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With all Horse Racing eyes now on Japan following an incredibly successful 2022 (that saw five Japanese winners in the Dubai World Cup and four Japanese winners in the Saudi Cup) there’s no better time to join us in Tokyo for the first HorseTech Conference and Tour in the world’s most technologically advanced nation.

The HorseTech Conference will be held on Saturday 25th November 2023 and the HorseTech Tour will begin with delegates visiting the Tokyo Racecourse (東京競馬場, Tōkyō Keiba-jō) for the Japan Cup (ジャパンカップ) on Sunday 26th November 2023.

Topics/Keynote Speakers

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The Horse in Japan – the world’s most High Tech Nation

The horse has played a key role in Japanese history since antiquity. Fighting horseman often became clan leaders based on the prowess of their mounts. When dignitaries from the mainland visited the ancient Japanese court, gifts of horses were often exchanged.

Horse racing (kurabeuma) began in Japan during the 6th century AD, when riders competed against each other at religious ceremonies or festivals. Races were held annually at the Imperial Court and at various shrines. The races were an integral part of the festival to pray for an abundant harvest. Western-style racing, similar to that seen at race tracks in Japan today, was first introduced at Yokohama in the 1860’s.

Today, horse racing in Japan is considered a wholesome leisure activity for the whole family. Every week Japan’s outstanding array of modern racecourses serve as hosts to the full spectrum of Japanese society. The proceeds from horse racing contribute greatly to both the improvement of native livestock and the betterment of social welfare.

It’s now common to see Japanese horses and jockeys participating and winning top races throughout the world. With the establishment of such outstanding international races as the Japan Cup, and the development of a world class domestic horse breeding program, Japan now stands as one of horse racing’s international powers.

HorseTech Tour Highlights

Join the HorseTech Conference Tour in Japan and experience:

  • Keynote presentations from the world’s most successful HorseTech innovators.
  • the Japan Cup (ジャパンカップ, Japan Kappu, JPN G-1) held at the Tokyo Racecourse (東京競馬場, Tōkyō Keiba-jō) located in Fuchu, Tokyo.
  • the Equine Museum of Japan that was established by the Japan Racing Association in 1977 within the Negishi Horse Racing Memorial Park to commemorate the birth of Western-style horse racing that began in Yokohama in the 1860s.
  • the Japan Racing Association’s Racing Museum that was established in 1984 and includes the Hall of Fame Horses and Hall of Fame Horsemen (trainers and jockeys).
  • The MIHO Training Centre
  • the Launch of the 7th Edition of the HorseTech Market Report which will include new chapters and a printed version in Japanese (all delegates will get a complimentary printed copy).
  • the first chance to experience a transformational HorseTech innovation at it’s public launch event.


The Conference and Tour are being held in Japan thanks to the generous support of sponsors including WEO, LipChip LLC, BioField PEMF, Pythagoras Institute of Sound & Vibrational Healing, Sierra Sciences, Talkatoo and Pain Genie.

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