Visit the world’s most technologically advanced Racehorse training facility

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Kingswood Stud, HorseTech Conference delegates are invited to experience Kurtsystems’ Revolutionary Hi-Tech Racehorse Pre-Training system on Thursday the 19th October 2017 in Lambourn (the historic valley of the Racehorse).

Delegates who join the complimentary HorseTech Tour will also get to enjoy hands on demonstrations with elite racehorses from keynote speakers including Robert Curtis, Jeff Seder, Jay Kilgore and Bob Fierro.

If you would like to experience the KurtSystem please complete the following form (places are limited & tickets are offered on a first come first served basis):



Note: The visit will not be disrupting the Kingswood Stud’s world class training regime. The Kurtsystems demonstration will take place at precisely 10:30am so travel arrangements will be made to ensure all delegates are on-site in plenty of time. After experiencing the Kurtsystem there will be a few demonstrations that will be followed by lunch in the home of Mehmet Kurt, the owner of the Kingswood Stud and the visionary who has worked over the past 20 years to develop and perfect this revolutionary new horse training system.

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