Introducing keynote speaker Christina Frigast MRCVS

Objective Lameness Evaluation with the Equinosis QTM with Lameness Locator® Software

Eickemeyer Veterinary Equipment is presenting the Equinosis QTM with Lameness Locator® Software. The Equinosis QTM is a body mounted inertial sensor system that is used to objectively detect and evaluate lameness in all types of horses and ponies. It is the world’s foremost field based objective lameness diagnostic for veterinary surgeons and is currently being used by more than 250 practices and universities around the world.

Equinosis QTM with Lameness Locator® Software was invented and developed based on decades of research, led by Professor Kevin Keegan, at the University of Missouri. The system consists of a tablet PC and three inertial sensors. One accelerometer is placed on the head, the other on the pelvis and a gyroscope is positioned on the right forelimb. The accelerometers measure the vertical movement of the torso which according to studies, have shown to be the most sensitive movement parameter to detect lameness in horses. The vertical movement of the head and pelvis is not influenced by the conformation and anatomy of the horse, making the Equinosis Q TM ideal for lameness evaluation of horses with fx asymmetric pelvis. The data is wirelessly streamed live to the tablet PC within a transmission range of 100 metres. For each trial analysed, a report will be generated and saved. This presents to the veterinary surgeon, in a numerical and graphical format, the presence or absence of lameness, the affected limb(s), the severity of lameness as well as the timing of lameness.

To learn more or book a completely FREE demo, please contact Eickemeyer Veterinary Equipment Ltd., UK. Telephone: +44(0)2088912007  Email: Website:

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