Do we need to move beyond pen & paper before HorseTech can add consistent value?

Often a trainer or owner will ask how they can start validating the advantages of a horse tech that they’re using or how they can start putting to use the data being collected and shared from a sensor (eg. the credit card sized ECG machine that they can buy on Amazon for $99) and I have to tell them that they might need to step back and get the basics in place first.

Look around and you’ll notice modern workforces are challenged with the collection and communication of massive amounts of data and using paper and pen leads to such a significant loss in productivity that you would struggle to find any major corporations that haven’t already moved on and have staff using mobile devices. With most horse owners and trainers still using paper (or using their heads to keep records of things) it’s making the HorseTech market a particularly challenging environment for tech adoption but also one that holds lots of promise.

Often the goal is to go “paper free” and this often fails because pen and paper actually works well and most people are familiar using it. Experience tells us that better outcomes are achieved when trainers, breeders, owners and Vets want to experience the advantages of using data to drive productivity, gather insights and better serve customers.

HorseTech Conference Producer David Doherty got the chance to meet with Alan Rice (Systems Consultant at Equisoft)  at the recent ITBA Expo in Kildare and he was kind enough to talk to camera and demonstrate some of the key features that customers can benefit from when they start using their popular horse management software:

Equisoft have 200 client sites in over 16 countries and have built a reputation for quality and service from their 25 years in the equine industry so if you need Horse Management Tools (in addition to custom products they already have online systems for Horse and Stud Management, Racing Administration, Horse Shipping & Quarantine, Horse Insurance available off the shelf) so if you’d like to find out how it can improve productivity in your organisation and provide you with a platform on which to start validating tech choices you’re making and developing real time insights from interventions to advance the performance and welfare of your horses please don’t hesitate to reach out to them.

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 17.15.04

Equisoft Ltd, Curragh Grange, Newbridge, Co. Kildare, Ireland. Email:
Phone: +353(0)45431680. Follow EquisoftLive on Twitter.

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