Join us at the 3rd annual Saddle Research Trust 2018 Conference, Nottingham University, 8-10 December 2018

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SRT2018 (the 3rd International Conference of the Saddle Research Trust) will be held on the 8-10 December at Nottingham University’s DeVere Conference Centre. Join us for opportunities to learn and network with world-renowned equine scientists who will be presenting on the very latest equine research.

The Saddle Research Trust was founded in 2009 to promote the health, welfare, safety and performance of ridden horses and riders. Their annual conference aims to bring evidence-based information and advice together to help riders and owners to understand and identify when their horse is underperforming, lame or in pain.

Keynote topics & Discussions include:

Recognition of pain in the ridden horse, rider asymmetry & inertial sensor based asymmetry assessment, Rider locomtion patterns and possibilities for improving rider skills, Structural and functional asymmetry of the equine athlete, The rider weight study, Effect of loading on behaviour and gait, Observations: Saddle movement and rider posture, Towards a horseback riding simulator with a realistic interactive riding sensation – the Robbie project, Equine industry, research and the future, Challenges to equine welfare and performance, What welfare issues have received media focus?, How will sport’s governing body face the future challenges?, How the saddlery industry is addressing the need for change.

Speakers include:

Paul Belton, Chairman, Albion Saddlemakers
Dr Anne Bondi BHSI, Director, Saddle Research Trust
Prof. Hilary Clayton, President, Sport Horse Science
Prof Agneta Egenvall
Richard Davison, Davison Equestrian
David Doherty, Curator, HorseTech Market Report
Dr Sue Dyson, Centre for Equine Studies, Animal Health Trust
Russell Guire, Founder, Centaur Biomechanics
Dr Heikki Handroos, LUT University (Finland)
Prof Pat Harris
David Kempsall, Managing Director, First Thought Equine Ltd
Dr David Marlin, Scientific & Equine Consultant
Dr Pauline Martin
Dr Thilo Pfau, Senior Lecturer in Bio-Engineering, Royal Veterinary College London
Brigadeer Philip Napier OBE Msc
Sue Norton, Saddle Doctors (C.H. Brown & Son)
Roly Owers, CEO, World Horse Welfare
Prof Lars Roepstorff, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Laura Quiney, Centre for Equine Studies, Animal Health Trust
Dr Anna Walker, Equine Scientist
Prof Rene van Weeren, Equine Musculoskeletal Biology, University of Utrecht

Get involved:

Unfortunately the event is now sold out (click here to add your name to the waiting list) and consider registering for the event Livestream by clicking here (it costs just £20). There are also some limited remaining opportunities for sponsors.

SRT2018 Sponsors include:

21st Century Rider, ACPATAmerigoEthical Horse ProductsDeutsches Institut fur PferdeosteopathieFascial EdgeIRVAPMcTimoney Animal AssociationNeue Schule, Prestige ItaliaRiderCiseSaddlers’ CompanySchleeseSociety of Master SaddlersSolution Smart SaddlesSue Carson SaddlesUtopia SaddlemakersWorld Horse Welfare and Wow Saddles.

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