

Introducing the PhotonUVC. Novel first-line treatment for Corneal Infections. The non-contact, 15-second treatment from the patented PhotonUVC emits low dose UVC light at a targeted area, deactivating infecting organisms while being safe to host tissues. Photon Therapeutics draws on the expertise of pioneers in ophthalmic research and clinical science.

Piavita (Switzerland)
About: Piavata provide a solution to simplify the monitoring of a horses vital sign recordings. The Piavet Measuring Device is non-invasive, safe and comfortable for the horse allowing for objective measurements. By collecting and comparing vital signs and background information, we allow for high-precision and reliable vital sign documentation, pattern recognition and machine learning.  The device has it’s own mobile connectivity and connects over 4G/LTE or Ethernet to use the Piavet System seamlessly both in clinics or anywhere that has a mobile signal/wifi. The Piavet Measuring Device records vital signs on horses in any size or shape. The soft-touch materials are UV-resistant, offer good grip, are water and cleaning resistant, and enable long-term measurements. With no charging cable required, Piavet Charger is truly designed for the wireless world. Charge your Piavet Measuring Device safe, fast and easy. The Piavet Belt is a double layered breathable system and designed to fit horses of any size and shape comfortably.

Pixio Auto-Follow Camera (France)
About: PIXIO and PIXEM are the best auto-follow camera to film both INDOOR and OUTDOOR. They track the watch, film and zoom in & out automatically. Now you can film more often, independently, without the assistance of a cameraman.  These tracking cameras can film horse riding (dressage, jumping, barrel racing, reining), sport, rehearsals, actors, vloggers, pastors, conferences, events, dancers…!    Website:   PlusVital                 Country: Ireland  About: Plusvital has been a leader in equine science since its formation in 1975, growing out of Ireland’s world-famous racing and sport horse tradition. Since the introduction of our iconic Racing Syrup to the market over 40 years ago, we have continued to develop innovative scientifically based supplements for the serious competitor in racing, breeding and equine sports.  In 2015, Plusvital acquired Equinome, a world leader in the research and development of state-of-the-art genomic tools for the Thoroughbred industry. Powered by Equinome’s cutting edge genomic tools, Plusvital now provide tests which analyse the DNA of the horse to predict optimum race distance, optimum race surface and performance potential. Our genetic testing clients include leading trainers, owner and breeders in all of the major Thoroughbred regions around the world.

Pluvinel (Norway)
About: Pluvinel is specially designed to bring equestrians together. We do this because we believe that horses improve our lives, as does technology. By combining the two, we enable more equestrians to engage in an unique, diverse and meaningful sport. We have two goals, one is to grow the interest for the equestrian sport, as a hobby and as a professional sport, and the second is to make it easy for the equestrian eco-system to thrive by meeting the digital demands of the future.

Polar Equine Training Systems (Finland)
About: Polar Equine training systems enable the health status of horses to be determined during general exercise or competition at a price point and with the ease of use that makes it a staple tech for recreational owners, competitive riders and professional elite trainers alike. By continuously and regularly monitoring vital signs awareness of abnormal activity can be used to trigger alerts that will help you avoid immediate or impending problems such as injury, illness, or fatigue.  Changes in a Horse’s Heart rate gives you a measure of how it is coping because it will change in response to stress, travel, environment, new equipment, different skills, different riders, etc. You can use this information to learn more about a horse and optimise your work with it, ensure proper warm-up and recovery, track fitness improvement by comparing exercise and recovery heart rates, optimise training intensity (helping you avoid working it too lightly or too hard for too long and in doing so avoiding the related increased risks of injury/fatigue), accurately develop interval training for a particular horse and gauge intensity in different exercise programs (eg. while doing a aquatreadmill session or swimming).

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 20.48.33

Praecis Dx (UK)

Praecis Dx is focused on antibiotic stewardship. We provide POC tests to help make informed, on the spot decisions about antibiotic prescribing, highlighting when antibiotics are inappropriate.

All tests give laboratory quality results but require no laboratory experience. Tests take 10 to 30 minutes to complete, providing crucial decision-making data whilst the client is still in practice.

Two test platforms are available:

  • Lu-Mini, giving biomarker data to differentiate between bacterial and non-infectious inflammatory conditions in 10 minutes
  • UTI-Dx, a 30-minute test that identifies the most common UTI infectious agents in urine

Tests giving you confidence to say No to antibiotics!

Prisma Imaging (USA)

 Prisma offers the only system that captures radiographic and CT imaging of the entire anatomy of a standing, weight-bearing, conscious horse. Prisma provides safer, more effective diagnosis of compensatory injuries than current equine imaging systems available today. Our technology allows veterinarians access to high-quality images of the entire horse – even the axial skeleton and high-mass areas not accessible by other systems – while the horse remains standing and conscious. No more dangerous anesthesia risking further injury. Prisma has been developed with the horse in mind, not just reusing imaging technology created for the human patient. This short video below provides a look at how Prisma solves the problems veterinarians and horse owners face with current imaging technology.


Purishield Lifesciences (Ceragyn StallGuard) (USA)
About: Ceragyn is a complete, one-step solution that destroys biofilm and kills sessile bacteria where other products only inhibit their growth. Within the ceragenin class of molecules, Purifect Technology is a novel broad-spectrum antimicrobial compound that mimics the structure and function of antimicrobial peptides or AMP’s, used by the body to fight off infection and promote healing.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 20.47.40

Qualisys (Sweden)
About: Qualisys provide tools for precisely measuring equine movements using sequence coded active markers. Their objective lameness gait analysis system QHorse has clinical and research uses.  For Horse lameness gait analysis the horse is equipped with markers on the head, withers and pelvis, which are detected by twenty cameras in the riding arena. On the straight line, as well as on the circle, the horse can be evaluated. Results are directly analysed and seen on the screen in the arena.  Optical motion capture provides accurate 3D-positions of the different limbs and body parts and thus enables the creation of biomechanical models describing the animals’ movement apparatus. The motion capture technology is very non-intrusive, only light-weight small markers needs to be attached to the animal and will not disturb the normal movement pattern in the measurement situation. When measuring the distal limb of a horse, the movement frequency content is substantially higher than from a human requiring higher frame rates from the cameras. By using the high speed-mode of the Qualisys cameras you can capture in frequencies higher than 1,000 frames per second.    Video.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 20.46.28

RebelBio (UK)
About: Founded by Bill Liao, RebelBio is an SOSVentures accelerator that is the world’s leading early-stage biotech accelerator. An innovation engine to unlock biology’s exponential potential with funding, talent and resources.  The accelerator has already backed HorseTech (related) innovations including: Chronomics (An epigenetic testing A.I. platform to drive the future of personalised wellness), CyCa OncoSolutions (Developing biomolecular nanomachines for programmed drug delivery directly into the cells) , Helixworks Technologies (manufacturing synthetic DNA), Khonsu Therapeutics (Novel biologic for inflammation in human and animal health ), MicroSynbiotiX (Microalgae synthetic biology company: A platform for oral delivery of vaccines to animals), Cell Reserves Inc (developing novel protein and peptide-based therapeutics for the treatment of diseases ), Vetherapy (novel stem cell therapies horses).

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 20.45.08

RejuvenateBio (USA)
About: One of the world’s most high profile synthetic biologists (George Church or Harvard Medical School) has launched Rejuvenate Bio a stealthy new company planning to rejuvenate dogs using gene therapy as a precursor to bringing the science to human markets.  Although there’s no info in public domain yet the company has been experimenting with anti-ageing gene therapy on beagles and if successful it will be a very valuable test of the OneHealth approach to anti-ageing medicine: Will humans prefer to adopt treatments validated in dogs or horses? Will dog-first approaches be more successful than horse-first?

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 21.11.26

Revatis (Belgium)
About: RevaTis proposes an overall concept in regenerative veterinary medicine based on the combination of growth factors, regenerative cells and scaffolds VETERINARY RevaTis provides all equipment and adequate supervision for the implementation of units of regenerative medicine in equine clinic. In horses, regenerative medicine demonstrated efficacy in tendonitis and osteoarthritis as well as in ophthalmology. Opportunities exist for laminitis, nerve degeneration and chronic inflammation. If a horse is suffering from a tendon, ligament or joint injury, RevaTis offers minimally invasive procedures by using cells and/or growth factors of the same horse to promote tissue repair and reduce inflammation and pain.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 20.53.24

RidewithEquo (USA)
About: Equo have assembled a team of vets, competitive riders, transportation experts and horse owners to create the most advanced horse transportation platform in the world. The team wants to accomplish two main goals: to help horse drivers across America achieve financial independence and make sure horse owners forget about the complicated, pricey, and low grade equine transport services, and embrace a new technology that brings forth top safety and quality travel.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 20.54.59

Saab (Sweden)
About: Saab is normally known for it’s world leading military aircraft and submarines but they’re now collaborating with the Swedish Equestrian Federation in a ‘Ridsporten Innovations’ project to identify and create an interest in technology for young people who are active in equestrian sports. Saab’s Stefan de Flon has explained that the company has a constant recruitment requirement and wants to increase the proportion of women and sees the project as a way to bring girls interested in technology while enabling the company to apply their tech knowledge to the equestrian industry. Madeleine Malmsten is the project manager.

Saferider (Netherlands)
About: The SafeRider mobile app is designed to enhance safety while horseriding. Features include: Navigation (so you don’t get lost again), Alarm with GPS Locator (allows the rider to send out the current location to the selected contacts in the event of an emergency.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 20.49.53

Satir Thermal Imaging (Ireland)
About: SATIR is a leading civilian thermal imaging system manufacturer focusing on developing, producing, and marketing of infrared cameras. A thermal imaging exam of a horse can show up health issues that are not visible to the naked eye. This can include Arthritis, hoof abscesses, soft tissue damage, tendon damage, laminitis and many more. The thermal survey can also measure the horse’s blood flow which can be an indication in how the horse may perform in its next event. Thermal Cameras can be used on a regular basis to assist with making the correct size of horse shoes and to make sure saddles are correctly fitted to the horse which can prevent muscle damage or any sores occurring.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 20.41.06

Schauer Active Horse Systems (Germany)

The Schauer Chill Out Box enables a single horse to retreat from the herd with optional automation and animal specific feeding. The future of housekeeping = relaxation, health and animal welfare.

Seaver Girth (France)
About: Seaver is a young french startup based in Paris who develops connected equipment for horses. Our first product, the connected girth, allows riders to monitor their horse’s physical condition and health during training and competitions.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 10.33.53

Seventh Sense Biosystems (USA)
About: Seventh Sense Biosystems has designed and developed TAPTM, the world’s first push-button blood collection device. It makes the process simple, convenient, and virtually painless. $50 billion is spent annually on diagnostics and consumers are demanding more from the healthcare system.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 10.34.27

ShockBox (USA)
About: i1 Biometrics is a privately held wearable tech company focused on developing protective and performance products and systems for the sports and military markets. Originally developed by Danny Crossman and Scott Clark, The Shockbox represents a simple, compatible, and affordable solution for the sports market. Originally designed to be an LED only indication device, Shockbox quickly evolved into a full long range wireless sensor connected to a smartphone and able to pair over 100 sensors to a single handset. The dream of developing smart sensors has led at an incredible pace and leads to a world of helmets so smart, that they will even tell you where you’ve been, where you’re going and what you did.  As the level of competition in equestrian sports increases, riders, trainers and coaches must seek more innovative ways of protecting riders from injury. Falls are frequently part of competitive or . Shockbox sensors connect easily to most helmets and the app is available for iPhone & Andorid Smartphones. The app also features a mini SCAT (Sports Concussion Assessment Tool) to aid parents, coaches and Athletic Trainers in recording rider symptoms and notes after an impact alert.

Sierra Sciences (USA)

Sierra Sciences is a biotech company based in Reno NV with a 10,000 sq.ft. state-of-the-art lab, with the primary mission to extend the human lifespan and healthspan through telomere maintenance. Sierra Sciences focuses exclusively on research and licenses compounds to companies that develop products and take them to market.

The main goal of the company is to rid the world of the disease called aging by discovering a supplement that induces telomerase expression and lengthens telomeres. Aging is a disease that can be cured. Many lifeforms on this planet, such as lobsters, tortoises, and clams have no detectable aging. Just because all humans age doesn’t mean that aging is not a disease. But because some animals don’t age means that aging IS a disease. Finding “The Cure for Aging” is the mission of this project.

100,000 to 150,000 people die in the World each day from aging. Many of the elderly live in nursing homes, assisted living homes, and hospices where everyday life is miserable and depressing because they can no longer take care of themselves and they know that their only remaining milestone in life is death. And that’s just the lucky ones that live in developed, industrialized, countries. In Third World countries there is very little care for the elderly and the best hospitals are surrounded by barbed wire fences holding back the poor elderly begging to be let in, where they often die on the streets.

Silks (USA)

The Silks mission is to democratise Thoroughbred Ownership for the masses and gamify the experience utilising a blockchain enabled meta verse & a P2E economy.

Can you imagine the appetite there would be for HorseTech amongst future owners if they were first introduced to Racing via an online gaming experience like Silks?

Screenshot 2022-04-25 at 16.41.55

SiMi Reality Motion Systems (Germany)
About: SIMI® have more than 25 years of experience in developing high-end image-based Motion Capture and Analysis Systems. Knowledge gathered by Simi software can give important influence on choice of shoeing beforehand or re-check hoof breakover and horse gait. Detection of asymmetries and weaknesses can avoid lots of injuries and help to optimize the sports performance and success. Of course also motion pattern during gallop races or show jumping can be thoroughly analyzed with Simi systems. With Simi’s new technology you can now also work completely markerless. This is highly advantageous when working with animals since the fur was always likely to affect the affixing of markers. Most importantly you can now make sure that no marker fall off or even worse get swallowed by the animal. With Simi Shape there is no more need to work with markers – but it also offers the option to work in a hybrid form to get the best of both worlds.      Video.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 10.35.02

Sisteck C6 Foaling Alarm (Italy)

C6 EVO IoT (Internet of Things) Receiver, simply the smart evolution of theC6 EVO with even more forward-looking features. The interactive LCD screen functionality remains, while the WEB connection via a dedicated app enables remote menu and notification management. The interactive functionality of the LCD screen is retained, while a WEB connection is added to allow remote management of menus and notifications via a dedicated APP. The only system on the market that can be used for this purpose. The only system on the market that combines voice calls, SMS and notifications at the time of delivery as well as allowing continuous software updates via the WEB.

Sleip AI AB (Sweden)

AI + equine veterinary medicine = Sleip. Sleip was founded by Elin Hernlund and Axel Nyström in 2020. Elin has a background working as a veterinary equine orthopedic researcher at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, Sweden, with a focus on preventing and discovering equine lameness at an early stage. Axel has a background working in various roles, including as developer, in the area of AI. He graduated from Oxford University with a PhD in Engineering Methods for Biological Problems. Our vision is an equine-human centered AI technology that can be used to enrich the equine community with valuable information and tools that will aid in a better understanding of how and why horses move the way they do. Prevention is a key component of this vision. Just as important is ensuring the making of a sustainable and successful veterinarian-horse owner unit addressing any small sign of initial lameness. Continuously and successfully tracking the horse´s progress to ensure optimal rehab into full performance. We are working towards a future of fewer instances of equine lameness, a faster recovery process in the event of lameness, and a healthier equine community at large.

Smart Foal (Australia)

Smart Foal is a real time monitor and alarm system that allows you to stay in touch with your mares while you get on with life.

About: In 2014 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. 18 months of surgeries, chemotherapy and long trips to specialists took it’s toll. Getting out of bed was not only difficult, but painful. Constant exhaustion and nausea meant that the normal foal watch procedure of getting up and checking the mares through the night was simply out of the question. On top of that, spending days in hospital and travelling took mum away from the farm for extended periods.  Smart Foal was born to meet these new challenges and bring peace of mind, during a time of complete chaos and trauma.

Smart Foal was designed by breeders for breeders. It has been developed with the user as a priority to ensure that, not only are we solving a real problem, we are providing an improvement to the breeders life. Ultimately we believe that if breeders have confidence in Smart Foal they will get more rest and be alert when the mare actually goes into labour. A well rested attendant at the birth will, hopefully, make better decisions and lead to better outcomes for both the mare and the foal.

By using the latest technologies and approaches to design, we have been able to design a product that is reliable, easy to use and importantly, amongst the most affordable in the market.

Smart Foal is proudly designed and manufactured in Queanbeyan, Australia and has been tested at various studs in Australia and the USA. It is now being used in Australia, NZ, Canada, Norway, Denmark, France, UK, South Korea and Indonesia.

Soft Ride Boots (USA)

Soft-Ride’s Comfort Boots and gels, Ice Spa and SoftRider can be used on healthy horses and those suffering from laminitis or other foot/hoof issues. Horse owners use Soft-Ride Comfort Boots as part of their daily routine to help keep their horses healthy. Our horse hoof boots and gels offer protection when stabling and transporting, and provide relief to tender-footed horses. The Soft-Ride Ice Spa aids in recovery after a workout or performance, and can be used for therapeutic purposes when treating common hoof disorders. The SoftRider is our new shoe that places the load on the center of the hoof rather than the outside wall. It’s dual density construction helps increase blood flow to the hoof, reduces strain and pressure on the coffin bone and navicular region, and isolates the concussive force of impact with the ground on the horse’s skeletal system, all while providing improved multi-directional traction.

Screenshot 2022-04-25 at 12.24.16

Solution Saddles / SmartSaddles (UK)

The SMART saddle range, winner of the coveted  Queen’s Award for Innovation 2021, was developed in a quest to design the perfect saddle to improve equine welfare and performance. The advanced SMART™ saddle design flexes with the movement of the horses back to allow unrestricted lift, bend, stretch and flex through their body and across their backs during exercise, encouraging full freedom of movement and healthy back muscle development. Made in the UK using scientifically tested SMART™ FLEXTech Technology, one SMART™ saddle can ‘flex-to-fit’ all year round, ensuring comfortable performance season after season, avoiding saddle fit issues that can lead to behavioural problems and poor performance. For all horses and ponies, whatever their shape, the SMART™ saddle system is easy to use and with customisable options on all saddle models, suitable for amateurs and professionals alike…

Screenshot 2022-04-14 at 15.30.40

SpaceLabs Lifecard (USA)
About: Since 1958, Spacelabs has continually redefined the boundaries of what’s possible in healthcare technology. Our philosophy is to develop innovative medical devices that provide powerful tools for the clinician and the best care experience for their patients. We are committed to leading innovation in healthcare technology, and working as a dedicated partner with our customers.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 10.35.15

StableLab (Ireland)
About: Stablelab is a handheld equine blood test and is 50 times more sensitive at detecting infections than traditional tools.  Video.

StableMate by AGMA (UK)
About: AGMA Ltd are a family owned British Company holding a Royal Warrant by Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen that develops, formulates and manufactures Speciality solutions at its Haltwhistle site in Northumberland, North of England. With skills and expertise gained from developing cleaning & disinfection products for NHS the company now offer the STABLEMATE by AGMA range of high quality, efficacy proven Cleaning, Disinfecting & Re-odourising products for the Equine Sector.  Website:

StableSecretary (USA)
About: Founded by Kate Rice Nilan Stable Secretary assists trainers and barn managers with their specific record keeping needs. The barn management software system is easy to use, consists of a suite of products designed for equestrian professionals that can be used anytime from anywhere. The objective of Stable Secretary is to improve the health and performance of horses, enable communication between clients, staff, and vendors, and ultimately increase revenues for businesses.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 20.10.18

Stalo Equine Digital Radiography by Universal Imaging

About: Configured with Canon or AGFA digital detectors for superb images and the reliability of industry leading, name brand equipment. With a focus on portability and productivity, Stalo has streamlined the approach to equine radiography with its responsive tablet, equine specific exam auto-sequence software, fully wireless detectors and automatic syncing to PACS and Cloud. Your radiography workflow will be more efficient than ever. With Stalo, you buy it, you own it. Unlike many of our competitors, we have zero mandatory ongoing fees and maintenance costs.

Screenshot 2022-04-24 at 21.35.07

SteedWatch (Austria)
About: Steed are developing the ‘world’s first halter-free biometric wearable device for horses’.    Video.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 10.35.41

Strided Solutions (USA)
About: Video log book app to keep track of your runs barrel races and rodeos. Upload your run videos and add notes, horses, arenas, times, winnings and more! No more videoing runs and then completely forgetting about them or losing them on your phone!

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 10.35.50

StrideSafe USA LLC (USA)

StrideSAFE came into being in 2019 when two companies, Equine Analysis Systems of Kentucky (EA) in the USA and StrideMaster (SM) in Australia felt that by combining their technologies they could make a significant contribution to the efforts of the racing industry to eliminate catastrophic injuries. For their part, StrideMaster under the guidance of their CEO David Hawke had developed a sophisticated sensor and GPS system which could be carried safely in races. In Australia, their system has been in use for 9 years with the Tasmania Racing Club and 35,000 race day recordings had been collected without incident. In Tasmania, the system was used to provide timing and handicapping information. At the same time in America, Equine Analysis, under the guidance of its CEO Dr. David Lambert, had created a complex model for performance prediction. Their understanding was based upon many physiological and anatomical measurements on 50,000 horses. The two CEOs met in 2018 in Australia when Dr. Lambert was a keynote speaker at the International Conference on Equine Exercise Physiology. Equine Analysis had developed a sensor system in 2005 which was used in their performance prediction algorithms. The algorithms were predictive because at high speed every horse has its own unique way of moving. This the Equine Analysis team recognized as the racing “fingerprint”. Although not actively involved in lameness diagnosis, the Equine Analysis team of veterinarians had nevertheless observed that when the fingerprint changed something was going wrong for the horse. The sensors were picking up signals which were so fast they could not be seen by the trainer or felt by the jockey. In effect, this resulted in a very early warning for the caregivers. Nowadays, the Equine Analysis sensor system is no match for the far more sophisticated system developed at StrideMaster. So, the idea of bringing the performance understanding of Equine Analysis with StrideMaster’s advanced sensor technology held the promise of some profound discoveries in the search for a welfare solution. For the challenging work which lay ahead two very important people joined the StrideSAFE equity partners. Professor Kevin Donohue had been a long-time consultant to Equine Analysis. He had developed a way to analyze the signal from the Equine Analysis sensors and his input proved to be a critical part of the engineering and signal analysis of the technology presently in use by StrideSAFE. Dr. Holmstrom, a veterinarian in Sweden and long-term partner in Equine Analysis, has a Ph.D. in equine biomechanics from the University of Uppsala. While Dr. Donohue developed and managed signal analysis, Dr. Lambert and Dr. Holmstrom began the process of combining the data from both systems and using the Equine Analysis understanding of racehorse physiology to identify those critical moments in a stride which were most likely to change when the horse began to experience problems. Dr. Holmstrom now heads up the research effort and he is uncovering even more ways to identify early pathology in the stride of racing thoroughbreds. From its formation, the goal at StrideSAFE was to collect sensor-driven data from the horse itself when it was running at high speed and to use that data to create a screening test to identify injuries at the very earliest moment. Now, by using the StrideSAFE screening tests, everyone can focus on the most at-risk horses. Once alerted, the trainers and veterinarians can find those horses in danger of catastrophic injury and so protect them. Certainly, some of the spontaneous one-off type of injuries will still be missed, but the StrideSAFE technology introduces a new 21st-century approach towards finding the majority of the remainder. For StrideSAFE this is just the beginning. As data accumulates, machine learning and artificial intelligence methodologies will create ways to help save our horses and jockeys worldwide. Although veterinarians have many advanced diagnostic imaging modalities available to them, they had no way to recognize which single horse was most at risk. The veterinary profession needed a fast, reliable, inexpensive screening test to run on every horse in every race before they could determine where to focus their resources. Courses are being designed at StrideSAFE, along with the assistance of Professor Bayly, a world-renowned equine physiologist and educator, to teach veterinarians at the track how to interpret the data collected from horses under their care. This will help bridge the gap from sensor technology to standard veterinary diagnostic procedures. Education is going to be a major part of the StrideSAFE program. StrideSAFE has provided such a screen, and thanks to the support of the New York Racing Association (NYRA) it is now in daily use for every horse in every race of Aqueduct, Belmont, and Saratoga. A new era of racehorse care and safety has begun!

Stridez (UK)
About: StrideZ produce the KanFix Equine bandage range. The company is led by Dr Nick Allen who has nearly 20 years’ experience working in elite sports medicine and holds post-graduate degrees in Sports Medicine and Epidemiology. StrideZ aims to be a pioneer of cross fertilization between human and veterinary medicine. Combining experience in elite sport medicine, innovation, research and veterinary medicine. The company works closely with veterinary practitioners and animal owners to design new products to create positive and effective change and ultimately enhance the health, performance and well-being of animals.  KANfix Bandages from surgery through to discharge. The KANfix Bandage Range is a series of bespoke animal bandages designed to adhere to the contours of the animal. They are lightweight and easy to apply. Providing a means to reduce infection and safely apply the therapeutic benefits of low level compression aiding in the full recovery of the animal.  Video.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 10.36.01

Succeed Equine (USA)
About: Advocating happy, healthy, successful horses, beginning with overall digestive wellness. Succeed Equine are the m akers of SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program, Veterinary Formula & Fecal Blood Tract (FBT). The Equine FBT test is the first complete and accurate test that equine veterinarians use to detect and diagnose digestive tract disease in horses.

Talkatoo (Canada)

Talkatoo is the veterinary dictation software you’ve been missing to reduce the time you spend on documentation. You got into veterinary care to help pets and their people, not because you’re passionate about paperwork. Talkatoo helps you spend more time in the right places—namely providing excellent care to animals and more time on your own self-care.

Double your productivity: Cut your documentation time in half with Talkatoo’s simple speech-to-text capability. You’ll be able to capture chart notes faster than typing or writing, which means more quality time with your patients… and your family.

Get set up and going quickly: Talkatoo works with all practice management software, improving speed and accuracy in record keeping. It could just be your new best friend.

T.A. Sciences (USA)
About: T.A. Sciences® is dedicated exclusively to creating research-based, clinically tested wellness products that help address telomere shortening through the science of Telomerase Activation. Telomeres are the caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect our chromosomes, like the plastic tips at the end of shoelaces. Telomeres get shorter as we get older, which may leave chromoses unprotected. T.A. Sciences® products focus on lengthening telomeres.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 10.27.57

Tekscan Pressure Monitor (USA)
About: Tekscan’s Hoof pressure sensing system is used to collect pressure data for the analysis, interpretation, and treatment of equine gait and ambulatory function. At the New Bolton Center in Pennsylvania Patrick Reilly (Chief of Farrier Services) is using Pressure Mapping for Equine Hoof Assessment: “The in-shoe system has the potential to answer numerous questions for the farriers, veterinarians and horse owners. We have never had the ability to produce this type of solar force data from horses competing in their normal working environment. I am extremely excited to incorporate this Tekscan system into future research of PennVet’s Applied Polymer Research Laboratory”. The sensor is thin enough to fit between the hoof and the shoe, yet strong enough to endure testing in the field.

TensorFlow (USA)
About: Developed by the ‘Google Brain’ Team, TensorFlow is an open source library for numerical computation that makes machine learning faster and easier.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 10.30.54

Tersano Inc (Canada)
About: Tersano Inc. is a privately held innovations company based in Windsor, Ontario with offices and distribution centers throughout Canada, U.S.A., Australia and Europe. Through its extensive product line the company provides effective, innovative, and sustainable cleaning and sanitizing solutions globally for its clients and continues to strive towards enhancing the health of people and planet through the elimination of harsh chemicals.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 10.28.21

Tharos (UK)
About: THAROSTM was born out of collaboration between Dr Rosemary Waring (Honorary Reader of Toxicology, Birmingham University) and Professor John Hunter (Consultant Emeritus in Gastroenterology, Addenbrooke’s Hospital) in the area of gut health, malfermentation and the microbiome.  The companies first product is EquiNectar an enzyme-rich precision product which helps process the complex carbohydrates in feed safely and effectively. This helps to improve health and performance through enhanced digestion. The right balance of bacteria is essential for efficient digestion, a balanced hindgut and overall health and condition of your horse.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 10.25.46

The Equestrian App (USA)

The Equestrian is about connecting people to horses to enhance the health and care of the horse. When we joined the equestrian lifestyle, we quickly realized there were a lot of people involved in the care of our horses. We built this app originally for our needs, but when our friends saw it, they wanted it too. Now it is available to everyone in the entire equine lifestyle! We know it’s not just you taking care of your horse, but a community of equine specialists. You can connect your friends, trainers, veterinarians, farriers, boarders, and other providers directly to your horse’s journal so they can stay updated on your horse too.

ThoroughBid (UK)

ThoroughBid is the UK’s first dedicated online auction house for the racing industry, providing purchasers and vendors with regular opportunities to trade all categories of bloodstock in one place, from horses in training to mares with foals at foot.

Screenshot 2022-04-14 at 15.09.18

Thoroughbred Health Network (UK)
About: Funded by grants from the Horserace Betting Levy Board ( the THN has been set up as a 3 year pilot project to extent access to research findings beyond academic institutions and involve wider racing and equestrian industry audiences with the evidence based research on a practical level by working to translate evidence based research into easy to read, bite size summaries of the latest understanding/ best practice on a variety of health issues.

Thoroughbred Idea Foundation (USA)
About: The Racing Think Tank has been established in July 2018 to create an active forum for the exchange and curation of ideas which will improve the overall prospects for the Thoroughbred industry, its stakeholders, and fundamentally, the horse.  The project is the brainchild of Craig Bernick and the Executive Director is Patrick Cummings, who is coming home from managing public affairs for the Hong Kong Jockey Club to work with a diverse board to bring together active people who want to change the sport for the better. The organisation has identified 3 major trends in the North American Thoroughbred racing over the last decade that they seek to better understand and turn around: 1) handle is down roughly 20% 2) foal crops are down almost 40% 3) the number of races being run is down about 25%.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 10.23.46

THT BloodStock (USA)
About: THT BloodStock specializes in analyzing the mind of the racehorse as it relates to class, distance aptitude, performance and breeding. They offer clients the opportunity to incorporate their research and and analytical insights to get an edge on the competition by recruiting with a higher standard.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 00.08.27

Total Performance Data (UK)
About: Total Performance Data powers In Running Odds for bookmakers. Delivered direct as a data feed, or plug in our custom in-race odds, TPD is opening up new markets for horseracing betting. With more races than any other supplier, TPD’s inventory of in-race data is your go-to source for in-running betting. And we’re adding new racecourses all the time.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 00.09.36

TrojanTrack (Ireland)

TrojanTrack is pairing quantitative biomechanical analysis with deep neural network technology in the equine industry. Quantitative biomechanical analysis is widely used in human athletes to analyse and optimise performance. We can now apply this innovative technology to measure how the horse moves and performs. This technology allows us to objectively measure the horse’s gait pattern, providing us with data to highlight any potential issues that may be contributing to injury, or limiting their performance.

Turfcord (by ContiTech) (Germany)
About: ContiTech and turfcord have innovated to produce New Rubber-Based Hoof Protection to offer the elasticity needed to suit a horse’s hoof, enhance comfort levels and promote a natural steady gait on all surfaces that relieves strain on joints. Hoof protection from turfcord Hoof protection is designed to guard against excessive strain without the drawbacks of a horseshoe. Unlike other elastomer-based hoof protectors, turfcord remains affixed to the hoof for up to eight weeks rather than being just a temporary solution. It is also different from standard horseshoes, which have been protecting horses’ hooves against excessive strain for more than 1,000 years. Due to the heavy material used, the conventional metal horseshoe changes the animal’s gait, and the rigid protection means that the hoof can no longer perform its cushioning function. At the same time, a horseshoe decreases stride length by roughly ten percent. Another disadvantage is that the metal is pinned directly to the hoof with special nails. That is not only a laborious procedure for the farrier, but also pure stress for the horse. The Continental training workshop in Korbach has spent years assisting turfcord in development. The innovative hoof protection is manufactured by ContiTech at its location in the Stöcken area of Hanover. Hoof protection from turfcord is available in two designs for front and rear hooves, each in twelve sizes. Farriers can apply it to hooves, using a special adhesive, during regular hoof-trimming sessions. While carrying out normal trimming work, they can remove it painlessly with pincers and a rasp and then replace it. The exhausting work of nailing on shoes, which is quite an ordeal, especially for sensitive animals, can be dispensed with entirely. The protection can be worn for six to eight weeks and will even expand with the hoof during this time. Because the material is lightweight and absorbs shocks, it relieves strain on the horse’s joints.   Video.

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TurfTrax (UK)
About: TurfTrax unique products and cloud-based data services enable the sports and leisure industries to collect and present value-added data.

A firm foundation in horseracing has earned TurfTrax a world-wide reputation for gathering, processing, analysing, and disseminating data and graphics covering a wide range of uses. This information informs decision making, protects welfare, adds value to broadcast and enriches spectator and customer experience in almost any environment where climate or surface condition are an influencing factor.

TurfTrax services provide the processes that identify, harvest, collate, commercialise and distribute this unique data for leisure and sports applications in Association Football, Thoroughbred Horseracing and greyhound racing, alongside global media rights rights companies.

EquiTrax is a natural evolution of British horseracing’s first sectional timing system pioneered by TurfTrax, and capable of tracking the speed and position of every horse in a race.

Its applications include any environment where performance data adds value to equine welfare, post-event analysis in training or racing situations or fan engagement and presents obvious commercial opportunities.

Trackener (UK)
About: Trackener is a startup launched by 2 engineers and animal lovers who are passionate about empowering equestrians with tech. They have a vision of revolutionising equine care with data and technology and are developing tools to make life better for horses and they have launched a device that is worn in a bib and captures data and shares it via bluetooth when the owner has the app installed and is in the proximity of their horse.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 00.11.49

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 00.11.49

TripleSData (Australia)

About: TripleSdata are pioneers in the sports data industry, offering cutting edge and next generation technology that is fully automated and in real-time. TripleSdata was created because we found a disconnection between the analysis collected for real-time data, and it’s interpretation when merged with the appropriate technology – there was a significant time delay and potential wagering opportunities were not being realised. Offering one solution with one common platform, tripleSdata operates globally to collect a variety of sporting data. We shape and streamline the data in to bespoke formats and enhance the experience for broadcasters and spectators.

If there’s one constant in technology, it’s change. We fully understand and are equipped for the risks and complex challenges involved. An obsession with data, combined with our technical and practical expertise, means we offer innovative solutions with fast implementation. We constantly ask how digital technology can drive transformative growth to help our clients and their industries gain a competitive advantage.

TrojanTrack (Ireland)

TrojanTrack is pairing biomechanical analysis with deep neural network technology in the equine industry. We will provide quick and accurate biomechanical analysis on horses using just a smartphone camera and tripod, without the need for any wearable technology. Biomechanical analysis is widely used in human athletes to analyse and optimise performance. We can now apply this innovative technology to measure how the horse moves and performs. This technology allows us to objectively measure the horse’s gait pattern, providing us with data to highlight any potential issues that may be contributing to injury, or limiting their performance.

UDada Horse Management App (France)
About: U DADA is a complete mobile application for riders and passionate professionals, connected and organized, allowing them to trace, manage, predict but also to interact and share with the equestrian community. U DADA allows an optimized management of the daily life of his horse.

USG EquiAirbag (Germany)

EquiAirbag is a wearable airbag system for horse riding use. In case of accident it automatically inflates to protect the most important body areas.

ValueFeet (France)
About: Teaming up to create the farriery and your results of tomorrow. Development of digital systems dedicated to blacksmiths. Marketing of innovative horseshoes for comfort and performance of sport horses Our team works in close and continuous connection with many blacksmiths, veterinarians and professionals of the equine industry to guarantee you the best products. We master all the essential skills for the setting up of our products and services: engineering materials, optics, electronics, software, embedded systems, industrial design and 3D, logistics specialization, financial, marketing and commercial.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 00.12.44

Very Important Pad (The VIP) (N Ireland)
About: The Very Important Pad’s superior honeycomb structure gives it high tensile strength, the key to the VIP maintaining its shape under extreme and prolonged compression and deflecting loads without bottoming out. Bobbles increase surface area, alleviating pressure points and evenly distributing weight. vip on horse.jpg Built for comfort For your horses’ comfort, The Very Important Pad is soft, flexible and seamless with no pressure causing trims. The VIP moulds to your horses back like a low profile second skin and the VIP’s thin film gullet eliminates pressure on the horse’s spine. Only 8mm thick so does not alter your saddle fit.

VetChek by PonyUp Technologies (USA)
About: VetCheq® is a patented, advanced, equine diagnostic monitoring system that remotely and non-invasively monitors your horse’s health and condition from anywhere on the planet. When the VetCheq® horse health monitor is fastened on the horse’s leg in a specialized wrap boot, it provides remote, continuous non-invasive, real-time monitoring of cardiac function including pulse and central blood pressure, along with respiration. The data is transmitted via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to the VetCheq® Cloud where it is formatted and can be accessed by any internet-enabled device. VetCheq® which is also a horse heart monitoring system that uses new wearable technology for horses that is so accurate it can replace an arterial catheter. An ARM7 processor, inside a rugged, water resistant (IP67) enclosure, gathers raw data, performs analysis, stores or transmits the data via a Bluetooth link to be translated into readable information.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 00.18.11

Veterinary Advances (Ireland)
About: Veterinary Advances, the leading developer of Veterinary Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices provides specialist information, education, consultancy and clinical services in veterinary medicine. Our goal is to improve animal health care by facilitating instant access to first class veterinary information globally.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 00.18.55

Veterinary Innovation Podcast (Canada)

Veterinary leaders, innovators & PIMS founders discuss the industry and where it is going. Hosted by technology entrepreneurs Shawn Wilkie and Dr. Ivan Zakharenkov, the Veterinary Innovation Podcast features discussions with industry leaders and innovators about the challenges they’re facing and how to address them. With topics ranging from cannabis use to industry burnout, you won’t learn this in vet school.

Vetiqure AB (Sweden)

Vetiqure – innovator in gentle cancer treatment. Vetiqure AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Scandinavian ChemoTech AB, a dynamic Life Science company that focus on developing technologies and therapies for various cancer tumours and advanced pain control for cancer. The Company has extensive experience in Tumour Specifik Electroporation™ (TSE), which forms the basis of the Company’s therapeutic areas. Currently, the Company is offering treatments for a various forms of cancer tumours. The Company is based at Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden.

Launching the vetIQure™. Following extensive research and development, Vetiqure AB recently launched the vetIQure™ device. With its new patented technology, TSE (Tumour Specific Electroporation), it offers gentle yet effective and flexible treatments capabilities. vetIQure™ has been designed to achieve positive clinical outcomes on a level previously not possible. vetIQure™, is designed for animals based on a technology developed to treat humans. TSE makes it possible to treat non-responsive tumours and tumours in sensitive locations. 

Next steps: vetIQure™ has now been launched and introduced to the veterinarian market and we are looking forward to close collaborations with both customers and distributors in Europe and the rest of the world.

Vet Wound Library (UK)
About: Expert help for any kind of wound challenge Whatever your species, we have a specialist to help! The Veterinary Wound Library was set up by Georgie Hollis BSc who believes that Vets and Nurses in practice should be able to access independent information on the latest techniques and technologies to help their patients heal. Our advice and principles are based on 3 key aims of wound management: A functional, cosmetic repair Relief of pain and distress A rapid return to normal use All at a reasonable cost to those responsible. Our team of passionate and sympathetic specialists are on call to provide this unique service where clinicians get help, support and coaching through the management of each case.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 00.20.35

vHIVE (The Veterinary Health Innovation Engine) (UK)
About: A unique view of farm & animal companion information to improve animal welfare & productivity. The Veterinary Health Innovation Engine (vHive) is a research centre, startup and incubator supported by a co-investment of £8.5 million in resources dedicated to the development and adoption of new digital technologies in animal health.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 00.21.58

Victory Horse Treadmills (Malaysia)

Victory Equine Solutions has been an industry leader on 5 continents now for over 15 years, with repeat custom and continuing support from some of the thoroughbred industry’s most successful operations. Victory Equine Solutions continues to push the boundaries and lead the way with equine specific engineering and training products to cater for all disciplines. Designed and manufactured by horse people for horse people.
Based in Malaysia, Victory Equine Solutions have an excellent track record of producing custom made equine specific machinery on time and within budget. We are Asia’s premier horse equipment company with a passion for helping our clients to achieve their goals and aspirations.

The Vision: Everything we do starts with the horse – we are dedicated to creating the world’s most innovative training equipment with the safety and well-being of the animal paramount. Here at Victory Equine Solutions, we are constantly striving toward creating the most user-friendly experience for both operator and animal.

We like to blend our experience and knowledge with our client’s requirements ensuring a strong working relationship from start to finish. With our ability to custom make machinery no brief is outside our range of capabilities.

Vitafloor (Equine Vibration Platform) (Germany)
About: Vitafloor are the original inventors of equine vibration therapy and provide heavily researched products that are veterinarian recommended to provide an incomparable non-invasive solution for training, rehabilitation and injury prevention. Vitafloor is the only vibration equipment in the world designed exclusively for horses and is based on the well known principles of Whole Body Vibration Training that are used to train astronauts to promote the development of muscle tone and bone density. Vitafloor is a proven, safe, easy to use and highly effective therapy for horses and is widely recognized by leading equestrians and veterinarians world-wide.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 00.23.19

WarmBucket (Sweden)

Keeping the water ice-free during the cold part of the year can be a challenge. There are several solutions on the market that require electricity, but pulling out cords to paddocks or buying expensive battery-powered tubs is not always a possible option. The WarM Bucket is the simple solution – an insulation for your water tank that keeps the water ice-free for longer

Wellness Ready (USA)

The Wellness Ready Equine Insulin Test is a stable-side diagnostic test kit for Insulin that allows veterinarians to instantly test insulin levels in horses without sending a sample to a laboratory. This stall side test enables veterinarians to immediately identify horses at risk of foundering and begin a course of treatment.

The Wellness Ready™ Equine Insulin Test is available to veterinarians at Horse owners, ask your vet to visit for more information and ordering. Vets, please complete the Account Application, or sign in to access the shop. Free standard shipping in contiguous US. International shipping is available.

The test is quick and minimally invasive. A vet will: draw a blood sample from the horse, run the simple stall side test, and read the insulin test results from the accompanying digital reader.

Screenshot 2022-04-24 at 22.48.55

WEO – formerly Waterdiam (France/USA)
About: At WaterDiam we produce diamond for its unique electrochemical properties. The diamond deposited on our silicon electrodes has the peculiarity, when used in our electrolysis equipment, to produce on its surface a unique combination of oxygen species, active ingredients and unique Oxido & Reduction Potential at neutral pH.

Screenshot 2022-01-26 at 19.06.00

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 00.24.46

Wetod (France)
About: WeTod is a mobile app designed to complement rather than replace equestrian coaches. It offers a workout structure, whether on foot or on horseback, that you can follow in real time through your headphones. No need to take your phone out of your pocket just follow the audio instructions and advice of ‘Tod’ your virtual voice assistant.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 00.26.15

WhenWhere App (USA)
About: The WhenWhere App is intended as a very basic data capture for exact Date & Time (local) and GPS coordinates. Simply press the camera button to take a photo. The GPS coordinates and date/time will freeze at the moment the photo is taken. Add an optional message if desired (eg. the name of the horse and the name of the vaccine administered) then press the share button to share an image containing the photo, GPS coordinates, date/time and a QR code. The QR code, if scanned, will bring up a map with a pin at the designated location. The developer is actively seeking collaboration with equestrian brands.

WhipChip by ESIT (Turkey)
About: Whipchip is a whip developed by Esit Electronics containing an electronic movement sensor in the handle that records and processes all the motion data to accurately calculate and log how many times a whip is used and the energy being used on each swing. Collected data is stored in the whip and all historic data can be transferred to a smartphone via NFC (Near Field Communication) technology my just touching the jockey’s whip to the phone with the application installed (Android only). Video.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 00.27.10

White Medical & Beauty Srl  (Italy)

Diathermy uses high-frequency electromagnetic fields applied to the body’s tissues, with the aim of increasing the body’s internal temperature and consequently inducing various therapeutic effects. Our dVinci, dVet and dVinae equipment generates an alternating current with frequencies ranging from 0.8 MHz to 1.2 MHz. Through the pair of electrodes supplied, the energy is fed into the patient’s body, who thus becomes part of the electrical circuit. For our bodies to be healthy, cells must maintain their electrical balance and molecules their physiological movement.  When a tissue is compromised by a pathological event, the molecules and cells lose that physiological capacity; to restore it, energy must be applied. The condenser effect generated by our devices alternately attracts or repelselectrical charges in the tissues using capacitive and resistive electrodes, which allow biological tissue to be used as an electrolytic conductor. The oscillation generated by the displacement currents exerts its beneficial effects on all the altered components of the tissue, causing the cells to regain their physiological capacity. The patient will experience this effect as a pleasant internal warmth.

dVet 1000 is our dedicated product for large animals such as Horses. It consists of a programmable and adjustable high-frequency current generator, suitable for creating personalised and highly effective work protocols to achieve rapid and long lasting results. dVet 1000 has a limited weight and dimensions, 120W of delivered power and is equipped with the possibility to select the working frequency, timer, absorption reader, capacitive and resistive electrodes, two electrodes and a bipolar plate to work in maximum safety, without the need to cut the hair and without using gels or creams.

The benefits of veterinary Tecartherapy are high anti-inflammatory, analgesic and oedema and swelling reduction effects, allowing a significant reduction in the use of drugs.

Wind Magic LLC (USA)

XenexLightStrike (USA)
About: Xenex are infection rate reduction specialists that have developed some of the world’s most advanced disinfection systems with proven protocols. Their LightStrike Germ-Zapping Robots deliver intense germicidal action from 200-315nm via a user friendly robot that can treat a stable in just 20 minutes.

Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 00.29.00

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A Decade of Champions by Richard Stone Reeves Patrick Robinson