Cheltenham 2022

The 2022 HorseTech Conference was held on the 15-15th March 2022 during the Cheltenham Festival – ‘The Greatest Show on Turf’ – and videos of all the presentations are now available to watch and share:

Replay Videos of Presentations:

Social License: Assumptions, Reality and the Future of Horse Racing. Dr Jane Williams, Head of Research, Associate Professor, Hartpury University.

Water Masterclass: Learn about the importance of structurally optimised augmented waters and why the Thoroughbred industry is key to the discovery and development of the world’s best waters. Anthony Ginter, Founder/CEO, WEO.

Technology for Owners, the role of technology in the modernisation of the sport and in keeping owners in racing. Jon Hughes, Founder,

Ahead of or Behind the Curve? A discussion of technology adoption in the Equestrian sector. Dr David Marlin, Equine Exercise Physiologist,

BioAnalysis Services: How Genetic and Microbiome Analysis can get you better results with your Racehorses. Dominique Ritvo Esq, coFounder,

Creating a Sports Science unit within a Racing Stable. How Ciaron Maher Racing have established a team that enables high performance data to be used to optimise welfare and training. Romy Borrione, Performance Analyst, Ciaron Maher Racing.

New heights for racehorse physiology research: Global perspectives on applied data science to leverage racehorse physiology and performance. Charlotte Schrurs PGDip VetPhys MSc, PhD Researcher in Equine Data Science, University of Nottingham.

HorseTech AI Opportunities: Insights into how Artificial Intelligence developments could be integrated into the Equine World. Stephen Ryan, PhD Researcher & Data Scientist, Analytic Solutions Ireland.

Racing Simulators: Demonstration of the Racing Simulator at Hartpury Equine’s Margaret Giffin Centre for Rider Performance. Dr Céleste Wilkins, Lecturer, Researcher & Equestrian Coach

An introduction to Racewood: Creating a quality Product that we believe helps to make better riders. Bill Greenwood, Managing Director,
Identity Management. How the Chip Link System offers a way to move past identification and make each microchip a secure key for horses and their handlers. Brad Bolen, President, Lip Chip LLC.

Equine MediRecord: Simplify compliance to animal welfare and anti-doping regulations with the only Regulator-Approved Digital Medicines Register. Pierce Dargan, Founder/CEO, Equine MediRecord.

Equine Nutritional Hydrotherapy. Introduction to EquidGel® – the first Patented Equine Nutritional Hydrotherapy Technology. Sandra Murphy BSc (Hons), Managing Director, Equidiet.

NightWatch Equine Monitor: How the innovative SmartHolter is enabling new Distress and Wellness Monitoring opportunities. Jeffrey Schab, Founder/CEO, Protequus (SmartHolter).

Pain Directed Healing. Using pain to direct and accelerate the Horses natural self healing capabilities. Richard Cumber, Managing Director, Pain Genie.

Music for Horses: creating the optimal acoustic and vibrational environment for your Horses. Sharon Quigley, Founder, Pythagoras Institute of Sound and Vibrational Healing.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy: an overview of the emerging Technological and Business Opportunities. Dr Art O’Malley, Clinical Psychiatrist.

Herd Dynamics Masterclass: An overview of Herd Dynamics and Mental/Emotional Conformation profiling. Kerry M Thomas, THT Bloodstock.

Equine Telomeres: learn about equine telomeres and the opportunities that this science offers Equestrians and for advancing Equine Health and Welfare. David Heather, Managing Director, TA Sciences.

GENEXio Nikola Tesla Oxy-Water: the latest technological innovation in Stable Hygiene. Joel Glass, Managing Director, Tesla Electrochem.

Saddle Technologies: how the latest tech advances are influencing Saddle Design. Dr Anne Bondi BHSI PGDip Phd, Director, Solution Saddles.

Stable Lighting: how the most advanced performance lighting system is being used to optimise elite racehorse athletes. Sam Murphy, Inventor & Founder,

Equine Salt Therapy: Drug Free Therapies for High Performance Equine Athletes. Richard Butterworth, Founder, Equine Salt Therapy.

Equine Semaphore Code: the language Horses use to communicate and the future tech opportunities that the code can enable. Meljay Turner, Author, Equine Semaphore Code.

Environmental Toxins: An overview of how to discover, understand and manage the Environmental Toxins that may be affecting your Horses. Tony Hughes, Naturopath, Natural Medicine Clinic.

TBC. Tom MacGuinness.

Omnia Radiation Balancer: An introduction to the Omnia Radiation Balancer and an overview of the Equine tech opportunities. Tim Sanders, Founder, Omnia.
Inspiring the Next Generation: An overview of how HorseTech is inspiring the next generation to want careers in the high tech Equestrian Industry. David Doherty, HorseTech Consultant.

Workshops: These will discuss unpublished new chapters that have been submitted for inclusion in the HorseTech Market Report. David Doherty, HorseTech Consultant.

Summary: Professor Lingam shares his take aways from the HorseTech Conference Cheltenham. Prof Sam Lingam MD(Hons), FRCPCH, FRCP (Glas), DCH, DRCOG, Harley Street Paediatric Chambers.

HorseTech Tour:

Day 1 started early with delegates getting the opportunity to experience the HorseTech being used by the horses that are running at the Festival thanks to WEO Water that are supplying their Augmented Water technology to enhance the water being supplied to the horses and sourced in the mineral spa town.

Day 1 ended in time for delegates to take in the Retraining of Racehorses (British racing’s official charity for the welfare of retired racehorses) Parade that showcases the RoR’s work and the wide range of activities former racehorses excel in. The Parade started at 12:15pm and featured thirteen horses with no less than seven Festival winners and ten Cheltenham winners with debuts for Thistlecrack and Champagne Fever. The oldest Horse in the Parade was 20 year old Barbers Shop ridden by Katie Jerram-Hunnable.

Day 2 started with a visit to Hartpury Equine – the world’s largest Equine Academy – where they have a Racing degree programme. A highlight for delegates was the opportunity to experience the latest Racewood MK10 Racehorse Simulator technology being used by students in the state of the art Margaret Giffin Centre for Rider Performance.

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