HorseTech Conference Ireland BreezeFig Packages

With Jay ‘The Stride Guy’ Kilgore, Director of Operations at DataTrack International, presenting at the HorseTech Conference the day before Europe’s leading BreezeUp Sale (the 2019 Gorsebridge Tattersalls BreezeUp) we’ve put together three packages for delegates who want to use their new insights and world leading data science to purchase a racehorse at the sale:

  1. Buy a ticket to the HorseTech Conference (and be quick as we’re again close to selling out and tickets are offered on a first come first served basis) and we’ll give you 3 free Breezefigs. Once registered for the Conference to get the BreezeFigs all you need to do is email the 3 hip numbers of the horses that you want insights on to the conference organiser on the morning of the sale.
  2. Buy BreezeFig’s for EVERY horse that breezes and get a HorseTech Conference ticket for just €2000.
  3. Buy the ‘Look List’ and get a HorseTech Conference ticket for just €4000. (The Look List includes the BreezeFig for EVERY horse that breezed together with an analysis conducted by DataTrack with shortlist that are examined in slow motion. The ones that pass this test should be reviewed at the barn by a trainer or agent.

You can also watch the free livestream to learn all about BreezeFigs and their uses and then order BreezeFig’s direct from DataTrack for $99 each.

What is a BreezeFig™?

At th BreezeFig or (BF) is a value derived from multiple factors generated from a horse’s breeze including segmental distances, angles, foot placement and speed of stride and speed of the work.

The BreezeFigs formula evolved from reviewing races at Keeneland in the early 2000s. DataTrack found that 75% of all horses that raced at Keenland who came in first, second or third has many characteristics that were alike. We then looked at breeze up horses in the US that graduated from a sale and went on to be stakes caliber performers. Those horses also had the
same type of numbers as the horses that raced at Keeneland. BreezeFigs was born.

For a backgrounder/introduction watch Jay Kilgore’s presentation at the 2017 inaugural HorseTech Conference at the Royal Veterinary College London:

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