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Feedback from delegates who attended the inaugural HorseTech Conference at the Royal Veterinary College in London made it very clear that there is a major urgent need for a comprehensive market report on the global HorseTech industry.

HorseTech Market Report Edition1Major consulting firms produce expensive analytic reports for the human healthtech market and they are a very useful resource for the sharing of best practice and make an invaluable contribution by driving awareness of and investment into innovative practices. Unfortunately the HorseTech market is much smaller (it’s actually dwarfed by even the human healthtech conference industry!) and few who work in it would be prepared to pay for a copy (as we’ve all always got horses that we want to spend our money on!) so we thought why not collaborate with the world’s leading HorseTech innovators to produce a comprehensive free report that could be shared widely for free.

The HorseTech Market Report is a collaboratively produced document that:

> Shares global best practice and helps increase awareness of the opportunities for HorseTech to enhance the welfare and enjoyment of horses.

> Demonstrates the opportunity to scale collaborative efforts, educate and inspire those in the tech industry to better understand, partner with and invest in the HorseTech market.

> Widens interest in horse welfare and highlights the value that horses make to society and contributes to help ensure a relationship with horses remains relevant to the next generation.

> Provides detailed market analysis of the hottest HorseTech innovations with deep dive analysis of market segments by innovative HorseTech entrepreneurs on topics including Genetics, The Stable Environment, Apparel, Wearables, Surfaces, HorseFirst Innovation & Translational Medicine, Magneto-Biology, Anti-Ageing & Longevity, Laser Therapy, Nutrigenomics, Nutritional Hydrotherapy, Ophthalmology, Imaging, Hoof Care, Psychology, Pharmacy, Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine, Salt Therapy, Ownership, Identity, Intestinal Microbiome, Vaccines, Chatbots, Environmental & Waste Management, Fire Safety, Branding, Websites & Social Media, Global Trade, Artificial Intelligence, Water, Infection Control & Biosecurity,  Horses, Intelligence Research & the Need to Nurture Genius,  Audiology, Anti-Doping, Aftercare, Epigenetics, Dermatology, PETH (People for the Ethical Treatment of Humans), Breeding, Antibiotic Stewardship, 3D Printing, the Sky Clock, Innovative approaches to Horseracing Entertainment, HorseRacing Games, Cloning, Stable Management, Transfer Factor and Neuroscience.

The HorseTech Market Report chapters are individually authored by a who’s who list of innovative thinkers from the equestrian, scientific and tech industries. They have all generously shared their unique experiences and insights without charge and are true innovative leaders so please generously support them with your business:

* Prof Emmeline Hill (Equine Geneticist & CSO, Plusvital)Sam Murphy (Equilux Performance Lighting)Louisa Williams (Horseware Ireland)  *  Alan Wielunski (Steed Equine Monitoring Solutions)  *  John Ormonde (John Ormonde Wexford Sand Ltd) * Prof Sam Lingam (Consultant Paediatrician) * J Mark Strong (Multiradiance Medical)Sandra Murphy (Equidiet) * Craig Robertson (Epipole) * Gavin Mitchell (IMV Imaging) * Fran Jurgan (HoofCare Publishing) * Kerry M Thomas (THT Bloodstock) * Hemant Patel (Pharmacist)Tim Watson (Lipogems Equine) * Richard Butterworth (Equine Salt Therapy) * Shayne Heffernan (HEFFX) * Philip Carberry ( * Shelly Townsend (Equine Eco Green) * Brad Wilson (Equiprotect) * Amanda MacDonald (FullGallop Communications) *  Ashley Neely (Bluegrass Horse Feeds) * Michael Brady (Trade Agent) * Dr Barbara Blasko MD (ElectronicVet) * James Gibbons (Irish Equine Centre) * Aidan J. Connolly (Cainthus)Laurent Pupunat (Waterdiam) * Dr Ed Dutton (Anthropologist of Religion) * Daniel Ferland (Ossicles Inc) * Professor Jérémie Voix (École de technologie supérieure Montreal) * Mike Payton (Event Log Limited)Keith Johnson (AmTote International Inc) * Maxine Franklin, AGMA Holdings Ltd *