Capaltec confirm sponsorship of the inaugural HorseTech Conference

Capaltec HeightLight
Ever struggled to measure the height of a horse? You’re going to want to meet with Capaltec, inventors of a new technology for accurately measuring the height of equines.

At the conference, Capaltec’s co-founder and CEO, Tristan Brittain-Dissont, will be demonstrating HeightLight™, the world’s first simple, handheld, laser height measurement device. He will be explaining the origins of the invention, which began when the Tipperary based stud farmer Michael Grace became frustrated with the use of traditional sticks to measure the height of horses. HeightLight was invented to solve many of the problems caused by sticks, such as inaccuracy, lack of portability and their potential to scare a horse.

New HL with Logo

As a core technology with 10 filed patents behind it, HeightLight can be manifested in many different kinds of products. Apart from the ‘basic’ height measurement device, Capaltec is looking to combine the technology with others to create a range of devices (one, HeightLight™ Pro, will feature a microchip reader). It is also interested in licensing its technology to interested parties.

More broadly, Tristan will be talking about how products and technologies developed in an equine setting can spread to other industries. In the case of HeightLight™, he plans to target other animal sectors where height is important, such as dogs and cattle.  He will also explain the applications in areas such as clinical and consumer health, where, again, the dominant ‘technology’ for measuring height remains the stick. The company is also looking at applications in DIY, construction and architecture.

Click here to visit the Capaltec website.

Make sure you don’t miss Tristan Brittain-Dissont’s presentation by registering here for the free livestream on the 18th October 2017.

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