Equine Hoof Care Tech Challenge

On the exhibition booth of the Irish Master Farriers Association at the recent ITBA Expo in Kildare I got the chance to meet with Andrew Mahon, Master Farrier and Lecturer at the Irish Master Farriers Association. Andrew is a 3rd generation Farrier with an in-depth appreciation of the history of the Profession and has incredible vision for it’s future and the opportunity to use tech.

It gave us the idea to run a little HorseTech challenge to bring together some of the smart tech people attending and following the HorseTech Conference to work with Andrew to work on ways to use tech to advance Equine Hoof Care:

Please watch and share the video of Andrew setting down the challenge and share your ideas with Andrew, help him get set up with tech (perhaps a 3D Scanner/Printer), work with him on his ideas and help build on his experiences and vision.

As part of this challenge we’re going to have Andrew nominate a speaker for the next HorseTech Conference. Impress Andrew and you’ll get the opportunity to present to a global audience on your innovative work and will be introduced to the investors and global equine industry partners that are involved with the HorseTech Conference.

For more details or an introduction to Andrew contact the HorseTech Conference Producer David Doherty (at HorseTechConference@gmail.com). You can also find out more about opportunities to work with Andrew at the Irish Master Farriers Association by visiting their website: IrishMasterFarriers.com

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 14.50.54

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