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On the 22nd May 2019 the HorseTech Conference was held in the “Land of the Horse and Home of the Thoroughbred” and was complemented with HorseTech Tours offering delegates the opportunity to experience first hand how HorseTech innovations are being utilised by leading breeders, trainers & veterinarians.

The conference was live streamed and you can now watch HD video recordings of all the talks by simply scrolling down on this page:

“Breeze Up Buying Masterclass” by Jay ‘the Stride Guy’ Kilgore, Director of Operations, DataTrack International Inc:

“Tech & the Vet” by Kevin Corley, Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine & Critical Care, Veterinary Advances:

“Wearables” by Alan Wielunski, Founder, Steedwatch Equine Monitoring:

“Racehorse Physiological Monitoring” by Claire Hubbard and Valentin Rapin, Founder, Arioneo

“Jockey Health Monitoring” by Andy Baker, CEO Sports and Leisure, HP 1T:

“Laser Therapy Masterclass” by J Mark Strong, Medical Director and Professor Ernesto Leal PhD, Lead Researcher, Multi Radiance Medical:

“Anti-Doping Technology Solutions” by Mike Payton, Director, Event Log Equine:

“Optimising the Stable Environment” by Sam Murphy, Founder/Inventor, Equilux:

“Dermatology” by Sean Cooney, Founder, Botanica:

“Water3.0” by Laurent Pupunat (Waterdiam):

“Horse Racing Reform” by Kathy Guillermo, SVP, PETA):

“An introduction to Quantum Medicine” by Prof Sam Lingam, Quantum Medicine Harley Street:

Full HorseTech Conference Livestream: 

HorseTech Tours: 

Evan Arkwright, Operations Director at The Curragh, welcomes delegates to the all New Curragh racecourse: 


Exploring the story of how €65 million was raised to finance the world class state of the art redevelopment without any debt.


The best seats in Ireland?


Behind the glamorous hospitality arrangements no detail has been spared when it comes to accommodating jockeys with kitchen, locker rooms, saunas, separate male/female spaces, etc.


Two USBs and 3 pin sockets to keep the jockeys tech charged up. A delegate on the tour shared with me some stories on how jockeys are using smartphone apps to maintain their disciplined training regimes and nutritional needs:


It was interesting to think about some of the tech connections to some of major investors eg. Ms Eva-Maria Bucher Haefner (her father Walter created transformational business software at CA Technologies).

Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 15.26.16

Several different technology consulting firms were on the Fairyhouse Racetrack setting up data capturing devices for the Gorsebridge BreezeUp:


Tag Heuer wireless Race Timing Systems were the most popular tech choices enabling accurate speed times at full gallop and on the gallop out:


Find out more about that tech here

Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 17.59.59

Jay Kilgore (DataTrack International) was the only expert set up to accurately analyse stride analysis. Here he is measuring up the track before the breeze up was started and the rail was installed:


Later during the breezeup Jay was running accurate stride analysis on all the horses strides from the very top of the grandstand. Don’t miss the BreezeUp  Buying Masterclass he gave at the Conference. 


The inaugural Tattersalls Ireland-Goresbridge Breeze-Up received live and On Demand coverage on Racing TV featuring breeze footage and interviews by Kevin O’Ryan with leading breeders, vendors and buyers.


Speaking with some of BreezeUp vendors and we were asked if the healing tech also works on humans. A vendor had recently broke a leg following a riding accident on a racehorse that broke through a barrier while galloping. J Mark Strong from Multiradiance Laser who had given a masterclass on Laser Therapy at the Conference that you can watch here (awaiting link) didn’t hesitate to take up the challenge to demo his healing laser tech:


I found it interesting to note that the drop in resting heart rate was similar to what can be achieved with a horse that is treated with this tech (this was simple to capture with the sensor being held during the treatment):


The feedback video (permission was granted to Mark) leaves you in little doubt that the Patient experienced a loss of pain and improved mobility from just a few minutes of super pulsed laser therapy:

It was clear that the vast majority of buyers were not using much tech in their appraisal of the horses:


But with the capacity to use the data in ever evolving smart new ways it’s clear that technologists like Jay Kilgore can gain invaluable insights from every inspection not only to help identify the potential of a particular horse but also to continually develop the firms database and it’s predictive abilities:




Sponsors for the 2019 HorseTech Conference included: Horseware Ireland, Data Track International, Multi Radiance Laser Therapy, Botanica InternationalTA Sciences, Waterdiam, THT BloodstockSteed Equine Monitoring, Quantum Medicine Harley Street, Arioneo and Equilux Performance Lighting

HorseTech Conference Ireland Sponsors