HorseTech Market Report

The history of HorseTech goes back millennia to times when equestrians studied animal psychology to refine training methods and toiled to forge iron shoes for their steads. In 2022 technology can make life easier for horse and rider and can also drive sustainable growth in the equine industry.

Ground breaking research can advance equine health outcomes but many of the greatest opportunities arise by simply disseminating ways of doing things that we already know work better. To help please feel encouraged to share this report and the HorseTech Market Directory with your friends and connections.

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The HorseTech Market Report includes chapters on the following topics:

Foreword by Tom MacGuinness, Founder, (Page 2)

Index (Page 3)

Introduction by David Doherty, Curator, HorseTech Market Report (Page 4)

Water by Laurent Pupunat (Weo Water – formerly Waterdiam) (Page 7)

The Stable Environment by Sam Murphy (Equilux Performance Lighting) (Page 13)

Transportation by David Doherty, Curator, HorseTech Market Report (Page 17)

Surfaces by John Ormonde (John Ormonde Wexford Sand Ltd) (Page 19)

Infection Control by Maxine Franklin, AGMA Holdings Ltd (Page 22)

Fire Safety by Brad Wilson (Equiprotect) (Page 27)

Intelligence Research by Dr Ed Dutton (Anthropologist of Religion) (Page 29)

The Equine Semaphore Code by Meljay Turner (Author) (Page 36)

Audiology by Daniel Ferland (Ossicles Inc) & Prof Jérémie Voix (École de technologie supérieure Montreal) (Page 38)

Intestinal Microbiome by James Gibbons (Irish Equine Centre) (Page 41)

Salt Therapy by Richard Butterworth (Equine Salt Therapy) (Page 43)

Pharmacy by Hemant Patel (Pharmacist) (Page 46)

Laser Therapy by J Mark Strong (Multiradiance Medical) (Page 48)

Anti-Ageing & Longevity by Prof Sam Lingam (Consultant Paediatrician) (Page 51)

Telomere Science by Dr Bill Andrews, Founder & CEO, Sierra Sciences (Page 53)

The Horse Genome by Prof Emmeline Hill (Equine Geneticist & CSO, Plusvital) (Page 57)

Anti-Doping by Mike Payton (Event Log Limited) (Page 60)

Retraining & Aftercare by Keith Johnson (AmTote International Inc) (Page 63)

Ownership by Shayne Heffernan (HEFFX) (Page 65)

Apparel by Louisa Williams (Horseware Ireland) (Page 67)

Imaging by Gavin Mitchell (IMV Imaging) (Page 70)

Hoof Care by Fran Jurgan (HoofCare Publishing) (Page 73)

Opthalmology by Craig Robertson (Epipole) (Page 80)

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning by Aidan J. Connolly (Cainthus) (Page 83)

Nutritional Hydrotherapy by Sandra Murphy (Equidiet) (Page 86)

Nutrigenomics by Prof Emmeline Hill (Equine Geneticist & CSO, Plusvital) (Page 89)

Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine by Tim Watson (Lipogems Equine) (Page 92)

HorseFirst Innovation & Translational Medicine by David Doherty, Curator, HorseTech Market Report (Page 95)

Psychology by Kerry M Thomas (THT Bloodstock) (Page 101)

Identity by Philip Carberry ( (Page 103)

Vaccine Records by Dr Barbara Blasko MD (ElectronicVet) (Page 105)

Environment & Waste Management by Shelly Townsend (Equine Eco Green) (Page 107)

Wearables by Jeffrey Schab, Founder & CEO, Protequus (Page 110)

Chatbots by David Doherty, Curator, HorseTech Market Report (Page 116)

Websites & Social Media by Ashley Neely (Bluegrass Horse Feeds) (Page 117)

International Trade by Michael Brady (Trade Agent) (Page 119)

Copywriting by Paul Jones (PJ Copywriting) (Page 120)

Branding by Amanda MacDonald (FullGallop Communications) (Page 123)

Foaling Monitors by Andrea Banchio (C6 Foaling Alarm by Sisteck) (Page 125)

Natural Language Interfaces by Shawn Wilkie, CEO, (Page 128)

Gaming by Rachel Mullins, (Page 130)

HorseTech Family Board Game by David Doherty, Curator, HorseTech Market Report (Page 133)

How Tech can make Racetracks more appealing to the Born Mobile Generation by David Doherty, Curator, HorseTech Market Report (Page 136)

Report Contributor biography/contact details (Page 139)

New Chapters Coming Soon… (Page 147)

See you in Japan for the next HorseTech Conference (Page 151)

The following chapters have been drafted and are being finalised for addition (please get in touch if you’d like to help with the editing or have suggestions):

3D Printing, Ancient Wisdom, Antibiotic Stewardship,  Architechnology, Astrology, Audience Experience, Augmented Reality, Biomagnetism, BioArchiture by Michael Rice, Breeding, Chelation Therapies, Cloning, Culture, Debunking Pseudoscience, Dermatology, ElectroChemoTherapy, Electromagnetic Medicine, Epigenetics, Environmental Toxins, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Fascia Science, Equestrian Games by Rachel Mullins, HorseTech Problem Solving, Hydrogen Therapy, Interoception, Lessons from Japan, Massage Therapies, Neuroscience, PETP (People for the Ethical Treatment of People), Plasma Therapy, Sacred Healing Sounds & Vibrations by Sharon Quigley, Pythagoras Institute of Sound & Vibrational Healing Stable Management, Surface Monitoring, The Future Equine Vet by David Doherty, The Sky Clock, Transdermal Delivery Systems, Transfer Factor and Video.

HorseTech Directory

To complement the report we’ve also compiled a comprehensive directory of innovative HorseTech Product/Service that you could utilise to improve the health and welfare of your horses.