Join us at the Alter International Horse Summit

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Join us in Alter do Chão Portugal from Thursday 14 May – Saturday 16 May 2020 at the Alter International Horse Summit which seeks to analyse and debate all subjects relating to the equestrian world.

“This event is a project with unique outlines in Portugal and in Europe and includes very heterogeneous areas, that range from economics, research and treatment, competition, transport, tourism to entrepreneurship. Since its starts, AIHS wants to become one of the largest and most prestigious equestrian networks in Europe. To this end, it has more than two dozen institutional, associative, media and investor partners.

This initiative comes from Portugal, the country with the oldest saddle horse in the world – the Purebred Lusitano – and Alter – the birthplace of the Alter Real Horse, one of the most awarded purebred strains ever. Beginning in the 18th century, when King João V set up the Alter Real Stud Farm, Alter do Chão has been a benchmark in the national and international equestrian panorama. This is why one of AIHS’s main goals is to make Alter do Chão a world renowned debating center for the issues and challenges affecting the equestrian world, in what is the home to the unmatched Alter Real Lusitano Horse”

At the Conference David Doherty (founder of the HorseTech Conference & curator of the HorseTech Market Report) will be delivering a keynote on the topic of the technological revolution taking place in the equestrian world. There will be also be a small group of us touring Portuguese equestrian centres so if you’d like to join this please get in touch (


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